The Event that will Shock the World

Detailed Description of twin Comets impacting Earth’s Atmosphere: The Warning



Written July 18


   This event although a prophecy predicted by visionaries, will shock the world. All will be caught off guard as a comet heading towards earth will be found to be 2 moving in almost parallel paths. For 2 weeks all on earth will fear the result of a cataclysmic event that could extinguish most life on planet earth. Mankind in an attempt to change the fate of the world will try and deflect the twin comets. Nuclear arsenals reserved as a deterrent to war with the east, shall be expended as they deployed and sent aloft to protect mother earth with the US leading the way. The east in turn will send up obsolete weapons mixed in with those they hid to comply with the start treaty. Public pressure will state use all means necessary to defend the earth, but the dark side will give the east a distinct advantage as what is hidden and that which is not launched alters the balance of power.

    As the comets rapidly close the distance to earth, all will be in disbelief. Out of fear many will return to church to beg God with prayers to save the earth. All prayers are welcome when given freely, but when fear of death is the primary motive, its intent is judged on an individual basis. Where you not told there is life after death and your stay on earth is just a brief flicker of time when eternity is at stake? Are you ready to sell you soul that will never die for a body that must?

    As the missiles are launched outside of the public eye as not to cause panic, the comets pose not only a duel threat, but velocity and gravity becomes a factor. You have been led to believe that a nuclear weapon is the ultimate power on earth, for now this may be true. In space these weapons do not respond as on the surface or atmosphere of our earth. As they are spread about various points, blast waves would expand against what is considered a vacuum, so what little mass is pushed as resistance towards the comets. They only encounter the blast zone for milliseconds? The answer will be no directional change or damage as they are divinely guided. Gravity would have returned to the same anyway further along the path, but now they carry radioactive poisoning, which will be dispersed upon the earth’s surface. Wise choice of action, for you so called brilliant scientists, except you will not get a do over like in your primitive labs. You will have an alternative.

    Because of the Mercy of the Almighty and His Son Jesus divine intervention will occur just above the surface of the earth deep within its atmosphere. The 2 comets will seem to collide, but radar signatures that will be classified by the governments of the world will show a different picture.  The never collide, but explodes blowing back the sky as the shock wave rolls away the lower atmosphere and cloud cover like a scroll. Most of humanity will consider this moment, their last on earth as they look at loved ones with tears in their eyes. Thunder of a new magnitude as large volumes of air rush in to fill temporary voids created as the explosion expands. The winds will howl and what sounds like trumpets will fill the air with a deep powerful tone and all will know the power of God.

   The sky will boil like the sky above Krakatoa when it exploded in 1883. At first a bright white light subsiding into purples, greens and deep blues edged in blackness. Finally red clouds burst about trying to equalize, an awesome sign of power within the universe. Lightning erupting in magnificent bolts displayed in all of its glory never on earth since the death of Christ. The Earth will shake like an earthquake, but the tectonic plates will remain intact as this event is supernatural and again all will know the power of God.  

   As the energy builds in the atmosphere where the earth should be toast, Jesus will transform this energy at the deep end of the red spectrum into His rays of mercy for mankind. They will bath earth and penetrate even the deepest D.U.M.B. so that all will know; He is the true Savior of this world. This time, each every one you needs to thank God no matter what your belief are because, He just saved your ass from a sure death. This release of divine red light, beautiful to view, shall purify all of mankind who accepts His mercy. Pulsating rays of the deepest red a shade of color no human has ever seen. It sparkles, but how does it penetrate floors and walls? The light represents the blood of Jesus He shed during his crucifixion, a great sign that is divine in nature. The light will start to burn from inside of your body until it exits through your skin. Many will reel in pain and some may die of shock, may God have mercy on their souls. Use this prayer to save their souls.

    Then something miraculous happens as the burning tears away what are your sins an unusual light starts leak out of your torso. All see others and the wonder why do some shine brighter than others, like specks of fireflies near your hearts it glows. This is just amazing. Then all just seem to faint into a dream as they see every injustice done to others flash before and feel the hurt of those they harmed. For the darkest who go into denial their path ends here in death and satan claims their soul. This does not need to happen as you are being fore warned.

    For the first time you will be given proof that God exists and that Jesus was the promised Messiah. In your lucent dreams you will come face to face with Lord, He will comment on your past, give guidance for the future and show you your fate if you return to your wayward life. The experience will drain your soul or being of all that which is God and you will experience the fear of loneliness of spirit, the smell of evil that would disgust the most harden and the fiery pain of hell, if this is your choice by free will. Almost all will breakdown in remorse and weep when their lives are reviewed and beg forgiveness. The pain of their sins will be intense for many. When at this point remember to say these words to relieve some of the pressure. All will never be the same as they are humbled. If asked, answers to the truth on earth and many will know the abuses and deceit of your leaders in government and the church. Jews will realize the mistake their ancestors made when they crucified the son of God. All will fall to their knees and weep begging forgiveness. Jesus will forget the past and rejoice with excitement has His Father's chosen race lost has come home. The heavens will rejoice. All other religions and atheists will realize there is one God and will join as one with the Church established by Jesus who handed the keys to the seat of Peter.

   After the experience, the pain of purgatory will linger for some as the cleansing process continues many who are evil will howl in the pains of hell. All within proximity will know the intent of those affected below the polished front they present to mankind. And the light within will grow brighter and all of mankind will know they have a supernatural soul that records every emotion and life experience and its light shines according to its health based on how you treat others and your belief in God. Many will go from a belief based on faith to one based on fact. For days all will be in wonderment, jobs will be idle; the elite will see a great passing of many although the general population will be none the wiser. The powerful will assess their lives and the focus will shift from acquiring wealth to becoming one with God and humanity. Exposure to the truth of their deeds for some will bring a harsh suffering and shock resulting in death. Leadership, well most of what is left of the Republicans and corrupt democrats will slowly crawl out of their bunkers cowering with fear as they will know you have seen their intent towards the people. Many will know ALL the lies hidden by politicians over the last century and disdain will be shown towards many leaders who do not truly have the interest of the people. Just know this some will pretend to be converted, but truly are still dark and the gullible will believe, how sad. The division will progress as those not willing to change will join the forces aligned with the antichrist.

   The antichrist will, rise up take the reins of his remnant force and plunge this world back into darkness. Scientists will state a rare cosmic accident saved earth and in fear all of were delusional as your life flashed before and you imagined you saw Jesus. Credentials, degrees educated men in the field of Psychology, but all sold their souls to promote a lie, such is the power of the antichrist and many will believe, fools.  

   All of you who are converted will be needed in this battle. After the warning when all of you know truth, you in turn will direct your attention the dark angels unleashed on earth this year, yes all 6 million of them and the half million before sent here to torment you. It is this influence that is responsible for the up tick in murder and crime. The Almighty wants them back and while they are on earth they are vulnerable, it will be your mission as they try to influence your mind, you in turn will mirror their efforts turn them, then exceed their power of suggestion. Graces will be given freely by the Almighty and Mary to further the cause. Once a spark infiltrates their lost souls, they will remember what they lost and beg for forgiveness only then can the Almighty snatch them while they roam earth. This will be your mission. This is what I expect you to deliver on in the name of the Almighty for it His will that you will be carrying out.

   In this army there are no cowards; fear is the weakness of the opponent. In battle for souls, the power of the Almighty is infinite, so when you walk, project this strength so that all opposition under the control of the antichrist knows fear and their only protection is to defect because they believe, once converted they are now an ally, as another lost sheep is returns to the fold.  

    Only though the conversion of mankind can we avert or lessen the effects of the third world war, the comet strike and the plagues from the time of pharaoh. Those who are against the children God will be afflicted where men will beg for death, but not get it.

   Know this, before all this passes the weather will be forever changed, savage storms, strange signs in the sky, terrible droughts, flash floods, tsunamis, earthquakes will scour the earth. These changes will be directed at the countries and leaders who are tormenting the children. No country is immune if they plot against their own people. For each and every one of you that sign on to the team aligned with the antichrist in this nation, (you know who you are as do I) know that the Almighty is protecting us and many of you will fall to accidents, disasters, disease and early death by His hand. You are not in control earth during these end times; the Almighty is and will make examples of you and your homes, if your goal is to destroy America and financially enslave its people. This purging has already started on earth as government leaders that abuse those they are assigned to serve, take on another agenda.

    The goal here is to prepare and use the sacrament of confession to lessen the pain and for others, follow the instructions here. You will need 10 days of food for your family and others who have not prepared, water, and candles, blessed if possible. Also you need to protect your homes with sacred items. Porta potties will be needed as running water in most cases stop. Do not under any circumstance go looking for stray pets, you are risking your life, they can take care of themselves. No one on earth is void of sin so all will be affected in varying degrees. When the pain leaves support the others who are still suffering  and this is not a request, this is your job. Remember blankets and barf bags will be needed and of course, have your Bibles to read as a distraction to the suffering of others.

   So I am calling on all converted and believers to join in this supernatural battle for the souls on earth. For the Jews, get over the past and praise the Messiah as you should have the first time around, accept Him now as your Savior, His arms are open. For the Moslems, you now realize the Almighty created Mohammad and His Son, Jesus is true Lord. As the truth is revealed you will know there is no division between you, the Jews and the west. This division was caused by men aligned with the dark one whose goal is to enslave all of mankind. The war is about righting the wrong created by original sin where we are one under God, where Jesus is our Lord and all fight to rid this earth of the dark one and his twisted angels. This is the goal the Almighty set out for His children to achieve. This is the battle that will be won as it is prophesized. So stand up and take your place in history of this universe as children of God.

   Once you realize the truth, you are so excited to tell everyone. This you will not do randomly. No one wants to hear your doom and gloom; no matter what the source is. Denial of the unpleasant, a change unwanted, builds walls, which without positive proof and the leaders of the world agreeing nothing is wrong will not fly. Take the low road. Plant gentle seeds, so when the event happens, family and friends will remember your words and will give advice with confidence and all will listen to the only voice of hope.

  It is up to you to prepare alone for all of your family and spin the prep as disaster preparation recommended by the government. Most will not believe in you and some will spew venom that could turn you off from completing this mission, avoid it. When your insight saves almost all when the event hits, all will thank you second, God first for being there. It is here you will receive your reward with the happiness of your family and friends. Be patient and persevere. You are to drop hints and judge the reaction. Once given an opening you can gently inform them in greater detail according to limits of each individual or move on if rejected. The goal here is not to raise the anxiety level of the individual to where they withdraw. This is counter productive as now, you have to spend twice or more the time to bring them back to where you tried to get them in the first place.  

   To the sacred servants, who always preach be prepared for the end days and judgment will come like a thief in the night and so it shall be. But almost all of you are still in denial that it is not in your lifetime, but it is this generation. Either you believe in what you preach to the parish or retire, you have little time. Has not society fallen to a new low as murder, child abduction, moral behavior and rape are off the charts? Look within your churches where are the faithful?

   The seat of Peter will fall to the beast as all of you watch in disbelief. You have been told the doctrines within the church will be changed. They will remove the Trinity, change the meaning of the Eucharist and present love one another as self to focus on self love first. This will be the trigger to move underground. Your allegiance is to Jesus, not man. After 2000 years now there is a change by man? They will try and prove, Jesus did not ascend and that Mary was not pure all of this will be concocted lies for the gullible. Be careful and know this is not from God. If you do not have the courage to move forward, the Almighty expects you to pray for guidance. You will not abandon the Lord in His second coming and mission to save the children of God like the apostles did in the Garden and trial before Pontius Pilate and the walk to His Crucifixion. Did you say so many times if I had been there I would have stood up? The time is now, different setting, same request, stand up for your Lord or do ye have little faith, coward?

   You were told the antichrist would rule parts of the earth, perform miracles in the sky, heal fooling most and that time is in the very near future as the Great Chastisement will commence Dec. 21 2012. Christ will not walk this earth, but shall return as He left, do not follow the false prophets profess they are He. When you need to discern the truth ask in prayer first for the answer, second look at the message, not the author. Judge it by sacrifice, the prayers, caring for others, humbleness, lack of pride, and consistency. Do the statements back each other or do you have to connect the dots? Make that choice sacred servants, remember your vows to the Almighty and more important Jesus for He is the church, and now stand by them.    

   For the faithful, we need your help and prayers of the Rosary. First, all of you say you believe, but in your hearts some of you just cannot say the name of Jesus in reverence in front of your friends. Are that ashamed of mentioning His name, but so many of you are quick to say Jesus Christ proudly. Am I missing something here? He died for you and this is the best you can do? If you are to walk in His name, be proud to say His name with conviction. What do you fear, rejection of men or the rejection of Jesus as He points out the error of your ways? Second, you need to accept all unconditionally if help is your agenda; you are not to judge for that is for the Lord, whom you serve. He has told you no sin is too great to forgive, yet you have restrictions. Drop them, as few of you have walk in the other man's shoes. They are coming to you for guidance and help, not chastisement.

   Then there are the children, who many have been led astray by the media, music and the allure of clothing and other material goods. You will be held responsible for the souls of your family. The vow marriage is a responsibility of a sacred union and your seeds (children) are expected to grow. Have you live up to your responsibility in God's eyes? If not and you feel lost; then use this prayer to insure their spiritual life.

   The warning will change mankind forever where the new earth is waiting. Now you can prep for after the pole shift on a dead world if you survive the plagues, gangs and earth changes only to grovel for grubs and worms where each day is an adventure for survival or live in peace where you will want for nothing. This is your spiritual choice that must be made.


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