The Gift

The Book of Truth



Written Dec. 24


   As we celebrate another Christmas with family and friends, I want you to think about the gifts you give in love. Reflect on that moment of joy glowing from the face your children as wonder is captured in their sparkling young eyes. The emotion of something wanted over time overwhelms in excitement as it is now in their hands. You capture the moment. Some shift to caring and goodwill among adults, which takes a break from all the pressures and wants of life. It is Christmas.

   I want you to reflect deeper and be more honest with your heart and celebrate the true Gift of Christmas, our Lord and Savior was born. He is the Gift from God that frees us from sin. He is the Gift that by His death and resurrection gives us eternal life. He is the Gift that breaks the bonds of satan with the children of God.

   You will reflect on that moment where all tears are wiped away from your face as you witness paradise unfolding in wonder before your disbelieving eyes. Caring and compassion for others which occurred during Christmas and family gatherings will be always and forever. You will have no wants, because the greatest Gift to mankind is Christ.


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