The Head of the goat

The Book of Truth



Written Mar 15


   Sacred Servants and the faithful, the End Times are upon you, yet this world is still in slumber and is making every excuse as to not awaken as foretold, why? Your intellect which has created great wonders also could be your folly as it leads to question what your faith has taught you. Many will question the Word of God that has remained unchanged many millennia since the time of Moses and the New Testament written by the Apostles of Jesus, again why the need for change when presented to you shortly?

   Jesus speaks, “Great change is now upon you and these warnings are to help you overcome the beast who will eventually put his sign on a representation of My Cross, on which I died on for you to release you from sin. Let not one of be fooled by this desecration of what is evil upon what is God. Let not one of you My children listen to or obey the new changes coming from the Vatican if changes the My Word, My Flesh is the Church, which I have passed down to you to save your sorry souls. My Word, the Word of God never changes, because of the rights of man. You have no rights in the eyes of God, just to obey My Laws laid down by My Father so that I can save you from the dark one and bring you home to paradise. This is the goal.

    It is I who loves you unconditionally. No matter, who you are. No matter, what you have done to humanity and your loved ones. Just ask in true remorse and I will forgive, but never take My Mercy as presented by the dark one for granted, that I just give forgive without repentance no mater how much I love you. This is a deception. Not all that will be presented to you as caring for others, by respecting their beliefs and human rights will what is right. You are supposed to respect another rights, but also adhere to the Laws of God. Are you going to leave your family because you have the right to love who you choose? This causes pain in others, but in your short range lust (oh your sex organs tell you this is love) you do not see this. If you choose to love another of the same sex, and yes love is a gift from God, but it comes with responsibilities for all, but you look past the influence of the delicate young. Again this is not about others, but self wants without regard to how these changes will affect the young.

   The dark one is now in charge of what was the Holy Seat of Peter and My church will change, know this. Few of you will have the courage to stand up to fight the changes; does this ring a bell in this Holy Lenten season? Many have betrayed Me as in the past and many will today, know matter you profess your faith today. The names may change, but the actions are the same, as faith is weak when the flesh is threatened. I your Savior gave My life to save you from sin and this will be shortly discounted.

   My Beloved Mother Mary, your Mother of Salvation will be removed from the Catholic Church as will the saints as the introduction of other unworldly things replace her existence in the importance in the faith of this world. Her apparitions will be explained away by science, yet many of you will witness Her with your own eyes this spring where She has appeared in the past. Your own eyes for the chosen will not lie. As it was Her warning that was presented through innocent children to the Church to explain the coming times, as this was crushed by hierarchy of the Vatican who now answers to another. But most refuse to consider this and this is why your Church founded by Peter will suffer. Who are you to question what seems like the truth as experts with proof of other worldly things lead many astray. The true reason is supernatural as to lower your defense against the dark one. The Rosary is the most powerful weapon against satan once remove he will prey upon you. This is the Truth

    Hidden in the ornamental scrolling of the new cross, soon to be presented to the faithful of the Catholic Church will be the embedded head the goat. To discern the Truth look around the area to where the sign stated King of the Jews now sits. Those who are blessed with the gift of Discernment will see, and shock will overwhelm your souls. Do not seek to show another for they if not blessed with this gift and you will not know as man will lie, they will not see. Know this; go out and preach My Gospels to every corner of the world for you will be the only source of the Truth and Light. Do this when you are called. Do this for Me your Jesus.”


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