Where are the Leaders?

Written Jan. 1l 2011

   As I look at all the leaders of the World, I am seeking the few that will make a difference with Mankind. Out of your own fears you have taken a tepid response to what all sense is coming. Look at Australia and this is just the beginning. It is only a matter of time before Indonesia and Southeast Asia becomes front page news no matter what tactics are used to downplay events.

   On the cusp of change, an attempt to bring awareness  is Al Gore and a conference, when our administration should have considered action at home. Now you say there is a risk and it is the bigger picture of an unnecessary domestic change that takes precedence in an uncertain future. Your words are true, but a the edge goes to the leader that makes a change in uncertain times when the risk reward maximizes and that time is now.

   You know if you go public with "Earth Changes" as a first step, the Republicans will paint preparation as irresponsible and with out sound scientific proof. The experts will attempt to debunk you and all research material will be cut off. So what can you do if you choose to? The key is to make a stand. We are not about a conference, as all can see "Earth Changes" are here. It is about what can we do to prepare if things get worse and they will. All can debate why these changes are occurring as a first this is not the focus, let the public educate themselves and they will, but the most important part is that they are here. All US Families need to prepare for just in case. Blankets, a supply of safe drinking water, which is free from the tap only a barrel container needed. Non perishable food enough for your family for 3 months minimum and extra for those who never or could not prepare. Everyone has one in their family. Supplies to go prepared stored in backpacks in case of a disaster occurs where a population needs to move.

   The Republicans will be forced into silence and for the most part take no action as those that back them will order no information or help is to be given to the public. So they will have to go on record as denying future events. As time progresses and all know the government under Republicans withheld information that could have saved lives. They will see that "established" Washington and heads controlling the financial world suppressed all information from going public by any new source power brought in by votes. This will be the deciding factor in 2012 elections and those backed for covert reasons of maintaining a power structure shall be exposed for what they are.

   The floods have taught us there could be a break in the link of food supplies or just an escalating black market during shortages. A national priority is that every family needs to consider seriously a home garden in the backyard or as a house plant. Insert lessons into school health classes basic skills of living off the land, I don't care how you spin it. Again there will be a push back from the backers of the Republican Party as wasteful spending and money is needed in other areas. Make your stand here with solutions and let those behind the cover up take a position. Do not be caught when things are so bad it is your only option to associated with them and then hide. Some bunkers will not be safe and targeted with several unpleasant off world surprises. Seals broken, cracks will appear suddenly allowing access. You have a choice.

   It is your duty to educate all that the Earth changes as are here to stay. Push the concept to the edge of the envelope to create an idea the conclusion of change is an opinion that came from within. It is up to "me" as a citizen to empower myself and be prepared just in case nature turns. This is just common sense. You as a leader, are not here to explain why there are changes that is for the scientists, but show examples why this is a prudent step. All opposed and there will be many shall fall as the Earth changes will silence the fools and distance you from the cover up. All who make this step will be admired by the public as gutsy, a leader and interested in their welfare. This is what most will look for in a leader and others fail under the weight of lies.

Update: Feb 1 2011

   I have stated, that we need leaders to step forward. Where in the West, fear still prevails even with the events unfolding in Southeast Asia and Australia. Although some changes within the US behind the scenes have moved carefully ahead. It is building upon a foundation. Write off Afghanistan now, was it worth it for 1 man? Stop all ethanol production in the US and use the land for food or feed. Make no excuses. As for the oil companies, negotiation is not an option as you are the new Sheriff in town. Lock the profit margins at a reasonable rate for the corporations and remove speculation on the commodities markets. Flex piping will be needed laid along river beds, supplying major urban centers with water to replace aqueducts ruptured by shifting land. The prison population needs to move to a secure location with termination on escape. It is about what damage will occur if they mingle with the general population when driven by needs. Refineries need to build on geologically stable land. This is like a war effort, where it is our best effort or the population dies. This is not about a conservative approach as you know, you have a problem. Solve it in the early stages when there are resources still available to use. It is about the nation.

   We are not going to have our population become so despondent as to riot, like what is going on several countries in the world today as the conscience of a nation gels as one and this is by design. Republicans know the risk and some would like to take independent positions, but suppression of information and control the direction of this party under a uniform voice of one, the bankers. This display has taught America there is a division and it is not about what is best for the country. Change this as we are facing turning point that will affect all mankind.

   I am now asking a particular country in the East with vast resources and not subject to the will of the international bankers to take care of their own. To the bankers, do not interfere. To the leaders of that "country", tell your people the truth and what they are going to face. The western press will not cover your words. Bring the nation together as one, to support each other in a time of need. It is your country's survival at stake. Show the West, that the wisdom of East does not succumb to the same fears that keeps the same leading Democratic countries of the World from an all out effort to protect their own as if urgency is a calculated risk with other's lives at stake. The past administration of the US was willing to bet the survival of their population, but protect themselves with tax payer money. Show them, cooperation among all for preparation to survive as a race prevails, instead of riots. Show them, we would rather teach them the new science for the advancement of all then protect scholars that has it all wrong. Show them now. You and your leaders will be given a sign and there will be no mistake as to its message. When you have a choice, reveal all and take a stand or hide the truth, which will only hurt all that you hope to elevate. The Earth changes will spare no nation, the goal is to cooperate. There is no future for the elite and those who trust in the message will exceed far beyond the standard living of that they have. Your first clue, if you have access to everything, then there is no need to acquire or hoard that which is already yours.

   All will be watching and if it works and it will some leaders in the West may follow. Now, what is in it for your country going on the line? All of those cities you built unoccupied, rent them as safe havens for the elite as the countries are affected by Earth changes. Reinvest the profits to provide safety for your own. Only the US will be able to offer the same option.

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