The Mark of the Beast

The Book of Truth




Written Aug 12


   Many Christians cannot foresee being forced to take the mark of the beast, 666 within their lifetime, as all say they will never forsake Jesus. These are the same words the apostles said at the Last Supper, yet hours later they ran like cowards from the Lord in the garden. For those who do not believe in God they will be forced to accept a doctrine of a higher power or die for they have no protection. So how would this occur in modern times where our freedom seems to be protected? Ask yourself are you confident with your banking system or just slaves to the dollar? Ask yourself are you confident new voting laws will protect your right to choose freely or suppress an opinion? Ask yourself are you confident in the war against terrorism is this for freedom and the right for the free world to exist without loss of the life of innocent citizens or a set of events allowed to happen to promote another agenda? Ask yourself!

   It is here when the earth changes and life becomes difficult that many will call on the Lord when you lose all possessions and some cases lives. What people think is His representative on earth, the pope, in despair many will flock to him for guidance and hope. The belief in religion will flourish as disasters and wars bring this world to its knees. Do not be surprised, as this was foretold in Revelations, but few believe we are in the end times and this will give the advantage to the dark side. There will be miracles on earth to cement the faithful, but they will come from both sides to confuse the Truth. Do you not think that satan has powers to appear to raise the dead, heal and rule the animals as he was granted temporary domain of this world created by the Almighty?

   The miracles from God with bring change subtly with no pompous. This pope francis, the anti pope will seem to do no wrong as he will bring together all faiths and religions as one. He will be adored as a saint like all orchestrated in the public eye, as this shall be one of many subtle clues. The plan here is for the media and well placed religious leaders to promote him instead of the normal slow path of the people forged over time. He will remain humble to present a false façade to the world. There will seem to be a need for an accelerated agenda as human needs are critical under the guise of loving another. Hand signs meaningless to the faithful will mock Jesus in front of all, but the minions of dark side will know one of their own has taken the seat of Peter, but the faithful will say it ain’t so.

   The transformation of the Church will be protested by few, as a mixture of truth and deceit shall fool many. In order to bring the masses together in what seems consideration and caring for another’s human rights will a carefully calculated cunning move created over many decades to replace the sacrament of the Eucharist from the Catholic Church and ultimately alter the Crucifix. The host will be changed from representing the true Body of Christ to an empty vessel called the bread of life to be acceptable in the eyes of Jews and Moslems. Few of the faithful will notice or care about the change as they still receive the host that which is not God as the spirit is gone. In turn the Body of Christ who died for your sins will be removed from the cross, the excuse again to care for the rights of others as God would all to come together from such a change. This is false. This will lead to the acceptance of sin. This is the plan, more important ask where is the courage sacred servants?

   Many of you preach from the pulpit to always be prepared for the Second Coming. All of us have heard the scriptures of the master or the bridegroom returning and to be prepared and this is true. Yet in the next breath, you state as if you know the time and date is in the future. No man knows when the thief comes as this is foretold. So why do you tell your faithful fear not as it is in the future as if you know? You don’t and it is this action that Jesus may lose souls, and your pride will be at fault. Stop, it is better to say nothing and just prepare the faithful as it will be tomorrow than face Jesus as he asks, why did you speculated? This is your mission. You are not authorized to do this. When our Lord sacrificed Himself to save us from death and sin, it is the basis of our salvation, our faith, our inheritance. When our Lord walked this earth incarnated as a man, He gave us the scriptures, He gave us a living example on how to love, He sacrificed His life. When our Lord inspired the apostles to record the Sacred Books of the New Testament this is written in stone and no man, no priest, no pope has the right to change what has come from Heaven to appease man, no one.

   As those in the Vatican plot to morph the Catholic faith, they will seem to call on all to reach an agreement, but what seems like a democratic vote for change is really a forced change outside of the public eye. Excommunication will be used if your vote is not “correct”. Would not God want all on earth to worship as one will be voiced? What will be seen as bringing together all faiths as for the good of the world, shall be used to destroy that which is the mystical body of Christ, His Church on earth. There will be acceptance of all versions of marriage, abortion, euthanasia, thus leading to the acceptance of sin, as cloaked as human rights. All of this is just the beginning. Once accepted by the world, the antipope will be declared a prophet of God here to show the world salvation. He will point to the new political leader of the world as Jesus Christ in the flesh, which you were told Christ will never return to earth in human form. It is he that the antipope anoints as chosen that will be the antichrist where the spirit of satan himself, the beast walks on earth as man with all spiritual powers to fool all. The goal is to decimate the human race and steal the souls of the children of the Almighty, who have free will.

   In the near future, the antichrist fresh off of victory of peace in the Mid East and in control of certain countries in the EU, the new world order once they know they have the political edge and the will of the people will bring in the Russians to enforce the mark of the beast who shall control the Rothschild fortune, over 700 trillion dollars. It is through satan himself that this family controls the world banks and the economies of what seems the free world. Public markets that rise and fall on the availability of capital? Artificially created market sector bubbles to suck in public greed and then crash? And all of you so naive think this is normal? All will be forced to believe in the one world religion which covertly pays homage to the beast, look carefully at the new cross as Jesus will not be there.

   Now you say why would God allow this to happen? I say back to you, that you told of these times and that you would have to make a choice. You will have to rise above fear, the intimidation, the opinions of others and make that choice to redeem yourselves thus correcting what your parents did when they where exiled here on earth from the Garden. ARE YOU THAT WEAK AS THE hUMAN RACE WHEN FACED WITH THE TRUTH, YOUR DEATH CONTROLS YOUR FATE INSTEAD OF YOUR BELIEF? AS GOD CONTROLS ALL LIFE AND MORE IMPORTANT, YOUR ETERNAL SOUL aRE YOU GOING TO SELL OUT AS YOU HAVE LITTLE FAITH?

   As many in the world turns from God, those that have freely accepted the mark will seal their fate. You will watch in disbelief as your jubilation that a force, a dark one seems to be above that which is God suffers setbacks. All of you forget that the king of lies hates you and all that believe promises, shall fall in to a trap. There will be no conquest. There will be no wealth and power. There will be no inheritance, just lies.

   Those who defy Father and tries to wipe away all traces of Jesus to unify religions under humanitarian concerns for the rights of others shall face the wrath of the Almighty. A diseased death, slow and painful with skin pitted with horrific puss filled scars for all who accept the mark will be picked off one by one. You once inflicted will show others by example what to expect when you accept the mark, pray that many will change rejecting that which is dark before death or the Second Coming.

   The world’s problem is not only apathy, but is impeded by disbelief as your gift of intelligence advanced by education through pride and arrogance replaces that which is God. Each day you sit back and accept your world as it is presented to you by your laws and media is another day in which what is hidden will establish power and come forward to control the world. Your tears as loved ones die around you, could have been prevented or lessen had you been open to the Truth. This is not about preaching, you are responsible for your life choices. This is not about another end time’s spin; again what is written here was not predicted a couple of decades or even several centuries, but over 2000 years ago inspired by God. When you see the signs, act instead of discussion and confusion wasting precious time. Let the brave stand up for what they believe and save the human race. Are you that hero?

   The Bible and the Laws of God have not changed in over 2000 years. Just know any change now does not come from God no matter who you see introducing it. No matter how many spiritual people back each other. No matter how the media paints the false prophet as a saint. This has been foretold to save your asses, but few of you are listening. Action is needed, as was said before cowards need not apply.


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