The Message 



Written Oct 4


   I am speaking to the world, but also speaking as a friend for I am just like you. We on the earth are looking to provide for our loved ones in a time of need. But all that is presented through your books, media and public forums is not the truth. You need to know this; no matter what happens, the Almighty, your Father will not forsake you. This is why you are receiving these messages and other direct messages from Jesus, the Father Almighty, the Holy Spirit and Mary to prepare you, for time is of the essence. The greatest moves in these end times will be based on faith, after when reality hits it is prayer and suffering that turns the tide. Now I am asking you to step up the pressure on the dark side without confirmation it exists. This is faith.

   This is where we can as a unit, begin to defeat evil, but you must start now. Start with the required prayers (coming) from your heart to lessen the misery on the human race. Now much has been averted, as the earth changes have been lessened. This was through your devotion to Jesus and His Father; your prayers that have been heard.

    You in the government were told events would transpire quickly and your observations of the planet with your covert satellites and the international space station. You were led to believe this world as you know it would expire in a short time frame, but we are still here. You were told this is about mankind advancing on a spiritual level and you assumed. Need I say more!

   I am now speaking to those of you who control this world, but are hidden in the shadows as your power forged over the centuries and wealth gathered beyond the comprehension of those who are billionaires. The Almighty is angry at the current spiritual state of this world. Few believe in the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit and in defiance you have pledged allegiance to the dark one knowing your Father, still loves you. For He is God, the Almighty; His mercy is endless. I am human and you can count on me kicking you to the curb at the first opportunity, but will save your asses after you get a taste of hell, for I am human with flaws and shall save all as this is the will of the Father.

   You are being given an opportunity to consider another path before the dark one bouncing from one human form to another settles into his final form of the antichrist on the galactic alignment in late December. You need to ask for help when you are cornered or your gut just states you were not cut out to execute these plans. Know this I will start at the top with who give the orders to hurt the population of this earth, which by their vote you were sworn to protect. Now I can hear the laughter as you read this.

   Ask those in intelligence why I still walk the face of this earth, ask how serious I am and your laughter will turn to fear. For there is no crevasse, bunker or disguise that will hide you if I come for you sanctioned by the Almighty. You will not doubt the power of God. Most of you will think an accident; it was his time to go as he was old. Anything but that one who has no visible earthly power or seems conventional executed a divine plan. You will be brought to your knees trembling in front of all and all will this is the power of the Almighty has as humbled you or worse. Do not hurt the children of God or roll your dice.

    Again I am asking you to except the mercy of Jesus in His Father’s name and you have a couple of months to decide. At that point with all your money and power we will see who quakes in fear. The Almighty created you and He can destroy you this is your choice.

   Exactly how many clues do you need as a civilization need to wake up? You have been told that those that are good of heart will just disappear from all sources. You have been told after the shift 90% of mankind will not exist on earth. Do you know why? Because they would have been rescued; but your stubborn ass is left on a dying planet. You need to let go of what you see here, for I have seen glimpses of what is in store for all of you and you will want for nothing.

   When the earth changes move to a certain level in December 2012 and beyond where all notice, many will review the choices they made in life. Some will run away from their responsibilities. I say this to the abandoned family, which we all hope is a minimal few as the runaway spouse seeks lust with the family’s money.

   I feel can your pain, sometimes literally, but when this is over you will have love, this is what is important. Do not look at the destruction of the earth as the end, but a new beginning. Do not blame the Almighty for death, for it is just a transformation and all of you who believe shall be reunited with loved ones for the soul never dies. Nothing is impossible with the Almighty, the creator of all life and the universe around you.

   The choice of many will be to find God at first, but as events escalate many will harden their souls, abandon the church and Jesus after realizing their fate is unchanged. Did you make a clear change in your life or hope things would change because you attend church out of fear? A true change from with in, your heart must occur. True remorse must be made for how your life has transpired, but few are willing to do this based on faith.

   The floods will rage and displace millions in the winter in conjunction food becoming scarcer. Earthquakes and tsunamis will render vast areas of seacoast cities unlivable, where will they go? War will rage in the Middle East. The population in Europe will seek any relief. You have been told this must pass, but then when many have lost hope, a leader will rise and make peace. The world will notice and admire. He will promote a union where all work together and share resources. This all sounds good as a facade, but it is communism reinvented. On the surface it seems to share resources, which will be desperately needed. Once accepted changes will occur slowly at first, but then He will restrict your faith. He will with his perceived divine appearance, tell the world through other world leaders subtly, that he is the Messiah and many will be fooled. This will be the antichrist. Be aware as a seed of what to look for will be overlooked by many.

   You have been told Jesus will not walk this earth again as man. The Bible has documented these events and as they unfold in layers, many will be in disbelief. This is the action we want you take, one of proactive instead of reactive where you protect your faith and your family. The time for apathy and watching and waiting for another to do something, those days are over. I need you to take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones. Read the signs and then act on them, before it is too late.

   All of you who are waiting for your governments to come clean, keep waiting for most likely there will a confirmed presence in the skies that will force an announcement which you already know. Exactly why is an announce so important when the signs are not in the sky. There will be a backlash of debunkers stating falsehoods and many credible people will be destroyed. It is not about you being proven right or the temporary fame you think you will get by association, for we know what is in some hearts while promoting service to other. Instead of material preparation, focus on the spiritual choice. Know that there is a God and revealing the truth of the origins of the universe. Are you listening as you were told time and time again this is a spiritual school house, do you not read between the lines?

   You have an election where finally a leader has made preparations to help the population of these United States, while others have planned road blocks, martial law and as one of many examples even planned to blow the bridges trapping most of New York City and Long Island from reaching the mainland.

   The long term debt is a ruse as all in power know civilization in its present form will collapse within less than a decade. So caught up on what your children will pay when you don’t even know that the debt is interest on money printed by the Fed and owed to private families. You have been fleeced as former president Wilson was compromised. Almost every country in the world is in debt except China which has 2 trillion in bonds, so who is indebting the world?

   You have been told austerity is the current plan for Europe put in place for financial mistakes of your leaders made and agreement to participate in useless wars. Why because they have been bought by the bankers who want you to make good on their diabolical plan.

   The simple solution would allow all nations to inflate monetary supplies in direct proportion to today’s levels, the illegal debt imposed by the bankers nullified and the currencies stabilize in unison with the level of debt paid off with inflated currencies. The people and governments win the bankers lose their slave like stranglehold on the world’s economies. Debt is transformed into robust trade and the bankers will win again.

   Reform the markets with margin requirements on future contracts that are not taking delivery. Remove public money from the derivatives markets. Shut down naked short sales and only institutional own shares can be borrowed. Publicly owned annuities, mutual funds, packaged financial instruments and pensions are off limits.

   This election is important as the opponent knows of and has made preparations for the earth changes. The elite in the world needs a leader that will ensure their protection, food and preservation of wealth. They have their man and what ever it takes is being delivered. The problem, the voting public has no clue of what is behind the push as the lies presented at all cost are presented. If caught your elected and the earth changes will divert any attention. This is the plan. Unfortunately when America finds out they will be in denial and few will be able to peel back the layers of deceit. So lets reflect upon your future.

   Again the mercy of Jesus and that of Father is to save all for He loves all of His children and all will be worthy after cleansing and the influence of the dark one is lifted as it is just like a spell. This why you hear He hates the acts of sins but loves the soul of the person, because they will change and you when you meet them will never look back. This is the Word of the Lord, Jesus your Savior. 


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