The Miracles

The Book of Truth


Written May 25


   The Almighty has now allowed the miracles that only can be associated with that which is God for the world to now see, just as in the time Jesus walked the earth. Make no mistake as who sanctioned this, as science will try to explain these events as if this was random acts of nature, universal events or associated to a manís explanation. Make no mistake as these gifts will be sudden, unexpected and defy reason and scientific logic, but will inspire souls to be directed towards the Lord. There will be no pattern as this is by design. Those touched will be from all creeds, faiths and countries. Make no mistake you are being told this in advance especially for the media as to be not fooled. Many will believe in God and convert, it is your job in the media to embrace to a subtle point what they have found, love just like you treat survivors of a storm. Remember, those who are convinced there is no God when confronted just move on. It is not your job to confront or push away as all who don't believe shall be seeked out by other means. When corporate presents you with a generic explanation as your story is just to close and you know that does not fit in your heart ignore it. If they come after you then you know the Truth and move on instead of sacrificing the mission.

   The miracles will affect all as the many will see, hear, walk; minds awaken all this to accelerate the conversion of mankind through word of mouth. The gift of tongues will allow those preaching the word of God, the Truth to be understood in oneís native language to family members who know the Truth. Not todayís version of babbling incoherent words of utter nonsense, which cannot be verified as an ancient language to impress others. The gift of the tongue is to spread the word, not harbor a secret. Signs will be on both land and in the skies, during the day and the star lit heavens at night shall change where all shall know the power of God, the Almighty. There will be no explanation for the vast number of spirals where composition, size, color, geographic locations and patterns vary leaving scientist stunned or them just lying to explain that which they cannot comprehend. Then there are the surprises which shall come that will shock the world in the name of good.

   Just as this momentum builds the dark one will retaliate crushing in some respects the spread of love as war and violence starts to turn the faithful. Again you ask, if they believe in the miracles how could they, turn back. Remember it is those with blind faith that the roots of belief are deep. Those who follow because they have seen a miracle and base their faith on this have shallow roots and in distress they wither. The thousands who were cured, some rose from the dead, where were they when Jesus needed support in front of Pilate? Do you not think a crowd of thousands with have shamed the Pharisees? Even His own Apostles hid in fear and the one brave enough to be there still denied Him when confronted, shallow roots. In this remnant army we will not make the same mistakes mankind made in the past as the Bible is your guide.

   We will not laugh at the signs of the End Times like the days of Noah. We will not be freed from financial slavery of the bankersí only sin against God like the Jews did when Moses went to hallowed Holy grounds. We will not be unprepared this second time the Lord comes as we will welcome Him in all of His glory with cleansed souls. There are no cowards in this army, only those who stand up for the Truth, the Word of God. This is your mission. This is what you must do to save humanity by reciting your Crusade prayers and the actions you live by towards others. Ask is this what Jesus would do every time you think like a man or woman? This is what you will do for your Lord as each and everyone establishes that personal bond with Him, start today.

   So many of you ask as your minds and intent are read, where is God when there is disasters and death due to war and murder? He is in a realm where your minds cannot still comprehend, but still is there. Your prayers state, I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible, but due you believe what you say? It is about you getting a second chance to remove your selves from exile as your minds and who you are have been erased, so that your choice is true. You have free will as it is man that initiates murder through war, greed, anger, hate, and abortion as the influence is that of satan. It is man that causes harm to each other, as the few rises above the many through power, wealth, careful manipulation and favors. It is man that enslaves his brothers and sisters through finances, slavery or the cunning tactic of humanism. This is not by the hand of God, but the hand of man. When a crime occurs you not only blame the person, but hate envelopes a race or group as if all committed the crime. Are you not part of a group to some extent? Are all your beliefs the same or hidden just to belong? As if they are all guilty and of the same mind set. You say your race; humans have evolved and are ready to ascend to join the universe, but how little you know. Millions are deceived in financial markets. Your knowledge and theories are and have been held back as this is power. There is collusion, but some very powerful individuals like Obama wants change. This is controlled far more than he envisioned. A brave man against the new world order, but has been essentially neutralized even though he is the leader of the free world on paper.

   As for nature, this is part of your world; civilizations in the time of Noah and Sodom have been wiped out. These times are no different. You on the other hand have wiped out millions by human choice with Columbus, Khmer Rouge, Stalin, Hitler, in Rwanda and America with the Indians and slaves. Killing them in the American frontier was a sport and the trophy for the white hunters was the scalps and you thought that was the Indians. They just copied out of anger and revenge. And you expect to state that God is the enemy and He does not care? Look in the mirror before you point fingers as you slay your own. But you say there is now civilization and we as a world have grown. Really, this is why your governments hide what is coming. They expect you to die. This is the reality of your world, no matter how they spin it. What would you do to survive? They are counting on your shallow decisions.

   The Greatest gift you are being given is the miracle that the plate movements primary Atlantic rift split and the resultant European tidal wave and the New Madrid quakes have been delayed until after the Warning where all of you will be presented with the Truth. Then dependent upon mankindís conversion and your actions to revert back to sin after shown the way, you will decide the level of destruction the Great Chastisement in order to save the most. Allow the beast to control the EU, allow communism, promote sin through humanism and eliminate the Word of God, expect the worst as millions will be swept away. You have free will use it and make a choice, stand with us or the dark side.


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