The Political Plan


Written Sept. 13 2010

   The flipping of the American public opinion is a long term strategy by manipulating short term needs all accomplished by the powers to be that essentially pulls the strings of the Washington power structure. While the veil that clouds process presently is hidden from the general public and almost all of the long term politicians are involved. In order to be established an unspoken compromise between candidate and those with an agenda are agreed upon. The goal is for public to freely choose a path that is designed for them to take. Where events and problems are created in order to facilitate an offer or solution that is wanted by the source. As most focus on the short term events, it is the molding of the long term solution that is goal. Where the result is for most to part freely of their rights, which they though they were protecting. So how is this political game played when it is the vote determines the direction of the country?

   In the United States, the Republican party has had a plan that spans decades, solidified when the news of the 12th planet was revealed in the early 50's. The financial ruin was given the go ahead during the Bush Administration as they were expected not to get caught. As looting of the American public proceeded, the bankers wanted their share as all would be covered by the disasters. Crimes beyond the imagination and the true numbers were hidden. Some of Corporate America in collusion as a deep depression is explained away as a recession. With public knowledge limited, except what the media feeds them, are swayed. All in Washington, expected Hillary as President and the continuation of the Status quo, with the emergence of Obama, this created a covert plus to the established structure in Washington, so a tweaking to situation was put into play. Knowing of the financial collapse, analysis within the established power looked beyond 2008. By allowing the polls and media to reflect the true American choice an advantage was given to Obama where an election that should have been close was won.

   The Republican party weighed the odds of that the shift would be later than 2012 as events on Earth have not progressed enough so they weaken a viable candidate (McCain) with a ball and chain that would sink the election. So what he thought were hand picked advisors, really are moles for the power structure presented as the best and brightest for the team inserted Palin as a vice presidential candidate. The excuse, America was ready for a woman, but was this the best choice to fill Hillary's shoes, no. They knew this and eventually McCain became aware that he was the sacrificial goat, what a plan. The current administration has no chance to reverse what Bush and company did and the Republican congress rubber stamped, all at high levels were aware of the abuses of power, all were expected to ride the shift in the bunkers and reclaim power after emerging as a dictatorship. With almost all, food, medicine, professional people and supplies under their control, they would be the law and more important in control of who lives and dies. Like thieves that were never suppose to get caught, trillions taken and please don't audit the US gold reserves, because the barn is almost empty.

   With the cooperation of corporate and the banks who has the power to accelerate the economy, the unspoken stance is to stay on the sidelines until Nov. 2010. With a congress willing again to cut taxes while Americans sink further in to debt, as a low paying job now looks attractive. Republicans can now say they are responsible to a recovery as no one pays attention to what goes into reversing the trend, building a base to which a recovery springs from.

  There is a need for you to examine an event or action by its intent instead of what is presented you by the hands of others. Before we look behind the scenes of the Republicans. Let's look at the Democrats and the intent of Rahm, the media spin and timing of this event. Rahm with his political failure in the mayoral race in Ill. due to his late actions in race that was a Democratic fixture was questioned, was it a delay that just what the Republicans were counting on or a lapse in judgment. It didn't make a difference, the seed was planted. The breaking point came as the White House supported the low numbers of BP oil being leaked into the gulf, knowing the numbers were far higher and would used to lower BP liability. The backup let the cost be quietly written off the taxes, thus the American people still pay for the mistake. The trust of not just America was broken, but those who were advised and given the green light that information released to the Executive Branch in what is suppose to be a transparent administration was false. He was out, as papers in Israel and England reported months ago. The right thing to do was to leave b the Mid Term elections as to not hurt his party, but this did not happen. Daley, now was given the advice by friends and a group that would benefit from him retiring from the mayoral position, which he took, so another in need could take his place as the media spins it as a lateral move of want. So what is the intent of this move? Maximum political damage is done by its timing some 50 days before the Midterms. If he runs valuable coverage time is spent on him instead the differences between candidates in key races. The timing of this announcement was not by chance, but planned as his exit was known well in advance, again what was the intent of this move? Was not the goal of Rahm to the first Jewish Speaker of the House, now we are to believe he wants give this up to become mayor, from making decisions that affects the world to that which affects neighborhoods.

   What was the intent of allowing a unknown to enter a Southern state major election with no credentials only to be arrested in disgrace. Again this was by design, allowing a race of the candidate reflect towards the White House by his actions as they share a common racial background as those who pull the strings of the Republicans hope to achieve. Yes it was a stretch as Obama is Harvard educated, but the goal was to raise hate among the vulnerable groups.

   Events in America are polarizing the population and you need to look deeper. These are bad times and it is gridlock of the political game that has stifled the creation of jobs. It is the banks that lend money that spurs the economy, not tax cuts where most of the money goes to Wall Street where corporations know there is more bang for the buck than the responsibility of hiring a worker. Businessmen and women are in it to make money, this is the bottom line. The intent of the opposition party and their hidden supporters was to shut down any progress with the economy that could credited to an opposing party. Coupled with the pressure of Americans losing their homes, in just 2 years, the administration thought they could change present condition with best and brightest, yes there was a chance, but the imbedded moles left over from the previous administration with inside knowledge of the workings of their agencies shut them down. Now those with no jobs, will accept depressed wages. With the backlash against healthcare, few will care if its part of their package. This is the goal and it was accomplished to a great degree.

So where did healthcare go wrong while a breakthrough in helping those in need of coverage did occur?

    The Health Care Industry has many tentacles not only in Republican, but the Democratic party as well. The plan was to oppose the bill from the Republican side no matter what version emerged, but allow certain conditions if it passed within to permit even a greater profit. It was no accident the healthcare stocks rose on passage. Mandatory coverage, instead of voluntary affordable coverage assuring this new cost would be absorbed by all. A push back of start date of some mandates so that rate increases would off set anticipated liabilities in the future. The key was the media staged protests. The theme this is not what America wants, yet they pushed for it for decades.

   This Administration was however against all the odds was able to get the bill passed with some good points, but it is time to take the initiative and tweak the bill to all can see the benefits. So what does America want to change, while maintaining the inroads forged in the present bill?

   A health plan that covers the family at a reasonable cost without mandatory obligation for all, let the people have a choice. Removal of the middleman, unnecessary medical tests for profit, useless expensive medicines that don't work or are marginal in helping, caps on suing, no one or procedure controls death except God. Double billing fraud, permanent removal of bad medical personal and doctors, reduction on the percentage and fees lawyers are allowed to take and bill for time. Those who have no health insurance by choice are stabilized and it is there that they are given a choice seek additional at another paid location or signing off on the bill that debt is secured. This was a personal chance you took with your life. The legal poor American is exempt from this policy only for humanitarian reasons. The undocumented are stabilized and return to the country of origin, but family members and friends can secure the debt and the patient allowed to be treated until well or death.

   There is a common sense point of established treatment for the terminally ill, where these same funds could make a real difference with someone who has a chance. Those who want to live at any cost or treatment can be offered a surcharge policy where there is a balance of cost for the patient and the responsibility of the insurer it works both ways. A one time pass illness caused by a bad habit will be given for excessive smoking, drinking and obesity.  With no change in life style, any related coverage is at the cost of the patient as this was a personal choice with consequences. Severe penalties for medical fraud and the lawyers representing the client. As a lawyer, you have a choice when taking on a new client or doing a favor for an old one, now you will share the risk for a bad decision.

   The Republicans fresh off severe losses in 2008, needed new tactics to energize their base, engineered disruptions of town halls, which escalated to confrontational events, and fear was introduced as a new element in their political arsenal. With direct orders from the top, they quickly moved to intimidation and destruction of property. The point, America is angry and this Democratic plan is going in the wrong direction, yet a months before this was right for America. Tactics bought and paid for the lobbyist of the healthcare industry as this legislation directly affects the corporate bottom line. Those hired and a few copycats vandalized the offices of Democrats, and at first, this was seen as the voters frustration pushing back as no one was listening and we need attention. But, the resultant coverage in the news got out of hand and started to favor the Democrats, as many saw this as violence reminiscent of the mob days and labor unions. Thus, it was decided to even the playing field with a counter event. The action resulted in one of the Republican campaign offices to be hit by a bullet. The headlines, Democratic supporters are acting with the same violence.

   The mistake was made when they took the low risk approach of shooting out their own window. It was executed by a sharpshooter from a platform in the air as the bullet was found embedded in the floor. Their excuse when caught, some random person fired a shoot into the air and it hit the window. Even if that was true, ballistics confirmed the bullet was not from any immediate elevated location or building on the ground with a clear line of sight to the window. Verified by a national security report they immediately received from the scene, they lied as if someone targeted the office for their political views for days on end, until someone shed light on the event. Examine the direction that the shot came from, the angle needed to clear buildings and the maximum distance the bullet could travel. One would find no report of shot fired in a neighborhood that all would notice. This was a staged false flag event to influence the views of the American public and this is what you can expect as fair treatment or business as usual in the world of politics for some.

   What you, as the American public have to understand, the long term goal for a certain group was to create the problem, which they did as they figured the Earth changes would cover their abuse. As events have been drawn out, economic decisions have crushed growth of this country and with a large deficit created from a planned war, reversal of this path would take years. The depression started by the 29' crash with its stimulus, the public works projects took a decade and a war to reverse. Knowing this, the opposition would be assured of one term Democratic Presidency as little perceived change would be seen in the everyday lives of Americans. The solution if needed and control lost, most are expected to accept the view points of Republicans, due to in action and lack of cooperation. Certain media outlets state the policies are out of touch with America. That's funny, because if you ask you friends they are not in agreement. Some media outlets, think the no action is a resultant that the policies are wrong, when the true goal is to return to power.

   Ask yourself, do you think if Osama's capture would be allowed on Obama's watch? Remember Carter and the Iranian hostages and the negotiated delayed release. It will be the mid term elections that would restore enough power to tip some waffling Democrats to stay quiet, like some did during the Bush years as they know what is coming and want to be included in the future. New comers are baffled as the plans promoted for change are watered down, delayed and misdirected and only when seasoned do they now grasp part of the plan.  The approach of gridlock was a calculated  as a short term risk, based on covert cooperation of some stalling from within the opposing party. The key was Americans lost jobs, homes and families all would succumb as their need is now. Any change is better than what we have seen in the past 18 months. Watch the moles run and resign as they have accomplished their mission on a new administration, but action of the deal with a backdoor function will not be repeated as all are wiser. Those expelled after Rahm will pay severe penalties as their crimes are against America.

   You have a choice look at the intent of a political move or event. Does the theme divide, raise fears, promote us against them, based on this is what America wants, but your friends don't. So what goals in America are they talking about? Polls that are doctored, media that is bought and paid for. Political plants at functions to incite and inflame deep prejudices, is this what America is about, the engineered spin? When the Earth changes hit and you realize you have been lied to, it is too late.

   Leaders bring together opposing views and incorporates the best from both, but they dictate the direction. Leaders are visionary, ahead the curve anticipating and delivering on the needs of those govern. Leaders all that prevent the safety and advancement of the people that trusted them with privilege to guide their country. It is not about the deal. We win, you win and the people get a benefit or program.  It is not about bending towards a poll, as this is a reactive response, and in a crisis, we do not need leaders looking for ideas on their hand or from the consultant.  Again, look beyond the veil. At intent of a political move in the long term, we will all benefit.

   If you want to change America, then start with a change in heart. Pick the person that is the best for America and the job. This is the change we need to get us through the coming Earth Changes. The alternative is an increased death toll and misery due to minimum preparation. The present system will not work and if you think it is acceptable for the present long term Republican and sympathetic Democrat plan and those who pull their strings to follow through, then look around at all the people you know. Only 1 in 10 will be around after it is all over. What was needed to survive and the level most would have sunk to accomplish life, if known in advance, almost all would have rather died. You will get 1 last chance. If you are all about yourself, then consider moving to undecided, because even the most harden will be affected by the millions of dead.

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