The Seal of Protection


Written Nov. 28


   As in the time of Moses, the chastisements of the Almighty that freed the Jews will now free mankind and cleanse this earth. Many will perish, but their souls will live on as this world has fallen into darkness. Your life here on earth is just a fleeting instant in the timeline of eternity. It is up to you to make that choice as the End Times have arrived. Instead of the lamb’s blood painted above the doorway so that angels death now poised at the four corners of earth passes, you shall recite the crusade prayer daily: The Seal of Protection below. With this as a believer in our Savior Jesus, your family and friends will be protected from all harm and most persecution as you will go unnoticed among men. This is a promise from the Almighty, but all must believe in His Son.

   You must remember that some family members or friends have made pre-birth arrangements to become victim souls in order to save others and with their free will, you must let them go. This is only temporary as all will be reunited in the end. For those who have little understanding of God where all is possible, it will be your faith that carries you. Be strong, be brave, and set an example for those that waver to walk the straight path. Over time and with prayer and sacrifice for others many inspired by you will be on that straight and narrow.

   You will have to let go of all that you have learned on earth from men and trust the Creator, God most the High, for He has a plan to bring you to His world where your bodies will be perfect, indestructible and not a tear will flow from your eyes. Do not succumb to the fear as the weak souls die around you, for they have chosen another to lead them.

   Remember these words as you look upon what was the respected on earth, the opportunist, the ruthless, the powerful and wealthy. As they are scattered about the land uncared for and rotting. They believed in money, power, anger, guns and connections would protect them. Like musical chairs the survivors shrank to just a handful. This you will see. Bodies littering the landscape as the grip of the antichrist, takes hold in the near future. Look past this, as you are protected, but pray for them so that their souls may be rescued from the bowls of hell or purgatory. The goal here is that all must be saved. Let not one soul slip through your fingers due to your actions towards another. This is your task. This is what you will deliver for your Lord.

   We need a person from every family to stand up and recite the crusade prayer to protect the family, if possible bring in others as they believe. What do not need, is for you to boast that you are saving the family with your prayers. It is about doing an act for others without throwing it in their face. It is about being humble in the eyes of our Savior, because you are doing this to save souls for Our Lord unconditionally. It is about being consistent, that means every day without fail, but you can make up a few days. Let this prayer replace your fears, if not, there is no guarantee. Do not make the same mistake the Egyptians made or worse the people in the times of Noah, heed the signs.


The Seal of Protection


Your loving Father in Heaven, God of the Most High Speaks:

“Rise now and accept My Seal, the Seal of the Living God.

Recite this Crusade Prayer to acknowledge My Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.”

O My God, My Loving Father
I accept with love and gratitude
Your Divine Seal of Protection

Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity
I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty
To You my Beloved Father

I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal
And I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever
I love You Dear Father
I console You in these times Dear Father

I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son
In atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children.



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