Like a Thief in the Night II

Mother of Salvation Speaks

The Book of the Truth




Written Oct 6


   For many of you on this world there are many questions. Your life is so far from the troubles of spirituality, but He, Jesus is there if you call. In your quiet prayer ask with these words, Jesus, it is I your humble servant, please forgive me. That which, seems to be thrown at you, trials, when you have bills and conflicts within the family, needs to be solved now. You have a job that may go awry via a turn in economy and Congress coupled with our executive branch due to their disagreements have put families in peril as you live pay check to pay check. Has our nation lost its focus? Has our nation looked beyond the needs of our weak to placate those that have? We are judged on our weakest link and those who have no safety net, no matter what their plight, no matter how long they have been disenfranchised, as you don’t know their details or lived their life. Never assume, as there is both strong and lazy in all walks of life.

   You have children that are bombarded with behavior innuendoes through the electronic media world and these are their icons. As each new generation moves into their time and certain segments seems to be brought to a new moral low, although in the main stream this is not so, but it is still there. Consider a disaster that affects all, do you want a “certain segment” to have no allegiance to a man or family to rove tempting and destroying that which is stable? As you have been told during the end times, sin will be rampant. Do you not see the seeds being planted today? Are you blind!

    In the end times for many it will seem like normal, as you were told people will eat, drink and get married. This is the Truth. This tells you that the earth changes will seem extreme, but the media will paint this as the new normal. Read the newspapers and certain news websites, it is already there. You depend upon your world to tell you the Truth, but they will lie. When you are told a partial a truth (standard CIA tactics) to placate those who are unwise, they hear a bit of truth mixed with disinformation and the trap is set. They expect you to still listen and the media will twist your perception of what you face. Who are you to question the authority? They will discredit those who are close to the Truth or just ignore them as if their words are whispers heard by the few. Always look for the push back that seems unusual for there may be truth there. But be careful, as a counter, they may flood you with many diversions. Look now to see what is out there and then, when the pressure mounts, discount all that seem new. But if you don’t remember them as an info asset, then it may have been planted to add age to the source, thus discount it. They lied for decades and now when the threat of them being exposed, they will still lie. Only a fool will follow and there will be many, starting with those in your governments.

   Except for the astute, as each new exponential increase which affects the earth, this will be accepted as the new norm. The stories are already being planted in your news services. Earth changes, no matter man’s influences do not occur within years. As this is the cover now presented as impacting your children near the 22nd century, but that time line has been shrinking. Over the next few years know this, there is another cause. Let the world again know this. This is a spiritual event and the pole shift and related changes is the precipitous that forces mankind to accept the Word of God or perish. Many of you have become aware that the earth changes are under the control God and not another entity as presented by another source of information. You were told there were advance spiritual entities that control the universe, but not one of you seem to think it is God. This will be your mistake, for He is the Creator of all life including for some your precious off world aliens. Oh, so quick you are to look for another as long as it is not The Almighty and His Son.

   Now let’s address the plight of the faithful. The false prophet, the pope now in power on the seat of Peter is appealing. That which is deceiving is humble, caring to the poor and it is he that is trying to bringing all religions together. But the seeds of discord are planted as he gives hope to the same sex community as he is not the judge, but the Almighty is. Do you not represent the laws of God on earth? Side stepping aren’t you. Francis all true popes that are given the seat of Peter stand up for the laws of the Almighty. You do not allow the faithful to consider change or doubt for any reason. You know this traitor as you do not hold the keys of the Church passed down since the first, Peter, Benedict still does. The keys are in heaven and you false prophet, many shortly will see you for what you are, a tool of the antichrist.  Know this, I will be there watching as you are caste in to hell as Mary crushes the head of your beast and this is a promise.

   Most of you will be deceived, as Francis moves the Church forward to embrace all under the guise to modernize. A pope who unites the world under God is great and He wants us to love all as this is the theme. Are you to question this? But when he as pope to the world, not as God’s representative for the seat of Peter changes the sacred Mass removing the Eucharist as the representation of the Body and blood of Jesus Christ who died for your sins, you will know he is united or joined at the hip with the antichrist. You were told by Mary, Mother of Salvation that when two popes are alive, it is the end times and one will be false.

   Secretly, he reads these messages and presents the facade to the Cardinals as these words do not exist, thus ignored.  For it is here the Word of God is revealed to this disbelieving world. As the world is warned, he morphs his policy towards the Church and the faithful. Several days ago he chastised certain bishops for moving to fast with the acceptance of divorced members of the church receiving the Holy Sacrament of Communion, the Eucharist the representation of the Body of Christ. You have made a mistake here false prophet for in the future you will remove the Eucharist so why reprimand your own for acting to quickly?

   In any self serving organization that appears to be for the people, absolute order is established by force and nothing is put forth to the world unless it comes from Francis and you will know these orders. These were insiders, already compromised by the beast knowing the plan and attempted to get one up. But it was seen for what it is; a power play for advancement and thus the effort was crushed as an example to others, the stern message, Francis leads all of you, and you only follow.

   You have been told, the Almighty will separate the wheat from chaff as only those who truly believe will be taken. Did you think it is going to be easy? All know the storms are coming, but again the astute have noticed all tropical storms near America have fizzled, but crushes other parts of the world. The storms affect those who do not believe first, thus Asia. This is a late year for storm formation as the media hides areas of the world already affected, but it is there if you look.

   You have to make a choice on faith backed up by your resolve. I have been told mankind is being given time to make a choice and I have stated to Jesus, it is too slow as few are listening. I have been overruled by the Almighty’s wisdom, which I always obey without question. But as I have written this, the Almighty has granted me a reprieve as He states He will destroy cities in order to expose the chafe. The goal is to save souls, not the physical that dies.

   So through Mary, your Mother of Salvation the calm with staggered increases in chastisements will continue until the false pope desecrates our Holy Mass. But comes with this warning from your Mother of Salvation, as she speaks for the first time here, “I have appeared throughout the centuries as an apparition to intercede and protect you from future events. All is to inform mankind, the messenger, and the softest of your kind, are children or a meek young woman. Messages sent to your popes warning them of the future was not heeded as fear instead of courage guided them and that time is now. I weep with many tears knowing what you My children will face in the short future, but it here I need all of your faith. As you pray to Me and ask Me for guidance to open your eyes into the deceit of the world. You know My words pray, pray, pray as this is the Truth. Many of may be lost if you do not ask. It is that important, as My message was that the Catholic Church and the seat of Peter would be infested by the antichrist and yours leaders of faith buried it. You have been warned of these times through My precious children, who could not have been influenced. Pure in soul and they had the light of God in their little eyes. Come to Me your Mother of Salvation and ask, Mother of God, Mother of Salvation open my eyes so that I can serve the Glory of God. I will answer you.”

   Once the Mass is changed and our Lord, Jesus Christ is removed for what ever reason, this world will change. Many of you ask, why would the pope change the Mass? You know the only way to salvation and Father is through His Son, Jesus Christ and this will never change. You know the world witnessed the death of Jesus as He died for our sins and the Mass is a remembrance. You know Jesus is the Savior of mankind and let no man pope, priest or bishop ever tell you that the reverence of our Lord has been changed. You have one master, one faith, one Lord Jesus, remember these words faithful as if you change, weaken or dismiss our Lord for the word of a man, Jesus says, “woe to you, for I did not authorize any change”.  It is here you will know you have been deceived. It is here you will see the storms that bring fear into heart, for you shall know Jesus is angry and it will be the wrath of Father that will awaken mankind. Again know this; these events are nothing to the Great Chastisements if mankind rejects the mercy of Jesus during the Warning.

   The title proverb was to awaken mankind, for if you are not looking for “the Thief”, aka the changes leading up to the Second Coming, you will be lost, banging at a closed door. This is the Word of God


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