The Time is Now to Stand up Sacred Servants


Written April 20


   Sacred Servants there comes a point in your life where all of your preparation has brought you to a challenge that is great, but you know that God never gives you more than you can handle. The times ahead for you will be very difficult as many will turn. What you will not do is try to challenge and change the harden who will be very vocal and in many cases break some. This is where you will be taught as to be cool, never sweat as all are watching. The alternative is to be embarrassed or with perseverance, walk away strong with few words, but a strong resolve. All will seek your guidance as the see through the shame and do not trust those who belittle. This is how you will win over your followers.

   You have been told save particular Bibles now, establish an independent, but reliable source for unleavened bread that is a direct copy or close resemblance of the host now used for the Eucharist. You are to do this alone. You will be seen and pointed to, as that which is wrong with the Christian faith as you do not respect the surge for human rights. Know this; human rights will be used to justify that, which break the Laws of God. It is up to you to discern the Truth. Since the dawn of time set down by our Father, the Almighty, what He wants from His children never changes. As if you, children in this universe now have the wisdom of the ages to guide mankind in that what is spiritual. Your twisting of the Bible, Father's Word will not be challenged as stars and church elders have been compromised. The public follows your words and actions and with this all that are led astray will have the burden of the souls lost. Fear God not man.

   As the world falls into chaos, you sacred servants must step up with risk. All of you stated when you made that oath of faith to become one of Godís servants; you are being called now to fight in Godís remnant army, do not abandon Him. As all around embrace that which is new in the Catholic Church, you will hold firm. Now you will be the rock that Peter was, as he will be your spiritual guide. Where there may be overwhelming odds that face you, but your spiritual guide has the experience to pass to you and will have no fear to forge ahead.

   This is the promise of our Lord as He will never forsake, but you must not waver, no matter what you see. You were told this must come to past and it is here, do not discount what your eyes see and your faith starts to believe twisted opinions of weak men in the position of power.

   And now an inspiration speech from our Lord Jesus, ď My sacred servants, you who have pledge your life in My name Jesus, how sweet it rings in your minds as now you do not need an ear to hear My words. I will stand with you if you follow the doctrines of the Church before changes. You will honor the Eucharist as I died for your sins, the sacraments established by My Father. All if needed, shall be in secret to give the host to all My children. Leaving the abomination that changes that of the seat of Peter, does not mean you leave Me. I see all and will cherish your devotion, more important protect and provide for you as you provide the gift of the host to My children. Please recite these crusade prayers to give you protection and strength. Your Jesus as I love each and every one of you, and I cannot wait to wrap My Holy Arms around you, one by one as you bring all the saved souls to Me. This is your mission. This is what you will do for Me. As fear envelopes your soul, know that I, your Savior Jesus walks besides you"

   It will be those who believe come to you quietly, many that seem righteous have an agenda and expect you to approach them. Never put yourself at a disadvantage by seeking those you think are on your side unless you have the gift of discernment. Almost always, you will be on the wrong side as it is your human opinion that is making the choice with its many flaws, instead of that which comes from the spirit. Work on this now and more will be revealed to you by our Lord Jesus.


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