It is Time to Awaken

The Book of Truth



Written Oct 15


   As the world and this nation divide as this was foretold, you will solidify where you stand. The warnings have been laid out and more important the truth has been told. The window of opportunity where the push back from the elite is still hidden will end shortly after Dec. 21 or the galactic alignment. You have seen support waning in the Roman Catholic faith, our Lordís true church. Just look at the attendance of masses and the lack of fight due to the many scandals.

    Many of you need to realize that the dark one goes after the sacred servants as the prime target and there has been great success there, but few are willing to admit it. By not exposing it you have furthered the dark oneís campaign in destroying the church, our vessel of worship through the Roman Catholic Church that Christ himself built.

   Your souls were infiltrated and sins of the flesh were committed against the innocent at the suggestion of satan that preyed upon your weak soul, were you not told this in the third letter of Fatima from Mary. But almost all chose to hide it as in your wisdom; you thought the faithful could not handle it. Mary, our mother of Salvation knows the future and has tried to intervene many times in the history of mankind, but few listened even when the innocent were sent to deliver the message. Really, poor children that have conspired against the Vatican with words inspired from the heavens? Worse, the church as a body covered up its sins, instead of confessing and instead the actions of a few would have not been the actions of more today. Wolves in sheepís clothing as the prophecies unfold before your disbelieving eyes.

   Now with the antichrist about to take his final form, the world will suffer greatly primarily, because few believe he exists. When they realize, many will have already mistaken him for Christ, all of this could have been avoided or lessen. I do not want to hear if only I would have known; I would have done anything to change this in the eyes of the Lord. Here the message now as you know this is the truth. Do not get caught promising words, when in your hearts it comes time to stand up you are a coward. Jesus will forgive you, but can your soul be happy with the actions as someone who abandon the Lord in His time of need? Do not let yourself be written as one that hid from his faith.

   You the faithful are still asleep as you still donít believe there are some bad priests, but many good ones. There are politicians and leaders that profess faith and duty to God, but their friends with their full knowledge are picking your pocket and limiting your freedom.

   Remember this old wise tale, birds of a feather flock together. So if one is supported by the workers and another primarily by the rich, who is the fool? This is the time you have been warned about. This is the time to be alert. This is the time you will not waver from that path of guidance of the Lord. You know what I mean, faithful. You will allow the actions of a few keep you from your relationship with Jesus. Tell me this is not so.

   So what are the current plans of the antichrist that will be subject to adjustment as mankind reacts? It is hidden deep within many layers to shield intent and has been in place on earth for decades since the 1960ís. A plan that has been in place since the dawn of time, these days were shown to Jesus while in the garden by the dark one. The agents of the dark one have infiltrated all churches, temples, mosques and all levels of world governments. Those assisting have full knowledge of whom they are working with. Now before you discount my words, all of you who work in the intelligence fields know what countries will do to infiltrate the enemy. The Lordís church is the enemy; subjugation of Godís children is the goal of the dark one. He hates all of human life, even those that adore him and guess what, he will punish his followers the most when they transcend the veil through death, what fools. He is like a drug dealer that gives you everything to hook you on earth and then it is taken away and then your life is hell, literally.

   Changes will come masked as tolerance of others rights, but these rights are against what you have been taught for centuries, the Word of God. Why the need to change now? You will look for these clues as the antichrist shall desecrate the sacraments of our Lordís church. Baptism will be left alone as it is universal in faith, but when you are taking on this sacrament be careful of who you pledge allegiance to?

   Confirmation to our Lord will be replaced by praising a man that walks the earth. The sacrament of the Eucharist remembering Jesus that die for mankind will be replace as many will think Christ has returned and should be worshiped in the flesh. This is the antichrist beware.

   The sacrament of marriage will be an abomination as same sex relationships are to be recognized as law. Tolerance of the rights of others as they excise their free will is now the theme of the ďnew religionĒ. Now letís address this.

   Everyone has the right to choose a mate by your free will, no matter the sex, age or mental condition of the other, is this, the new tolerance of rights? Most of you can see that an adult child relationship is wrong, but your men still flock to Bangkok in lust to have those 10 year girls and boys, why? Oh maybe an adult sees your relationship as immature, so you go to a place where you cannot be judged, a child. What you condone in darkness is of your own accord, but do not expect the light of the Almighty to approve your twisted actions.

   Did he create the different sexes in nature to mate with the same? No. This is an action of men and woman who prefer an easy path for a relationship. Yes you show love. Yes you care. But in the universe there must be a balance and this you do not represent no matter how you spin. If you are so proud of what you are then let all be like you, but then your race will expire in your carnal lusts.

  This is why there are rules. Choose. The dark one will appeal to your weaknesses; do not fall as you are being told this in advance. Get through this and you have that love, yes it will be of the opposite sex, but you will want for nothing, trust me, more important trust Jesus.

   The sacrament of the Holy Orders to where you, sacred servants pledge your life to the Lord, will now transcend to the imposter who poses as the Jesus. It will better you just walk away and practice the ways of our true Lord in the shadows until told otherwise.

   The anointing of the sick will be taken advantage by the dark one as he still has powers given to him by the Almighty. He will heal many including him self and it is this that will convince the many that he is Jesus Christ returned now walking on earth, but you have been told your Lord will return as he came by the clouds.

   Confession is the wild card, either you will confess to a false sacred servant and your sins will stand or a new practice of self forgiveness will be introduced. This is unknown at this time.

    Jesus will expose one plan of the antichrist that could affect many. As the earth changes destroy homes, sewage systems and contaminate water supplies, the elite group will introduce a global vaccine to stop the spread of disease for the weak. It will be a covert poison that will work over several months as a humanitarian aid primarily distributed through the WHO, beware. It is you in the media that has to expose this when you see a push for a vaccine that does not feel right. You are the hope of people who cannot protect themselves

   Many of still can not grasp that life starts at conception and has a plan established by the Almighty. It is the soul that is the life force as the fertilized egg without it, would be just meaningless flesh. This is where you are confused, reflect on this.

    You have been told the Almighty calls you home and if you have a mission that is more important than the fetus; death will not occur or if it is not part of your lesson on earth, but it is your choice to respect all life. If you are to ascend as a spiritual life form composed of an eternal soul, this is part of your lesson. If you do not want to have an abortion use protection, if not, it was your choice. In rape and incest you have to leave this in Godís hands, He sees all.

   The world will be given a warning from government leaders the weekend just before the US Thanksgiving Holiday as this is the plan presently, but could change depending upon pushback from the elite. All will need the support of family to get through this. It will be a short banking week. Most important the elite running to the bunkers is covered as holiday traffic. Look for the signs in the sky just before the Holiday meal as this will be the talk of the family and all will come together as one. Announcement or not, this will occur. There will be no doubt this is a sign from God. The feeling of love will surge among all sharing the common meal. Hope will prevail. The world will never be the same again. The message when given a warning do not discount as in the days of Noah only when it is too late, you are sweep away in fear.

   The financial industry needs to lock short positions on release of this paper with no additional positions added. The goal all financial positions that would gain due to this announcement should be taken off the books or ruined. Do not let the hand of God fall on the greedy when you can maintain financial order that is fair for all. You have a choice.

   If you are part of Godís army, all of you need to be alert, wise and patient. The primary plan of attack has been map out in the war of spirits. The earth changes will force a change where all will know the power of God. This is a promise. This will be so. This is the Word of God.


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