The Tipping Point


Written June 16 2011

   We have now come to a tipping point on Earth, where a series of events have shown you a probable direction of mankind if not changed by you. These events have been allowed to happen to show intent to the wise, but allow denial for those who are still learning. I have shown you the ways of deception in others and now this will take a back seat. So lets review some events and the ways of leaders and how their efforts have divided mankind and lead them to focus attention of change in the direction wanted by the elite.

   In this game of cat and mouse where the future of the world is at stake, what was said versus what was accomplished. We went into Iraq to free and rebuild, but you now know the infrastructure has improved little and the money has been stolen. With Halliburton the prime contractor once headed by Cheney, where did the money go?  The same place that missing 6 billion in cash disappeared to, American contractors and corrupt politicians who helped appropriate the funds in Congress. But America is to believe what ever is built in that country is blown up by the Iraqis, who really gains when a building is destroyed?

   We saw mortgage companies and Wall Street destroy the economy, look at your 401s and the losses.  Million of jobs shed that started a cascading effect that went well beyond the past administration. As events and abuses are still being unwound in this present economy. For politicians to use this knowing the economic foundation is little understood by the average American and use it to deceive for votes, is this what our elected leaders have sunk too? Do you really think an election is suppose to a reverse a depression in the economy in 2 years? It took World War 2 and over a decade of the New Deal to reverse the last one.

   Theft and little supervision of our laws were responsible. Yes a marginal group of credit unworthy were allowed to buy homes, but  it was a choice by the mortgage brokers and their greed that fudged the paper work. You need to realize those at the top cheat and steal and then send the blame to government and the poor people who were fleeced. Remember the mortgage brokers keep extreme commissions, did you maintain your 401? Companies made billions shorting their own CMOs. Then they asked for help under too big to fail so they could cover their short positions. Oh, the struggling middle class, they lost almost everything and they were presented as the scapegoats by living beyond their means. Although many were lured by rising home prices and an out of default by flipping the house for a profit by deceptive brokers. You need to look deeper, past the problem presented and the quick change that might improve your life. Instead ask, how and why are we here, who profited and who is pointing the finger, but most of all, does what we are in seem right?

   They tell you China and India are stealing your jobs, how? Since when does another country build US Corporate plants in their country with out approval? They don't, but when a corporation needs to prop up its bottom line, the American worker is let go and cheap labor provided by other countries to produce the product without the cost of fair wages and benefits. Then blame it on foreign nations as the villain taking American jobs. It is corporate America that sold out the American worker and you want to give them tax breaks for hope. I hope they give me a job, in the face of record corporate profits. Many promise jobs will come, just how? It is about profit, maintaining a low cost of labor by a large pool of workers desperate to take almost anything in America. The best thing, you can blame it on the government administration. Corporations create jobs through accessing risk, not government policy. I have heard there is too much risk in the economy to invest. Business is about risk, unless a large group is working in collusion to where they want a guarantee on their investment. Do the elite pay less taxes than the middle class as a percentage of income? Do many corporation pay little to no tax and some get a refund? Yes. So few of you are willing to look pass the veil of deceit.

  You have that members of Congress that have their own agenda and will lie to save their position at all costs. You were told both parties were guilty and have seen this develop. This is just scratching the surface, but would do more harm if all was revealed in a short time span. Most in power will be seen for what they are in the end. The primary season will reveal the inadequate as they stumble upon their own words as many in a America realize it not just policy that is at stake, but their lives. What candidate would you trust to protect your family? Who will anticipate and be prepared to focus on the problem or react with indecisive decisions based on advisors with different agendas? It time to end the politician with a face, a packaged media event, backed by corporate money. We need a person who will reflect the views of America that builds instead of dividing. Where the burden is shared as an equal percentage. Where the rich live an elevated life style due to their earned efforts, but the excess goes to help all. Where those at the bottom do not use this as an excuse for making no effort in life. Both sides need to come together. Welfare is a safety net, not a way of life. Schools don't fail, parents do by lack of support and guidance towards their children. Do one of the parents take an interest in what they do at school? If you bring a child into this world, it is about bringing your best, as failure is not an option. Can you do this?

   With Israel, they claim the captured land after 1967 is needed as a buffer to protect the nation, but they turn around want to build there. A buffer zone is an area that is neutral, not a covert way to built new settlements for your expanding population to live under the guise of security. The elite leaders there fool no one on this world. I have been told to step aside in this controversy, as this will be taken care of by the Almighty, because many in this country are his people. So be it.

   What about secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group in early June 2011. First, what ever was discussed in the known location and allegedly leaked was planned as if the public would grasp a glimpse of their world. The real meeting occurred earlier with a selected few, out of the sight of humans. They are not happy and frustrated, as this has been their world for centuries to control and this is changing. The agenda has and still is to divide the people of the world into opposing factions, but assist the many sides to where there is always a balance. There is a need to tighten control in their minds, focus the attention of the world on problems away from the pending disasters.

   The current exception is Libya, as pressure has been applied to the US Congress to have the Obama Administration exit the conflict that offers assistance to the rebels. Boehner is having second thoughts, as an Irish-German Catholic, he fears God more than those pushing an agenda that affects the fortunes of men. This is in his hands, lets hope he makes the right decision. In the end all events will move forward, with or without him as being on board.

  All covert organizations are aware the rebels are no threat, but only want freedom and democratic elections after decades of oppression and a small voice on the world stage. What they do not want is foreign oil corporations dictating the policy of their country as in the past. They will sell the oil at a fair market value, but some in certain western countries, they want  to continue the favored rate through bribes. Freedom comes at the cost, the lives of family, it is here they rally to share with everyone. Do you really think they are going to choose a fringe group and isolation as present by some media outlets or join the world in peace experiencing for what it has to offer?

   It is here through separation and fear where profit and control is the underlying agenda as it has been throughout the history of your world, once maximized you willing give in to the NWO. As this can be seen as a solution to the chaos and that was calculated and prepared. They have had many set backs recently outside of the public eye and the minions are restless as they see order eroding, but remember in some areas of the world they will have their day. So now what?

  They are executing a plan to where control is freely given per the rules governing worlds like ours, but this is only achieved by choice from the public as false flag events that will be allowed to happen in order to expose all. So you say why does God allow destruction to happen?

  God gave you free choice and you would rather follow those that twist the facts than face the truth. Consider how wars in the past are entered? Almost all by false flag events? There are just too many to count and millions of lives loss. They are banking on the fear of mankind, to where your conscience does not evolve. Prove them wrong and let go. As the Father has your best interest at heart. Some do not interpret His Word to benefit mankind, but enact a series of restrictions to enact loyalty as a vessel to God. All have the power to establish a unique relationship with Him. You need no other. Do you welcome someone who looks different and has little wealth into your self proclaimed prestigious church? You make exceptions to fit your agenda, not the Almighty's. So a change must come as history on this world shows, help is needed. 

These are just a few challenges facing this world. So what changes are needed?

   Many of you are so comfortable with your choices in life, but burning inside, few speak up to where real change occurs as you know the sacrifice. It is time to stop blaming the events and the established elite that holds back your life and take responsibility to change it. You put them there, by your admiration and the want to be like them. Would you want to kill millions to secure wealth as some have? Would you manipulate world events to favor just a few as all have? Is this what you want to hold in esteem? You say one person change not change the course of events. Gandhi did as a nobody against the British Empire at first, just as many unnamed others did in the past and this continues today.

   For those that have no doubt, you were handed a gift. Stop trying to convince others, but prepare for them. Now you may ask why? First confidence, you are putting your money behind what you know is the truth. There will always be doubt as most consider this hope. Hope is a place they can come when events are beyond what they thought would happen. They will see this and the up coming events will solidify support, thus a flood of funds or a source of help from an unexpected source will support you at your most perilous need. This is not about control, it is the gathering of one that is like mind. Delays and setbacks were arranged to weed out those that would have been a problem later as there intent is seen when there are no guarantees. Polarization is key, look beyond what is presented by others and ask why. It is not about the money and supplies for they are finite, but a life choice is forever. Remember if the idea helps without invoking fear adapt it, no matter the source or their age.

  The elite have their bunkers, we have each other. It is time to put aside the differences presented in this life and bond by the similarities of our souls. It is here that mankind will rise to the achieved level predicted by God. I am up to this challenge as are others, but we can not do it alone. It is time to get off the fence and make that choice.

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2011