The Book Of Truth

Part 1


Written March 4 2012

   Mankind, you are so far removed from the injustices that offend God, guidance lost, as the original Word has been compromised over time. Now we need to take a step back and set a baseline, so that the many will get past the Warning without dying in shock. Change is needed, if we are to evolve to the next level, where the rules of life and our relationship with God are raised to a higher standard. The rewards in life will far exceed, what you may see, as responsibility becomes a main theme for all of mankind. You are like children in the universe without insight for the next level. All of you are looking to achieve in life on earth, but like many tiny light bulbs many may shine, its affects still scatter. With refinement, guidance of the Bible and insight given through the Book of Truth to remove confusion and allow focus back on the human spirit so it may please the Almighty, as a result, mankind will leap forward.

   What the Almighty wants His church, chosen people and mankind to know is, no one is allowed to take a life unless it is in self defense or protecting your country in a just war.

   Addressing abortion, a life once formed between a couple, it is sacred. For married couples, the act of intimate love is unconditional. Without the sacrament of marriage, this same act for love or pleasure is considered fornication a sin in itself. Contraception that does not affect a fertilized egg is not the factor here that counts. It is destroying established life that is against God.

   The use of contraception is no different than withdrawal, the answer during ancient times. The act of love between man and wife increases that bond with each other and that of God. It is natural, as all love comes from God. The idea to break this bond, does not come from Him. Life begins only after fertilization, which was not known in the past. Should you be punished if you hold back. The act of love between a man and woman comes from God and it is not the goal to always create children. It builds a bond of love between man and woman. This is from God.

   Is contraception in the Bible or is mankind imposing His own rules in His Name? Is that not one of your commandments given to you by Moses although Jesus has presented two laws to mankind? Take this same effort and apply to abstinence in the youth for this is the root cause of the lost in the family structure especially in low income households. Where seeking pleasure at expense of bring life into a world in most cases with no support of the other parent or making a woman choose to terminate that which is created by God.

   Now what is government's role with religious agencies. First religious agencies have no right on how taxes are used as they pay none and their is separation of state and church. These same organizations do have the right to make a separate agreement with insurance agencies as to not fund contraceptives for all unmarried employees, if married, they should provide funding and availability.

   So what was behind abortion and its legalization in the United States? The final plan for the end times, has been in place for a few millennium with many facets. With abortion, one of the key points was to allow the rich and powerful a way to make judgment errors and the crimes just go away. All know the abuses of incest, the mistresses and the rape that had consequences and with media intrusion and an escalating occurrences, legalization was promoted as women's rights.

    Below the surface, the elite no longer had to fly their mistakes overseas or risk death in a botched backroom medical procedure. New laws cited the right to choose if the mother's life was in danger. Just how would mankind's medicine in its infancy, know if the woman would die, for that is in God's hand as part of a divine plan. In the case of rape, many if left alone, would self abort as a natural process due to stress on the woman. If the baby is born, there is a surprising loving relationship in many cases. If one saw the breathing life in your arms, would you be so heartless to end life here? Although many of you think nothing of ending, what you cannot see, the seed is alive. The seed a carries all components of you as man, you do not have the right to end that which is created divinely even is it is created in hate by rape and incest. These are the trials of mankind.  The father was wrong in his act, but not the innocent life.

   In an war that is just, its leaders and those that fight, where they take and or give their lives to protect their homes and country. In an unjust war where soldiers are given no choice but to obey, the leaders and compliant soldiers for whatever reason are held responsible for the injustices towards mankind.

   Executions for even the most heinous crime, is not yours to command. Only His Son is allowed to judge on earth when it comes to life. How many times has hate pointed the finger of death at the wrong person? Even one soul taken wrongly, can not make up for all those who are truly guilty. The dark one plays on the fears and revenge of the human mind, where the ultimate goal is the soul of that who may or may not have committed the crime. For the guilty, an execution with a short life span in most cases does not allow the villain to achieve true remorse and for all, the goal is to be saved. For the innocent, sometimes they are lost as hate builds to the point their soul may be doomed by choices set in place by an unjust conviction. Those that place him there are responsible, and they may fall also.

   Euthanasia has gained acceptance in mankind's eyes. As some see it, as a humanitarian end of suffering for those affected with a medical condition of no hope. Here again as man, are you trying to play god? The spirit maybe disconnected from the pain, the Almighty may choose to deliver a medical miracle. You do not have the right to end a life as a mercy killing, as this is for God to decide. For some, it is not that they care to end the suffering of the afflicted, but to end what seems a continuous chore of care as they want to move on in life.

   Hate for those who are different. All find reasons to find divisions among men. If all the same color, it is now the tribe, religion or some other difference. It has always been about finding a point that separates and elevating above what was created by wealth and power. Education provided to maintain that separation as a choice. The worst in the eyes of the Almighty was the divide between the faithful as if one was less worthy. When God is worshiped, it is by all that choose too, only the hate among men continues division to this day with His children. The Almighty sees this especially as a mortal sin, as all are equal in His eyes, even His chosen, without the prejudices of men.

   In what is given to man at birth, again he has it backwards. Mankind was created to be different, as each are unique in form and life circumstances, but still in the image of God, His Spirit. As most admire the rich and powerful, and their ability to maintain control over mankind. When it is the courage against all odds, to rise and better mankind in some way from the base that you are born into that determines your life success in the eyes of God. Currently on earth, man defines success as the ability to transfer assets away from the weak to himself. Where control over others through war, brutality or political power is the preferred choice as the spirit is clouded by that, which is dark. The Almighty sees the worship of idols through acquisition of worldly goods, accumulation of money, by any means hidden as ambition, a sin against humanity.

   When your children fight, what is your response? Do you favor one over another? Do you ignore the child who is less gifted? Do you reward the strongest and let the weak child fall? No, you fight for all, even if they commit a crime against humanity, you forgive and bring them home. So does Jesus.

   The rich, with your millions as the seed, you were to plant that which was given as a base to yield more in improving the lives of others. Satan on the other hand, exploits that which given and focuses on self. Is this your choice? Many increase their share of wealth in what they call ambition, yet most refer to it as blind ambition with good reasons. Workers are exploited, lives destroyed in business moves that look after the few. So, the seeds you sow produced little fruit in the eyes of God. Yes you have more seeds in the form of wealth, but no to little fruit in improving the lives of others on earth. Is this the resume you want to present on judgment day?

   When Jesus came to save mankind, He came with 2 rules. Worship no other Gods, but the Almighty which composes the Holy Trinity. Treat others like you would want others to treat you. This has replaced the covenant God had with Moses.

   The Almighty speaks: "So to the faithful, why do you worship those who say they come in My name. All of my children are equal in My eyes and this includes My sacred servants. They are men, Who I touch to teach My words of love and peace, not to be adored above others. That honor only belongs to I, the Almighty and My Son who died for the children of this world. You have been told to worship no man who is of this earth and some will fail. That which is dark will come from wealth and a polished exterior can produce great wonders, recite the scriptures as if he wrote them. Explain events that will please any man or woman for he knows their weaknesses. This was foretold by My holy Word. My chosen people will you fall for false image and worship him as me, your God, the father of Abraham?

   You are quick to give all your hopes and dreams to a man quoting the scriptures, but did you look deeper? He coveted your wives and committed adultery. Lied, as I did not inspire these men. Did you protect the children from the predator elder of the sect. This is not My way. This is not My salvation. Why did you allow your family to follow words that are hollow. Are you that spiritually blind as sects are about the world and self at the expense of My children.

   When in question, I am hear to comfort you in quiet prayer, to guide you through this time of tribulation. I  am the hope, I am the truth, the courage you need close to your heart to march forward as you come home. When all around you is in confusion and the foundation of My church is shaken, listen to My Words if you doubt man's.

   Division in My church is brought about by the dark one, and will bring much persecution. Venom towards My Book of Truth and you wonder why? Did people like these in protest, stand up strongly against the sects or the atheist. Does a person of true faith try to apply man's interpretation to the Holy Word no matter when it is revealed and change it to fit his little world? No. For 2 thousand years, man has tried to interpret My Holy Words as if the human mind could comprehend that which is God.  I have sent 7 modern prophets into this world and only they will convey My most Holy Word, that of the Book of Truth  to My children to help guide in these end times. Where the mysteries of the Heavens and My Divine Word will be revealed to mankind for all to learn. There will be many false prophets who come in My Name, look to Me to clarify your questions. That which divides, builds hate, focuses on what belongs to the world like false gods, idols, fortune telling, and new age spirituality of self enlightenment is spawned by the dark one." End.

   Now through the Grace of the Almighty, you will glimpse the events of a darken soul that has chosen satan over life, God the Father Almighty as he moves from death to the depths of hell.

   Mankind, created in the spiritually image of God are His true children. Chosen to serve under His Son's guidance in a paradise beyond the  comprehension of any human mind. Although, that which is evil has equal access to man's free will as a balance in the universe is maintained. That which is satan has no soul, remorse or pity on the weak. Pure evil, cunning and lies beyond anything mankind could imagine. Yet few fear him on earth, for many think, he is just an old myth in the Bible and does not exist. What you cannot see, will not hurt you and this is so far from the truth. Although many sects and cults worship him, in return some attain wealth, power and fame by any means during this earthly life.

    The downfall of many is that, they think agreements or bargains, will be kept in the afterlife as was done during life. All life on earth, no matter how dark, has some light in their soul. While incarnated as mankind, the abuse of the soul through the mistreatment of others will seal your fate if fooled.

    First and foremost, satan hates all of mankind and their are no exceptions, for you are the children of God, who damned his spirit into hell. Hatred built up over the eons of time and you think, he is not going to lie to you? What happens to the bad cop that has some good when he arrives in jail, is he welcomed as one of the criminals or persecuted for what he represents?

    All you have some trust, how ever small it is. There is some honor among thieves for with cooperation, you all gain, with satan there is none. The promises of a world where you rule, all greater than on earth. Untold wealth, partners of beauty, beyond all tastes, pleasure that is found only in the deepest recesses of your mind, is known to him. All that have made a pact, know there is an after life as their dreams confirm it, and all in exchange for their souls with their chant of allegiance to that which is the devil. So what happens after death for those souls that are blacken as they have rejected the Almighty and His Son gift of mercy during the Warning while living on earth?

The Path to Hell after Dying

   At first, a sense of peace, as all is quiet. Disorientated, you look around, but you view does not change, as you can see 360 degrees about 2 axis. What's funny, is that you no longer feel pain. It seems you are in a warm bath, were the temperature, is perfect. Suddenly your peace is wrenched, now pulled, you try grasp, although there is nothing to hold. Then it hits you, glancing down at what's left of your body, you try and linger to absorb the scene in disbelief. Suddenly again, you are pulled towards the distant light. Realizing you have passed from earthly life, you are amazed you can still sense, feel emotions, see, hear, and think. So this is the afterlife. I could get use to this.

   Behind you as you are pulled away through the tunnel of souls passing to and from earth, the globe drops away into the distance. Strange is that the tunnel is defined as you peer forward, but the sides are transparent with just the stars and earth in the background. As you travel, your life deeds flash before you and pay no attention the the wonders of the universe to the sides, above and below. You ponder, where are those to greet and guide you to this paradise as you arrive in what seems like a meadow on earth. Drifting, you are surrounded thousands to millions of lights, souls that you affected. All convey the misery, you have brought to their lives. Glancing, some points of light expand at will to that of their former visual human form and back, so cool. Remembering what you did, explaining it was only ambition, but now your mind sees clearly your atrocities to others. You cared for the animals, but spit on men of another color because you thought they were beneath you. You gave to hospitals to shine in front of others, but despised those that were cared for. You saw them as a waste of humanity, such hate. Women that were were just a notch on your belt cry out as you destroyed what they though was a path towards love. Events that had cascading consequences and you said you did not know.

   Everyone was faced with a choice to do what is right or further what seems as ambition at any cost. What most do not know, this is graduation time, the end times and a decision solidified by life choices that must choose God or the other. What choice are you leaning towards?

 Then you here judgment and life is presented through the eyes of God, but it doesn't count because that which is dark rules in your mind. The light gets so bright it burns what seem like eyes. Although, you have none, so you turn away in pain and drift. Emptiness fills you and you notice what was once beautiful is now plain and morphs to darkness. You look and ask where are the stars? Dark shadows now drag you in a direction that looks ominous. What is that smell? Your mind struggles to control the mass that is your formed of spirit, but to no avail. Odors waft about you worse than thousands of decomposing burnt flesh, although you have no nose to smell. A burning sensation of excruciating pain overwhelms your spirit where the silent dark spirit connect with you.

   Wondering of the pact signed with your soul, you fear you've been deceived as the the gates of hell fills the horizon, the screams, the shadows take form of deformities beyond your tolerance of fear. You breakdown, above you see the distance light of the Almighty and cry out for mercy, fear encompasses your spirit as it deforms to a grotesque shape. All spirits depraved with eons to hone their skills of torture will now come after you in the name of satan, for you are a cast out of one of God's children. As you glimpse flash visions of what is before you, and it seems that you die a thousand deaths as fright and fear exceeds human comprehension and all tolerances.

   You are dragged into the foul mess and what seems like your earthly skin crawls while spirit form, burns, blisters, pops oozes and burns again. You sense being crushed by masses trying to reach the surface to escape the pain and that smothered feeling encompasses you, but you are not in the physical world. Gasping, but you do not need air, the pressure, the pain, the searing burning, alone, tortured by each passing demon trapped in hell and you cry in your mind like a baby, why? You were promised a world to rule. Pleasure beyond that given on earth and you one of the kings of deceit and cunning, thought your tasks on earth, destroying for the master would cement your future and you get this. The lies, the treachery, the terror if I could only warn those left on earth of what awaits them and I thought those same dark clouds at our ceremonies were my escort.

   In this case through the graces of the many that prayed for your soul your message has been sent to those on earth. Lets see how many listen. A cry from the one beneath as this is only being allowed by the Almighty so that his experience will be repeated less. That whose soul was lost speaks, "you in the brotherhood of satan, we killed in his name, defiled that which is God, as if He does not exist. We have seen the apparitions, the powers over others, nations have fell at our feet as this is and soon to be was satan's world. We ruled the world and we await his glorious return on the galactic alignment when he will walk with us. This was our doctrine. This was our way. You need to find another way. I have seen the light, literally, but through the choices I have made through life, His light was so great I had to turn away. Even when I was being judged, I stood by satan and told God send me to my paradise and He did. I had no remorse for what I did, and when confronted by the souls, I destroyed, I cursed them as I left in arrogance. I made the wrong choice, and now am deeply sorry. I ask all of you to pray for the souls in hell. As many, but not all would consider a different path if given a chance. Give us that chance. All of you left on earth, your selling out humanity to the antichrist, I beg you, please do not join me." And you think how could have ever excepted that which is evil to deliver that which is good. This is what awaits you if you fall for that which is satan, who shortly will walk upon earth as the antichrist.

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