Book of Truth

Part 2


Written March 11 2012

   The sacrament of the Eucharist is the most Holy. For it is a solemn remembrance of Jesus body and blood and his sacrifices He made for mankind by giving His life by recreating the bread and wine celebrated at Last Supper in reverence at mass. The Tabernacle is where Christ resides always, for this is His house and the priest again should return to face the Son of God Most High. It is important that we the Catholic Church return the the practice of ordained hands only handling the sacred host, which is that of Jesus Christ. Respect as the host melts and then is swallowed in the mouth. Unsoiled by human hands except that of the ordained as this is the essence of the spirit, representing the body and blood of our Savior in the host changed by the Almighty through the ordained priest. With the Almighty all things are possible as He is the creator. The host is not to be chewed in disrespect as the food on your table. While in the house of Jesus, woman should wear veils or hats as this was the custom passed down and needs no change. This is not to regress as a society, but to dress appropriately when at mass as you are here to honor the Lord for the sacrifices He made and still is making for mankind. No jeans, shorts or other garments that would invoke disrespect. Return to Latin, the base language of all, when priests become scarce due to persecution, language barriers build. It will be here all can celebrate with some knowledge to the Holy Word. As the Catholic church is the chosen religion, Latin is the chosen language of the Almighty here on earth.

   This is how the Almighty dictated the celebration of Mass should be practiced by His ordained priests. No man or Vatican council should change this, for all that has been changed, was influence by the dark one that has infiltrated the seat of Peter. Here two thousand years later, it is the traditions practiced over the centuries that pleases God. To the soul it is familiar. During the coming turmoil that engulfs the earth and in some places where the church is driven underground, change is all around, but not in your church. Return to that which honors God and then there will be peace in your soul.

   The sacrament of marriage is sacred in God's in eyes, where a man and women pledge to each other, a pact that binds both to each other until death. The sacrament, states no man such put asunder, the Holy bond made to God under any circumstances. The words, for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health, are to be kept, the only escape clause is death.

   Annulments are changes, that man created as a way to marry another woman in a church with the illusion, this is a stamp of approval. The pact made before God, now is invalid, how could this be? The elite of the past grew tired of their mates as their love was as shallow as the next pretty face. The new woman wanted to be the legitimate wife in society and demanded in most cases to be married in a church, otherwise they were the current mistress. Pressure was applied to the leaders of the Church and they caved. Thus, provided a set of loopholes for the ceremony to be allowed. So centuries ago, the annulment was created to facilitate this need. This was man's rule and it does not nullify the original pledge the man and woman made to each other as long as either party is alive. It is a sin to defile the holy sacrament of marriage and it is adultery to take another as both stated they were of sound mind.

   As for same sex unions, marriage in the eyes of God is the union between man and woman, period.  Where the union through love, can create a family. This is the purpose of the Holy sacrament of marriage. Two of the same makes a mockery of that which is a Holy union. Man and woman validates this in his or her mind as equality, but this is about self. Can the couple pro create? Are the acts that bind them together, an expression of love that they can share with the Almighty, the source of all love? This is an unnatural union not sanctioned by God. But it is not up to you to pass judgment on or chastise those for their actions. It is up to you to not recognize the validity of a sacrament of the Almighty used to join two of the same.

   There is a reason and that is responsibility. The choice of the same in a relationship is by free will. Yes there is love and caring, but this is not God's plan, but a path due to self wants. Justification used is progressive, equality of human rights, the right to choose and pursue your own mate of any gender. I ask you this, what if the world embraced same sex and all participating had caring relationships, then what? Like children in the universe, they have their wants and needs, and the blessing of free will does not make it a right.

   Responsibility is given to the union of two people through the sacrament of marriage. Where a man and women pledge their future lives to honor, respect and love each other until death, no matter what in life is thrown their way. God the source of all love in the universe, the creator of all gives this same opportunity to His children. These are the seeds to which He refers to in the scriptures, your children. Like God the Father who creates all, you as parents create offspring by your acts of love. Now that you have created life through the will of God, a portion of His spirit with that of the individual, brings sentient life with a free will to that living mass in the woman's womb, no matter how small. This why we are one. This is why we are created in His image, the spirit. This is part of the Divine Mystery.

   It is your responsibility to protect this fragile life until it can stand on its own. It is your responsibility to teach the child respect, love, and tolerance of others no matter how different.  When given the seed did you give it water, the Holy Word of God to exist on earth, that which nourishes the soul? Did you give the seed the sacraments to provide strength as they grow spiritually. Did you give the nutrients of life like a solid education, teach the fundamentals of good household finance, honor and morals or let this fall on the school? When bringing children into this world, their your responsibility as your actions brought them into this world and their mistakes through lack of effort on your part, fall on you. This is how you will be judged.

   The worship of other gods is being accepted in modern society under the guise of new age spiritualism, starting with yoga. It is the goal to move you from improving your health, to believing that as a individual, you can attain spiritual enlightenment due to efforts from within. Where as you achieve this new level, you bond in union with the Hindu gods.

    If one could look back at this time period, wisdom would see another variation of mysticism clouded with the idea, man will evolve to a god. This is false in so many ways. The doctrine plays upon the weak of mind, by promising something that never can be attained, until they sell their soul. Then, it is game over, as that which is dark, claims you. The spirit with in all of mankind comes from one God, the Father Almighty. There are no others. This false doctrine does nothing, but corrupt that contained in the Holy Word, which is divine.

   Astrology, mankind in his constant choice to look anywhere but to God to predict his fate, thinks the stars now hold the future to life choices based on a date of birth. This is fantasy and so far from the truth. As a race in this universe are you that stupid? Astrology is entertainment. Are you that desperate, that as you grasp for any straw, where you look to random patterns of night stars to base decisions in your life? What a fool! How else does someone believe about 1/12 of the human population has the same moods, luck and fate as they do. The stars were created by the Almighty according to His divine plan and their placement in the heavens, is His will. There are many planets in the universe with different locations and patterns in their skies, nothing mystically here. Instead of analyzing the patterns and assuming answers, consider a relationship with the Creator, where insight to your life will bring improvement, when following His ways.

   Reiki, the belief that man has the power to transfer universal energy to others, is in the mind of the receiver, that it works. Mankind has no clue to what universal energy is as he still cannot understand even the basic energy, such as gravity. Assumptions, theories, but all are wrong.  All energy comes from God and only He appoints those with the power to heal as His apostles. Do those practicing reiki, make the blind see or the lame walk? Can they raise the dead? All of these things were done by Jesus and His apostles as they walked the earth. Many saw and they believed. Today many believe in new age religions and they do not see, anything! Deceptions planted in the minds of the gullible by the dark one. As a spiritual being with faults, it is time to grow up.

   Clairvoyance, the ability to gain information through means other than human senses. So what is the basis of this dark art?  Basically, spirits that is not of God, those that are dark are answering your call. As most questions are based about the self. With each acceptance of an answer, your soul shares more and more, thus intertwines with that of the dark one and his angels.

    Most that brag, claiming they have an ability, are fakes, with devotion to the dark one, some are  given generalizations or particulars to hook more of the gullible. There is no gift of clairvoyance. As no one can read the future for self. Yet, that what is to be written, is known to God and if needed, given to His prophets to guide mankind. This is not to be confused with telepathy, an advanced natural sense that some humans have. Basically, it is communication by thoughts between living where the conversation is real, but occurs in the mind of entities and God. Where the mechanics of speech is transferred to directly to to the brain as a pure thought concept or image, a process where distance is irrelevant.

   Psychic readers have no special talent that allows them to guide your life. They all talk of riches, and good luck. All create the need for you to seek more advice for a fee, that grows. Why are they not rich? Where is their good luck? Does the crystal ball work for everyone, but reader? Eventually luck does come their way, as your money transfers from your pocket to theirs for useless advice. This is the work of the deceiver as there are no short cuts in life.

   Tarot cards, a set of playing cards later adapted by the occult to unravel spiritual pathways are pure nonsense. Cards that are shuffled do not offer the same solution for the same individual time and time again. A shuffle recreates a random order of cards, if a power is there, that not of God, the order would be unchanged. This a joke, and you want to believe? Ask the tarot reader to shuffle 3 times, do you have the same result each time? Just how shallow is your life? The pattern that a set of cards falls upon a surface is subject to human interpretation. The card reader basically can make up anything that fits your hopes and desires. This again is the influence of the dark one upon the weak minded  as a set of random cards now predicts your future instead of hard work and common sense. 

   Man can not elevate himself through self enlightenment, self ascend or become godlike ever. Meditation no matter how deep your concentration or intention, does not bring spiritual wisdom. Prayer, sacrifice and a belief in one God, the Almighty is the only way to true spiritual enlightenment. Have you tried the basics? This is a myth implanted in the minds of men by the dark one. Man will never create life or discover an innate particle that springs life. This is science fiction pushed by those with little understanding of the mysteries and that which is God.

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