Uncertainty Grips the Souls of the Faithful

It is Time to be Jesus Strong



Written Feb 28


   As a sense of uncertainty grips the souls of the faithful, a vacuum of leadership within the walls of the Vatican brings both fear and hope. The trials you must pass through were written in the Bible and know this, it is this generation that will greet Christ as He descends from the clouds in victory. It is this generation that will face the persecution of the antichrist and his false prophet. It is this generation that will witness the Second Coming of Christ and the transformation of mankind in the blink of an eye, but few of you believe this is possible.

   Watch as it unfolds before your disbelieving eyes. Now when you realize your mistakes, save the tears, make atonement to the Almighty. It is not about being weak as others see your mistake and this is your apology to all. Do your penance and move on. All have been there, now we need you to be strong, Jesus strong in order to turn events dictated by the antichrist. The weak soon falls. Pity for oneís mistakes is self serving. It is about standing up for what is right instead of watching from the sidelines. Would you have wanted someone to guide you sooner rather than learn the lesson later or not at all?

   With the departure of your beloved Pope Benedict, those in the College of Cardinals have been prepped and know to expect the worst. As they know the false prophet will reign shortly, as the Holy Spirit has imparted this information to their souls and all know the repercussions of their vote and its affect on their eternal life.

   You are tested just like Jesus disciples. Are you going to betray our Lord and place the false prophet on the seat of Peter due to an allegiance of men? You know the truth and any vote for the dark angel will be seen in the eyes of Jesus, your Savior who you pledged your life to, as betrayal. Some Cardinals have pledged to the Masonic order and they will be dealt with. Do not follow the blind.

   You must know even though your faith is strong, all will be tested as Revelations and the Seals unfold by the hand of Jesus, many will be saved and some shall fall as you are human. There are others preparing to save you as you fall with their prayers and fasting as this is anticipated. Do not fear death for it is only a transition, but you should fear the Lord if you refuse His hand of mercy.

   What you have to realize is that many of you think most souls are safe and they are not. This is the classic mistake of a human. Allowing their minds to think they could comprehend that, which is sin, in the eyes of the Almighty. You are in satanís world and it is he that influences your daily decisions in life as if the idea is yours. If everybody states jump off the cliff as all before fall to their death, are you going to jump? If the majority states because of a detected birth defect by ultra sound (advanced medicine) you can kill your unborn because this apparent appearance at birth is displeasing to the norm, will you? If everybody states you can sleep with the same sex, will you?

   You do not change the laws of God for tolerance or acceptance that is now seen as the popular fad. All immature societies go through fads only to be seen as foolish as the mind grows in the future. The Romans feed the Christians to the lions; this was sport due to tolerance now it is murder. The Romans had orgies with all how would that work with your wife more important your kids? For those that said sharing is better than what I have in lust as if another would admire your failures over time, really if you believe it, tell your mate. All are hot on the first night, maybe the second from there it is downhill as the trill of ďnewĒ on average is removed. This is the same way he seduced Adam and Eve, do you ever learn?

   Do not take what the Almighty wants out of another for granted. They need to rise, first to accept there is a God, but more important a Savior, His Son. When the warning happens there will be little prep time. There will be little guidance as even you will be fear due to uncertainty. I need the priests to work diligently in order to give the sacrament of Confession to all in nursing and shut-in homes for these will be the first to be abandoned in the confusion and fear. Faithful if you know the storm is coming prepare by going to Mass more, Confession at least every 2 weeks especially for those who are always angry. Let the priest tend to those who really are in need, not you from laziness to your God. To be fearless where your life and family is on the line versus just talk is crucial, think about it. Conversion or the leadership of another will be for most, the last thing on your mind. This is why you must be prepared spiritually first, and then prep with light weight survival gear. Food and water for 10 days must be prepared for with consideration of strays being added at the last second. For the most part it will be very cold so have blankets for sub zero temperatures at the worse. When you talk, expect visitors, it will be your friends, family and neighbors, donít be naive when they are facing what seems to be death, you are the only life raft. Faithful when you pray and share, a miracle shall happen among those who believe in Jesus as supplies that are thin are multiplied through your gift of giving.

   Now a word from Jesus, ďYou are My faithful, as you believe. Even though, you have not seen.Ē You feel My power surge through your soul, reflected within your stomach. I died for you. I set you free from sin. You are My Fatherís child. Heed My words, I want all, sinners and lovers of God. Do you forsake your child when he goes astray? I love each and every one of you a hundred times of your purest devotion and love for another and The Father, Almighty wants all of you. Faithful as all falls around you and if you believe in Me you will be fine. The world will not remove evil, but by the power of My Father they will perish. On the shallow surface all will seem normal. I need you to be strong. I need you to know when I gave you the sacrament of the wine and host; this was in remembrance of Me. Let no man or pope take that that from you.Ē

   As the structure and the meaning of Mass changes under the false prophet, you will ask how shall we will worship and adore you Jesus, when those within our church serves another? They are asking us to discard the Holy Rosary of Mary, the Mother of Salvation in favor of a new prayer which includes all. They are asking us to discard the Eucharist and Wine, which is the Sacred Body and Blood. The sacrament of Marriage is defaced as the same sex partners is presented on Your Altar to be approved by God. How should we react to these changes presented by our newly elected pope?

  These are the dark days, prophesized in Revelations as they are now unfolding in layers. Jesus asks two things of you, atonement through prayers and penance with a deep reverence of the Lord by persevering through the trials of the tribulation while maintaining a state of grace, for you must always be ready for the Second Coming.

   You are the example of Jesus that all will see as He does not walk this earth during this time. No matter what you hear out the Vatican, backed by famous stars, the media and government leaders, never fall for the abomination, the new pope. The antichrist will refer to himself as the Christ, and shall be backed by the false prophet. For the spirit that resides in the new pope belongs to satanís darkest angel. He, the antichrist will appear to cure sick and may even seem to raise the dead, but this is his supernatural power that manifests all that is dark. He can destroy life, but cannot create it for that belongs to the Almighty. More important he will subtly be promoted as a wise negotiator of peace and the media will instantly adore him. This will be your clue. You were told the dark one would reign over earth and many would believe. Heed these words, as I am only the messenger. This is what you are witnessing. This is when you need to act. This is what you as a disciple of the Lord, needs to avoid.

   As Christians you must stand by the Word of God and this does not change over time. You will not waver as leaders of the church tell you embrace change like same sex marriages or tolerance for abortion to preserve the rights of women.  A woman has the right to be seen, work and treated as an equal to a man. The woman has a right to vote in all societies. A woman has the right to choose a mate of her liking for love. A woman needs laws to protect her from abuse from a man. But a woman, when given the gift of life under any circumstances, does not have the right to terminate it.

   This is only in the hands of the Almighty. Do really think as a child, your wisdom can challenge that which is God? You say, I was raped and I would rather die than give birth. Be careful, because you could have been murdered during the rape or die during a live child birth. Respect life, as with any injustice if alive you can rise from it. Now rape is pathetic, there is no justification when the word no is said or just a crime. Many of those who abused others when caught will experience what you faced many times in jail or a more in heinous location beyond even the strongest manís fears.

   Now we have to visit this subject once again, as few of you get it, same sex marriages. You say it is about love and for some this is true. You say it is about genetics, this is false as you have free will to make a choice rather than except what is presented in your environment during this test. Letís see how many of you would have chosen to be same sex in the time of Genghis Khan?

   Many of you who are ďgayĒ have great talents and a need for perfection as the ordinary does not turn you on. I have watched many of you and with out a doubt, I know you as a woman with the right man would be happy, but you took the easy road. Excuses, the right touch, he or she knows what I want. The physical is temporary, remember you do get old. You have the right to choose. You have the right to love another. But your rights, due to acceptance of society and free will, this does not make your actions right in the eyes of the Almighty. He loves all of you, but He has laws, you must adhere to. Oh, men are not excluded for they are more about the physical than love. This you already know. What you see on earth is free will, but the want of pleasures of the flesh comes from another source. This will be your downfall.

   As Christians we need to face the future together as one. Splintered, the dark one claims more of us. Educate, pray, respect others, more important respect the laws of the Almighty and know it is only through the death of His Son, Jesus who died for our sins that our sorry asses and this includes me, are still here.


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