The Unholy Trinity

The Book of Truth


Written Nov 9

   Some within the Catholic Church will call these same words heresy, but John revealed the fate of the world through the scriptures in Revelations. Remember that the world will embrace the false prophet and the antichrist as this is your clue and the true Christian would be persecuted. For this is written and is the Word.

   You been told both the false prophet and the antichrist would be charming, provide for the poor, expand into a secular world by caring for the rights of individuals and refocus the people of the world to care for the poor. This is all fine as the bait, because we do need to care for the poor and others, but it is when they switch the very doctrines of Jesus and the Laws of the Almighty to empower man, it is here that the unholy trinity hopes to leads most souls on earth astray and promote sin. It is here that deceit will befall man. It is here that the wrath of the Almighty shall plague mankind for following a false doctrine.

   You ask, what is the unholy trinity and purpose? Planned since the time of Adam and Eve to mimic the True Holy Trinity, God Almighty, the Father, Jesus Savior of this world His Son and the Holy Spirit, the dark side has an unholy trinity. Satan the ultimate spiritual entity of evil and who presides over all in hell while influencing the weak minds of God’s children on earth. He is the source of death and destruction, which is carried out by the hands of men. His son the antichrist who is incarnated in his final form as man, now walking upon this earth is charming, handsome, witty, and intelligent with the knowledge of the ages, spiritual powers and gifts even to heal. Wealthy with access to the Rothschild’s fortune of 700 trillion dollars and control of the banking industry as philanthropy to the world to capture attention will be like pennies to your millions. Oh how easily you shall be fooled. The last of the trinity is its unholy spirit, which all but a few on this world sees as he is masked, new age, changing the church to shed its past and adapt to the world. Care for another, give to help you neighbor, smile, preach love, and most of all present humility to all, but few will see past the façade of the person on the seat of Peter will change much that occurs during mass and within the Church.

  The plan of satan is to lead the world into believing his trinity and symbol a golden triangle pointed down mocking the star of David is the true trinity and discard the past as old fashion. The church is evolving to gather all of mankind as one, is this not what Jesus would do? This is the trap of the new world order. This is how many who think they are being loyal to God shall be fooled as you do not question. This is how so many of you will receive the mark of the beast in your hand. The mark will have an allure that creates wealth as all trade will be centered in the new Babylon. Fame will be boosted by being seen with the antichrist. World leaders will clamor to be associated with becoming stronger in their countries. These words will become facts.

   Again you ask, I see the leader of the church as a fresh approach to where even atheists like him. He embraces the disfigured touching the souls of the world. Now again this was a good thing, but is this another calculated step in the rise to power? Remember all hate, fear and anger comes from one source and all these factors will be lifted from the human race as it pertains to the false prophet and the antichrist for they are his own. Many of you will drink the Kool Aid.

   The unholy trinity is organized as one along with their followers who have power and almost unlimited wealth. Most in this world again will follow the glitter, power and the connected without questioning the subtle changes until they realize this is no longer their faith established by Jesus. As some will be uneasy as discord seems to be there, but then crushed. While all seem to praise the change in a boastful way, but you will discount this as it is coming from others, but this is by design.

   The antichrist will be seen as a world leader as he brings peace to world at war which could have escalated further to destroy most mankind as he is responsible for moving the countries as pawns to start it. Awards, acclaim from others again all of this is by design and you the common man twisted by the media are none the wiser. The problem is that when you pledge your allegiance and ultimately your soul to what you think was for the good of the world only to find out it is the dark side and like certain criminal organizations there is only one way many of you can leave when you find out the Truth.

   You have asked, if the true Christians are protected by the seal and the Almighty, then who are the Christians that get slayed? By the hundreds of millions it will those seduced by the antichrist as he hates all of God’s children, first those who try to escape knowing their mistake and eventually he will turn on those who chose him as leader, what fools.

   In closing all that is asked of you is to read with your spirit Revelations as your eyes will open ask how if you are a novice in prayer. It is here you will see events happening in this world for what they are. Not for what is meant to do, lead the lambs to the slaughter. This not about preaching, just quiet preparation for when the day comes and you are to choose. Then you know what you must do, stand by your Lord, Jesus no matter what you see or hear. Any other choice will lead to death of your body, soul or both. Heed these words. 


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