Vatican Directive


Written March 30

   As you Benedict travel through Mexico, it is time to use your influence on all bishops throughout the world to recite the Rosary in unison by teleconferencing or conference call as imperative to the future of Rome and Europe. This is to be dedicated to the Immaculate Heart for the consecration of Russia at a time to be revealed to you. This has been requested many times, but has fallen on deaf ears and is to be carried out immediately outside of public eye. Many responsibilities have fallen short by those that surround the seat of Peter, let this not be one them as the fate of Europe and other countries hang in the balance. All of you, know what you are up against and that the prophecies are true. If so, then act like it and show the Almighty that you are worthy to be the sacred servant you promised to be when you said your vows. Those that are leaning or have shifted to the dark side just join, for prayer can change your hidden agenda and in turn Jesus can forgive even the darkest soul on earth.

   Just this tip, all of you that have betrayed the seat of Peter and are aligned with the dark one, heed this. When the Vatican falls, assisted by your hands, your reward will be by what seems like death by torture, a method so unspeakable from the master of evil. You will beg God to end it all, but it shall not come. You that betrayed, shall be betrayed by the one you pledged allegiance to, as if you truly believed the king of lairs would honor it.

   To the faithful, a simple but important task, for all who are fasting on Good Friday, that is great, but more are need to slow or prevent one world currency from being introduced thus enslaving millions financially. The Mother of Salvation requests the prayer below and a decade of the Rosary to be said during your fasting at 3pm everyday hence forth.

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Pray of fasting to stop One World Currency


O God Most High

I offer you my gift of fasting

So that you will stop the grip of evil in the world

Being planned to starve my country of food including the bread of life

Accept my offering and listen to my pleas for other nations to prevent them from

The suffering being planned by the anti-christ

Save us Dear Lord from this wickedness and protect our faith

So that we can honor you with the freedom we need to love and adore you

Forever and ever. Amen.