The Voice of God

The Book of Truth




Written Jan 31


   As the morals on earth go to hell literally, the delicate balance of good vs. evil on earth’s scale of justice has just tipped and the pain in Jesus has intensified exponentially. You have been told of this day and it has arrived. Our Father will do all that is necessary to bring back a balance. The forces of evil camouflaged as the NWO and those who just create evil against another shall now be engaged to save His children.

   In your world the astute have noticed the changes. Storms involve whole or half the nations of the world span over a thousand miles and involve a hundred million or more. Here in the United States, you have record breaking heat and drought on the West Coast while simultaneously temperatures in the Mid West plunging to as low in some locales to -40 degrees. The jet stream moves our weather systems west to east and not one of you sees a problem. You listen to the media and they say polar vortex. Oh, big scientific words with shallow explanations as to why and how, this is the way of your world, lies of omission. Can you say polar vortex again? Your scientists will tell the source, but not one will explain the motion the earth that brings polar air over the central and eastern portions over the US twice. Did they not say this generation has never seen this, but they have now seen it twice within a span of a month? This is the wrath of God. Again for most of the world, this is just another escalating weather extreme as they would have you believe.

   Like thunder that shakes the core of your soul, you will know that God Almighty is in control of this world. You the elite who plot and steal the souls for your master that belongs to Father will know the Voice of God. These events forth coming will be systematic and escalate only to save your sorry asses. Only by example, death, loss of everything will you fall to your knees and beg for mercy as the dark one abandons you, but you will not lose hope. Know this, in your fear caused by the dark one, the Almighty will offer His Hand of Mercy. It is up to you to accept, as you realize those you thought was your supporters and friends let you fall on the sword.

   The Voice of God will bring fear to those nations who align with the NWO by not knowing if the chastisements will strike their homes, families or their nation. Remember what you were told and what you were promised as you sacrificed children to the dark one, that you would remain on top. As the earth changes destroy established power structures and wealth based on paper disappears many of you will be forced to hide among the common man hoping not to be recognized as you seek help for your wretched soul. In many cases you will receive love and help that is true. Some of you will review your lives and convert, while others true to their nature shall try to exploit the situation and move on to the next opportunity. But it will be no accident that you will be confronted by your own and no matter how you plead they will treat you like you treated the common man when you have power, ruthlessly, may God have mercy on your soul.  When you are about to die ask him, the dark one to save you as you brought him and corrupt many souls. There will be no answer as you are worthless, like an old prostitute and this is how you are repaid. Only then you will realize the dark side has no power in the spiritual realm and what you received on earth was your reward. What a fool, you think or you hope the rumors of judgment, eternity and hell are a myth.

   Was it was an illusion of power and collusion that hooked you? Was it the endless supply of women that would do anything to attain you or some of your wealth? All wanted to be like you every where you went. Respect you thought you attained was only seen through your deceitful façade and you thought the poor Catholics holding on to their faith were the fools. Surprise! You will tremble when the light approaches, but know this, unlike the darkside, the Almighty and Jesus forgives even the most wayward. Embrace the light. You are their children and your mind was clouded. Break free of the chains of this world, the world that satan influences with the gifts he gives like a voice that dominates the musical world of fame, an invention, an opportunity to steal, kill or rape. When you have nothing to lose, grab that hand of salvation and the Voice of God you once feared shall bring you peace. We can start here with a new relationship.



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