Sacred Servants: The Voice of Jesus

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 7


Sacred servants who lead the faithful hear the voice of Jesus now. “So many of you are so concerned with protecting the faith, but when the Master calls you, most are asleep. Why is this? I personally watch you preach to be prepared from the pulpit, but you act as if the Second Coming will not be in your life time. Do you not believe in the words you preach? All of you seek the guidance and support of others when turmoil arises, but you only need to listen to one voice, My voice. The Pharisees did not except Me in the form of a common person. Yet the scriptures state humility, lack of pride and arrogance to get to the kingdom of Heaven. Now the prophets pave the way to save humanity and again you doubt. Why not the pope, a bishop to lead the faithful? Not one of you would go up against the CIA and Mossad with the threat of death. Not one of you would speak the Truth in politics that controls this world. If all were tempted and infested this mission would be lost. Billions of souls are at stake and your flaws are not worth the lost of one. Know this when you speak in My name. If you decide to twist the Truth, the lost soul falls on you and for this even if you are in the Book of the Living your sins purged. If you love Me as you say, then pray to Me and I will open your mind the Truth. Is this too much to ask?


Your Jesus”


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