As the Warning Approaches

Reflection on the New Year

The Book of Truth




Written Jan 1


   Every one of you wishes you could have the Truth, where the doubts of this life are washed away. You have been told in the end, it is good against evil. You have been told in the end, the meek is against the powerful. You have been told a lot, but there is little evidence to support your foundation of beliefs that Christ left to this world through His New Testament. This is why it is called faith. Commitment to the Holy Word of God, The Bible is based on how you live your life. Belief when all goes wrong, you do not waver as it is a test. The Word shows you the way, but you doubt due to your modern ways.

  You were told Jesus would come like a thief in the night. Ask yourself, how is possible? This will change during the Warning. You will know the love of Jesus as He extends His hand of Mercy out to you in what seems like a dream, but are being told in advance so reality rings home. All will be amazed as your soul illuminates in varying degrees of brightness. It is not about shaming you, for you are loved. For the astute, the perspective to see how you lived your life from Jesus eyes will shock all, but a few will be prepared. It will be the pride especially in the western countries when you see yourself all will drop down as Jesus addresses you including myself for no man or woman is free of sin. He will expose all that are lies on earth for all to see, again not to shame, but for you to ask forgiveness as His love surges through your body. Can you do this? You will be amazed that which you value money, fame, power, your status in life are just the pride of men and this is exploited by the dark one.

   I want to ask this. How many of you thought of peace and good will during the holidays, but hated those who are different? How many replaced love with a gift and money as if this would change the perception of you?  How many times did you mention the pagan term Santa instead of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose birthday we are celebrating? I thought so. How shallow our society has become where the façade of success, money and power has replaced the simple, a good heart, which is your soul. Know the difference!

   This will be one of the greatest miracles on earth, for you will know there is a God and you are not alone no matter what your plight is. Embrace this, lost children of God for thousands of years in exile is almost over; it is time for you to reclaim your home. A planet, for this is your only frame of reference will be the most beautiful place in the universe, the Kingdom of God. A merger of the perfect physical and a spiritual essence of what was your free will morph into a direct loving hive like relationship with Jesus, as this is God’s Home. No tears will flow. No sadness will follow. No love will be lost. A perfect life will exist for eternity in all of its glory where you will live in ecstasy. This is a promise from your Savior Jesus Christ and His Father, the Almighty. All He asks, is to say with remorse, please forgive me and His Kingdom is yours to share.

   All of you will pray or bribe to survive the strike on earth causing the great earthquake where the sky rolls back like a scroll to force a choice of two sides. For it is written as the Sixth Seal, which Jesus shall reveal the details still absent from your understanding. For only when you are faced with death and protecting your families, does your true essence of self reveal itself. The bottom line, this is a test with real consequences and people will die. There is another side of immortality and contrary to your knowledge of what seems advanced life forms, this is not the answer.

   Some you will be tempted as you the elite feel connected to the “others”. Ask yourself knowing how you lived your lives, that you are now being offered safety. You will think anything is better than earth and so you will board the ships. May God have mercy on your souls?

   This is about deception and the battle of the souls. It is where by what ever means necessary the dark side will use all resources to gain the souls of God’s children, but your pride and human intellect blinds you. Step back and look at the bigger picture to see where mankind is being led. Again you are being told, what you want to hear, where the Laws of God and all that inhibits the pleasures of mankind is excused away. People have choices as this is free will, but is only one path. Shortly all will be confused with the changes in the Catholic Church, heed this as a warning.

   It is the New Year; let us reflect upon our blessings, for many in this world have nothing. Some of you are disturbed with the timeline only because your words to prove a point seem false as the world changes move at a pace that creates doubt. Been there, done that. I have told you everyday that is peaceful is a blessing and when it comes, all will wish for these quiet times before the storm.


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