Warning to the Media

The World will Embrace the False Prophets Beware

The Book of Truth



Written Dec 5


   As the climatic changes envelop certain parts of the world, at first, 2015 will bring droughts, torrential rains, an increase in pestilence, storms and earthquakes, which science shall explain away. Petty wars and clashes within divided portions of countries will escalate in the name of justice, but in Truth mainly hurt the innocent. There is no justice if the screams and violence increase hate and division no matter how you spin it.

   I am just sure, really, the Furguson property owners welcomed justice that burned their town, destroyed home owner property values, allowed business to escape by arson by collecting insurance money which you will pay for through increased premiums and you with your actions are stuck. You call it justice, the elite call you fools. Sometimes to avoid walking into a trap that uses random events, step back and look at the big picture as not every act that involves the police needs to be protested, but there are many that do. Choose wisely.

 The secular world will call on God with their terms as the world changes slowly at first with alarming events only to accelerate as nations shake and flood. How little you know, as if you can change the Laws of God to suit your needs. The greatest and most effective enemy is one that cannot be seen, but even the more effective one who is deemed not to exist. But, the world shortly will be fooled into this belief by the dark one. You in the media will be asked to interview and promote certain approved prophets, but they will not be of God. They will tell you Jesus speaks to them, but it is a mixture of the Truth and humanism. They will be liars to the Truth, but contain enough that is of God with diversions that seems to care about the needs of others. The key, it will be based on self. Change what is of God, this is blasphemy. Lies presented with an element of the Truth, the standard strategy and tactics of the those that betray the Catholic Church, the CIA, elite politicians & corporations and the new world order.

   Years ago you were told the last prophet, Maria Divine, was given the task to deliver the final messages Word of God. This was true and still is. Only two sites in this world that are active now and sanctioned by the Almighty is the only Voice and Will of God in the 21st century that adds insight but does not change the Bible or the Laws of God, the Warning Second Coming and this site.

   The world has changed and it is dark. Look around and you see discord in all avenues of life. Sometimes, you just ask, where is the love? You will soon see your television and other media outlets embrace the new prophets. Some will have written a popular book from the past, others leaders in mega churches a plan in place for decades. Just others looking to jump on a trend of fame. Did Christ talk and preach like those you now see whom represent His name by those who just promote select quotes from the Bible instead of actions? Where you not told the devil knows the Bible?

   All will have common features pride, arrogance and play on the fear of mankind. They will state change is needed to move forward and worship God. They will mix the theme of love with the wants of men, breaking or as they say modernizing what God would see as the future. This is a lie. You were told a dark influence would embrace religion. You were told one the ages who knows the Bible back to front would change how mankind worships god. You being told the god, you will soon worship is not the Jesus, but the antichrist posing as Him. This is the Truth.

   If the Word of God never changes then what god are they worshiping? This is what you need to ponder. It is your words that all in this world will hang onto in a time of crisis. Few of you are qualified to make a judgment that relates to the Kingdom of God. Few of you are willing to take the responsibility of the souls lost due to your words of support or denial. Few of you will think these words are true, but they are the Truth. When judged, what you say to Jesus about your actions He entrusted you when He gave you the gifts to address and command an audience of the world? Did you use the gift to bring home the souls He desperately craves or ignore your mission frozen in fear and lose them? Either you add to human society or This is your choice.

   You are being asked when you see the Truth rather than conform to the new age religion, resign as those who can discern the Truth will pick up on your demeanor and some will shift to what is the Truth instead of lies will give hope to the people. Many will profess meditation. Many will say connect to your self. Few will say ask God to lead your lives, why?

   No man; no being; no antichrist has the power of the Almighty who is love. This is why you have a choice for if evil won, we would all be living a hell life. The Mercy of God, your Jesus is limitless who sacrificed His life for your sins, but you need to accept it and more important by the actions, suffering and the prayers of the Remnant Army this is how humanity will rise from the ashes and this is the Truth.


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