What is next for the Antichrist?

With the Capture of the Vatican Complete




Written April 3

Updated April 18


   Many of you have said in your minds; just give me a shred of real evidence, so I can shout to the world Godís plan. I believe what is presented to me as it rings true, but when I present these prophecies to others they call it heresy or just plain crazy talk. The World Trade Center was planned and Bush, really? The pope, you mean Francis is what? Is this a joke, are you sure you are an American, more important a Catholic? With words like this, you are making a choice either you believe in what He died for and His Holy Word or you donít. This is what you face as in your excitement if you spoke too soon when warned to keep your mouth shut until they come to you. The result, they are turned off and all your words even with proof will turn few in the short term. You are not to defend the Word of God, but to proclaim it. There is a difference. So what are the current plans of the antichrist which may adapt as they are revealed?

   The antichrist with skills honed over time itself has presented that which will be seen as good by the many as this is his deceit, but is truly achieves all that is evil. On the surface the gift of blankets to protect the young from the cold, but infected with small pox that permeates all fibers and the result, the innocent die. This was used by design via so called civilized man. History has shown you the British Empire enslaving millions, stripping resources and manpower through slavery in the name of civilizing a nation. In other words murder of its leading citizens to conform and the raping of the nationís resources by the day and its women by the night. The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Reichstag fire, all planned and allowed to happen as a pivotal event shaping a nationís resolve to where free will is directed towards a destined choice. South Africa gave up white rule, but the nation does not own its gold and diamonds and the world looks the other way. You say they have freedom in what was their nation, their wealth and their destiny to do with it what they want as free will for the nation to help their own. No, corporations bleed off wealth of this nation for the corporate few. Are they any better today except in name? Are as people of the world that blind or has apathy sapped the strength of the brave?

  Spain brought Christianity to the New World under the guise of conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ only to steal the gold from the native populations as a prime objective achieved by murder. Millions died under the guidance of Columbus and other explorers sanctioned by the countries of Europe. Where was the adherence to the Commandments left by the Almighty? No, there was just greed and lust. This is what you are up against. All of you have been given guidance through the ages and the time of change is now. You see analysis from every direction, but few listen to the guidance written by John, the ultimate warning as he and other prophets were the first. Are his prophesies true, yes but all have not unfolded or still been revealed fully. Do they parallel some aspects other sources yes, but it is up to you to discern the Truth. Many have looked to plate tectonics and weather related disasters to affect mankind, but these were mitigated to save millions by prayer and this is the Truth. Remember to wish for the disasters that precede the pole shift which is guided by the hand of God would be sure death for most of Europe and third world countries. Most looking to say I was right would be dead. Is this what you truly want?

   This has become a double edge sword, as many in the media and in control of the governments of this world have discounted these words as doubt is planted by the dark one. You rationalize some of these words seem a little far fetch as the power behind the message has yet to change this world and I agree to a small point. The chastisements have been mitigated to save millions and proof definite will not come until it is too late.

   This is what the elite is counting on, a gullible population of leaders and media representatives as you listen to the words of mere men as if they are the authority to guide this world. Not one of you knows the Truth, but you believe you do with an education sculpted over time in their universities. You that conforms and are pliable to the conventional concepts are raised to a position to influence others. Yet you with all your wisdom cannot see beyond the horizon. I ask each and every one of you to look at the world as God would. A world deceived, control by wealth and an agenda to not let you know who you are.

   The goal is this lifetime to choose between good and evil as a free choice of the mind, not to be backed into a corner when all is lost and God is your only choice. It is not about you backing these messages in public for most, but when asked in private among your friends tell them the Truth. You will know when orders are given to promote certain subjects like same sex, and then laws that shut down the free will of citizens as they will come from your bosses. When you speak the Truth that promotes the laws of God and rights of the people many will be silenced to your surprise. You will have a choice and choose wisely, promote their agenda and work or retire, your choice should be to take the money and run.

   With the Vatican now under control with the election of a Jesuit Masonic black pope and sacred servant insiders at the top now are pledged to the new world religion under the covert guidance of the antichrist. Unity between Christians, Moslems and other religions will be urged to join in response to increase strife and war about the world. All of you will see it promoted. And you will wonder can it be? The problem that none of have considered is that with compromise to bring all together, the rights of the woman will be reduced by design.

   As the antichrist solidifies power, look closely at his method and procedures. In the Vatican election of the Pope most within the College of Cardinals suspected their was another destined to be the false prophet and when fear encompassed all as black smoke filled the Sistine Chapel by design all saw it as a sign from God. But it was satan as he is about the dark that influenced the switch and vote for Francis. Before any of say a word, remember Jesus was tempted by satan and you, as mere men think you are above this. Adam and Eve fell in their ignorance and you are paying the price today in exile for their mistake on this hell world. You are no different. You have nothing to compare your lives to. You cannot even grasp that life exists beyond this realm on so many different levels, but the elite know. This is what keeps them on top and you as citizens as worker slaves and with each new tragedy you give up another part of your freedom or rights in the name of fear. All of which is by design.

    All of the discord that will rapidly envelop the world shall catch all of you in journalism by surprise as you thought this world operates by diplomacy, words that are bound by a firm hand shake of agreement and counter proposals. This will go out the window as many nations will be grip by the fear of war as many leaders of this world have been compromised and listen to one voice.

    Shortly diplomacy and agreement will fall to the astonishment of all. It will be here that you know there is a new sheriff in town, the antichrist. The world in many different in many places outside, but in also the Middle East, North Africa and now the Korean peninsula will see an increase in war that seems petty. This is by design. Know this, all weapons will come from one source in all wars that seem only national as opposed to global. What you do not is that North Korea and certain Middle Eastern countries either have or shortly will be provided with suitcase nukes that can be carried with their conventional rockets by this source. The antichrist has raised the stakes as a new lightweight container impervious to established radiation detectors allows movement of small nukes to be undetected. Does the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and the KGB know of this, yes for many within the global intelligence agencies about the world are working in collusion and has been compromised by the NWO. You have been prepped for an accident of war, why? The weapons in place will have the same energy signature when exploded only a few of you physicists if you are brave enough to stand up for mankind will know. More important when it happens know that you will be a target of elimination whether you talk or not, as you are a risk. If you have to, die do it telling the Truth. Nuclear war at present is not on the near horizon as the warning must come first, but tactical conventional skirmishes will bog down many nations as time moves forward the threat will come with no warning.   

   The goal is fear, division, coupled with world population reduction, so desired areas are to be avoided and high population density areas hit maximizing results. Locations were radiation can be dispersed via westerly winds over the oceans is desirable. This will expand rapidly unless you by your prayers change this. War when it explodes in the near future about Europe, it will spread in a different way as those seeing the signs, discount the end result due to austerity, failure of crops and disasters will leave many at the mercy of the banks. Investments due to the flow of money will contract again this is by design and interest rates climb crushing growth. Populations will then riot as a predetermined human response studied over the centuries and will result in many countries such as Italy collapsing as the populace riot and it is here that he, the true pope, Benedict will flee the Provincia di Roma. What escapes the general population is that they are naÔve and expect those that have greed have a purpose would look out for their fellow country men. It is all about the money, power and the women.

   Displaced populations will find aid from established charities for those in need missing, as you ask, where are those who help others in disasters? Homeless, in tent cities if you are lucky, but subject to crime and abuse, varying by location as most will be in distress asking how. Hungry and fighting for your familyís lives food needed to save lives will be diverted to the black markets after the elite fill their warehouses.

   Here the sociological changes on earth will be paramount as changes in your laws that uphold freedom will be given up for a false sense of security. Do not fall for the trap. All of you are so caught up to protect gay rights knowing this goes against God. You are children in this universe, who feel that humanism is seen as your right. You are not spiritually mature as the full picture still is not clear in your limited minds. Like a child given the keys to a car and drives as everything is good until you crash. Abortion which murder has been twisted to protect a womanís right. All life once create has a right to exist, but you over rule Godís law again. As you fight among yourselves, your freedom will turn to financial slavery as every decision to provide for your family will be based on money and safety in return for loss of rights and compliance. There will come a point to where the worship Jesus will change and be rejected in the name of one.

   You in the media will realize that the subjects that you voiced will become very narrow in scope and focused to herd the public thought away from just concerns to those manufactured; those looking to promote the rights of the weak will be silenced. Laws in your nations will be introduced globally that will encourage sin in the Almightyís eyes as this is happening now. Many will be seduced to go against that which has been established by the Almighty to guide his children.

   In America, you just canít get pass the smoke and mirrors where one party supports a ban on abortion, but rules backed as law allows many to undermine the laws of God. Where ultrasounds must be watched before an abortion as this is going to change someoneís mind. The technology does not produce a screen image of a life where a vision of the unborn child will produce an attachment will grow. Breast cancer may be caused from abortion, this is false. Refusal to reform gun laws in the wake of tragedy? Letís look deeper.

   No one wants to admit there is a dark influence upon mankind, but choices are made by men. This is where you make a change. Those who want assault style weapons must go through a paid course and be observed. All weapons must be registered with the state police. All must accept liability for the actions of others within the family if you allow access to these weapons. This is the responsibility for the lives of others, if not, own a gun designed for the sport of hunting. There will be background checks as this is common sense, but if responsible including those who may have access due to your error, you pay the price. You cannot have it both ways.

   With the changes coming unfortunately where the law is missing to guard the people in a national or earth change emergency, assault weapons may be the only hope for a distressed family or group. All of you in Congress know what is coming, so letís not play games. Keep the crazies away from guns, but allow law biding citizens to protect themselves with restrictions. The massacre was a tragedy and laws need to change to eliminate those who are a threat to society, but do not label all as one group.

   As you discuss abortion and same sex marriage, you right to vote is being undermined. Laws are being introduced to your state legislature will pick your candidates. What you do not know is both will have different ideas, but all will be working for the same singular source.

   Your access is being limited with the excuse of population density. It is up to you to change this. Equality means, the rural republican and urban democrat have the same access, which means hours at the polls, locations and the amount of voting machines allow a similar experience. This is what needs to done, enough of the grandstanding between both parties. This is about our nation where all are free top excise their vote.

   The goal here is to keep America divided, allow its political system to be known as dysfunctional where the voice of the people has been lost and a new direction is needed. Letís give hope to the people where their own government cannot. This is the foundation now set in place within this country that may steer this population towards a world solution to remove the misery of the people. A new direction that respects humanism where the individual advances without government, a new religion where all are equaled without the burdens and restrictions of the old fashion commandments. A new direction that brings seems to bring peace to the world after so many wars. A leader that has charisma, wisdom, power and compassion for all that you will elect. The leader will be the antichrist as leader, and of your free world by choice for all these reasons, which have been planned craftily for millenniums, this will be your as this has been prophesied. He will fool most of the world if your perception of this world does not change.

   All of you in America have taken what this nation has been blessed by God for granted, this will swiftly change. You have been told that what is wrong will be present as good under the guise of humanism, know that this does not come from Him. You laugh that yoga is associated with the dark one, but like children you only see the surface of your actions. Yoga is about the self where you control and enlighten your future. You are nothing without God as many of you through your trials, coming to America will soon realize.

   All of those in banking including the Fed are controlled by the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, in turn they are controlled now by one of their own as the spirit of satan resides within a man from that family which now walks this earth with his full spiritual powers and to a gullible world will be seen as Christ.

   This family was given the wealth of this world and now the blood contract signed centuries ago by an ancestor has come due. Let their be no doubt, in your minds to the prophecies as Mary, the mother of God who sent many messengers with the same theme to reinforce what is to come and in the letters of Fatima is here. Let their be no doubt as the Holy Word of God Almighty through his prophets has warned the world through the prophecies of Revelation, yet almost all of you dismiss this. When you rise to speak in His name, be careful not to rise against His anointed due you your lack of understanding. Not one of you came promote His name based on hate and pride, you will find that you are the outcast shunned has you blocked the will of God out of ignorance. Thousands of souls lost due to your words, this will be your burden or stay quiet and watch, you will see the truth emerge. It is patience and perseverance that will guide to the Truth.

   As the world tires of war, famine that crushes nations in despair, the lack of financial resources globally restrained by collusion to increase strife all planned to guide mankind to a new promised leader who will emerge as the peace keeper. A new leader that will rise above all, settle the wars that his control of world leaders initiated and expanded. Bring financial solutions to nations in default as he holds the financial leans in return the world will give all power to one, the antichrist. You will watch in horror as all written becomes part of your lives.

   What will catch all, but with hidden hatred among so many nations in the world, the antichrist will point the finger of blame for discord in the world at the innocent, Israel. He will be given control of this nation and its people will suffer to a degree not seen since the 2nd world war. Only your prayers Christians will save them. Remember it is about saving all no matter what they did, as Jesus forgives all with remorse.

    I need all of you on the fence to make a choice sooner than later or you will be guilty of the sin of omission. I need all Catholics to now seek the sacrament of Confession at least monthly until you are told to move to bi weekly just before the warning others recite the absolution prayer. Protect your family by reciting the crusade prayer for the seal of protection now for your family even if they donít believe. Let you make that sacrifice for them first before you help the world. Charity starts at home first, and then you can expand to others. What is unfolding around you is beyond human comprehension. Doubt and division keeps you ignorant. Pride has destroyed every nation that has ruled this world, do not us, now global be the next.

   For the sacred servants there are many paths to the Lord and you have control of a few. Do your duty to save souls without condemning others even if you know the Truth. It is not your job to judge others or point the finger of heresy. The Jews knew they were so right when the Word was presented to them without sin, pride and arrogance from within Pharisees saw the Messiah as a threat instead of a Savior. They twisted teachings of the Almighty to condemn Heresy, but the Messiah fulfilled the prophecies as he was born in Bethlehem and its children slaughtered and a Nazarene and as many more of you know now all of this was true. They were so wrong and many knew it, what was so sad their scriptures knew He would rise on the 3rd, and He did. Their response, bribe the guards as to hide the Truth from the world is this why few of you reach out to the Almighty over 2 thousand years later? He does forgive; more important His Son does by simply asking. All this will be repeated these now End Times. The greatest tragedy for the Jewish race chosen by the Almighty was to be fooled by Satan that the Messiah never came. So great is His power over your race that you still believe, but this will change after the warning when the Truth is revealed to the world.

   Jesus has stated, the changes within the His church have now started and will accelerate quickly within. Again the Word of God will be twisted to suit mankind. So what examples could be used as guide to how mankind shall be fooled by seeing that which is from the dark side to be shown as the light of God, but is false?

   You have been told, treat others like you would like to be treated as this is the "Golden Rule". This is true, but men not even the pope can use this to dismiss sin in the eyes of the Almighty. All have a right to love, and this love can be expressed freely and unconditional, but a love that is sexual, is to be between only that bonded in Heaven a man and woman of age. This sacrament of Marriage is not to be a man or woman pledged to a child. It is not 2 men or 2 women. You have a right to love deeply without the acts related to sex or lust. Moses handed the human race a set of commandments, one states, "Thou shall not commit Adultery". Just what do you not understand about this law when someone strays outside of the bond of man and woman? This will never change in the eyes of the Almighty as He has told you the flesh is weak, but the Church may introduce this as a form of inclusive modernism, but you know this pope. The laws of men do not super cede the Laws of God under any circumstances, but it is the laws of nations removing that which related to religion as restrictive to embrace human rights that now shall change.

   We as a civilized world have the right to see that the general welfare of the gravely ill due not suffer as this is a human right to euthanize. This is the logic the NWO will present to mankind. Media will comment, statesmen will speak on behalf, but all work for the one. In the eyes of the Almighty, this is murder. Man does have the right to take a life, by twisting, "Thou shall not Kill" to appear as an act of mercy. The goal here is to give certain group or family the will to do what they know is wrong by an approving law as an excuse. This is by design. Who does your heart listen to God or man? Make that choice.

   As all the faiths are brought together, a version presented through the sacred scriptures of the Jews and Moslems will be given weight. All agree there is one God, but to bring all together to worship God, Jesus will be seen as just a prophet and this will come from the pope. The goal, to teach all there is one God, not a Trinity as this will be compared to many gods, but this is the work of the antichrist. It will be this justification that will remove the adoration of the Eucharist from the Catholic Mass. The point, Jesus never died to save mankind from sin. A new hero, that will walk the earth redefining sin so that all of mankind can move forward as tolerances of others are key. But he must rise from the bitter wars of the Middle East as a man of peace. Division will be created destroying what was once a universal Christian faith.

   Sacred servants true to your faith will be labeled as part of the past and eventually excommunicated to show others to conform. All of you will be disbelieving until it affects you at home. Only here will you call out to your true God in prayer. The point here is to move you to that decision sooner than later by your own free will. Above all never except any change, that has not been part of your faith since Jesus and the Apostles walked the earth. Never except any change to the doctrines and laws of Church that Peter built in the name of Jesus, which has stood for over two millennium. Never let them take your prayers away, especially the Rosary as this is your shield. Ask the Vatican to pray the Rosary for the conversion of all on earth, especially Russia, as this will mitigate the chastisement of earth. Let the pope lead the prayer service as you say he is God's representative on earth.  Events, many very disturbing, will move more quickly, just know what seems random is connected to one source. This is the most important lesson you can learn. No matter what you see or hear there is only one enemy and its origin is not domestic or of a Middle East group or country. Yes, those have hurt this country, but none will bring destruction like the dark one.

   As the world seems to fall into an abyss few of you will notice at first as this seems like the way of the world. Dig deeper as what seems to be for the good of the country controls more as a free choice. Nations and their people are being herded in a certain direction and it us up to the savvy to recognize this. It is about preparation rather than announcement as timing of a move is critical to its success. This is the most important lesson you can learn for those in the media. All nations, governments, many corporations and groups have been compromised with one purpose. Again, no matter, what you see or hear there is only one enemy and its origin is not domestic or of a Middle Eastern group or country. One person pulls the strings of most industrialists and world leaders and after all the carnage gets you to cry for change, this will be the leader many will follow as a leader of change. He created the problems and he will offer the world solutions, beware. For some of you in this government that have aligned, you see just a tiny part of the horror to come. Know this, they protect no one as all of you are expendable, but in your arrogance you think they need you, until you die or worse your family. Satan hates all on earth, you are nothing, but a tool to be discarded.

   Leave the safety of the world for the Almighty, as that which we are up against, is beyond man. The goal here is to save all through prayers and penance, as this must balance evil that now occurs on earth. Donít condemn out of ignorance for if we lose just one soul, because you accused or defamed another, it is Jesus you will answer to as you have interfered with His final plan. There is no excuse that you with your pride and sense of knowledge which is incomplete cause another to stray off the narrow path. When in doubt, call the Lord, He will answer. When all seems lost, call the Lord and He will take your hand and lift you. When all around you seems strong, call the Lord and thank Him. We work together for the Lord through many methods with, one goal, one leader, one Lord, Christ.

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