What Would Jesus say to the new Changes Coming to the Church

The Book of Truth



Written Mar 7


   Many of you have heard the words, “What would Jesus say?” when change comes to the world. So lets examine this not through the eyes and mentality of being human, but consider the rules He laid down for us as a guide.

   This world is quickly moving towards honoring the rights of others, oh and how cunningly this is masked as service to others, but in truth allows the wants of self. Same sex marriage honored before the eyes of God is a human want. Yes all have a right to live their lives how they want. All are suppose to be respected as they are a child of God. All are loved by God equally, but know this it is still a sin in His eyes no matter how you spin it. Man has no right to seek the blessing of God on a same sex union no matter if accepted by the pope and a ceremony on performed on His Altar. What would Jesus say? He would crash the ceremony and state, “not in My Father’s House!”

   When the world sees the Eucharist honoring the remembrance of Jesus substituted by a celebration to where humanity shares the bread of life to bring all together. What would Jesus say? “The removal of the most sacred sacrament from the Mass in memory of Me is an insult to God when I was crucified and tortured to save you from sin and shortly you will now be told sin does not count in the eyes of God. So I died for nothing? As you will know only those aligned with the dark one would try this.”

   Faithful, the scientific community introduces you to life on other worlds; doubts will be introduced to your faith as this is by design. Jesus will be made to a prophet, not God and all traces of Him will be removed from all Churches and then you will know the Truth. Do not pine for what is lost, for the spirit and light of God will be carried by you as this is your task. You were told of theses days and you the faithful will spread the Gospel and shine in His light as you lead the lost home. This is how we will defeat evil. This is how what seems like a dying flicker shall brighten to guide billions. This is how the remnant army shall rise and defeat the antichrist and false prophet backed by the power of God. What would Jesus say? “Victory is ours and the heavens rejoice in the name of My Father.”

   “Do not fret when they deny Me. Do not lose hope when the Church I founded denies Me. Pray for them as they will need everything to save their souls.”

    As the times change there will be doubt in your hearts when your faith you have believed in is taken away when the Savior Jesus is looked at as another prophet in His Church. Jesus does not want you to fear, but persevere as you will be the light when all others are shunted. You will be the hope in a sea of despair. It will be your prayers and penance that will save the earth. Ask for a sign when you need reassurance. Ask for courage when you face danger. Ask for Jesus first when ever you need help. 

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