Where is God

When Terror and Disasters Strike?




Written Dec 7 10:00pm EST


   In the coming months many media outlets will publish there is no God like the NY Daily News did this past week as disasters and terrorism take thousands, then millions. You were told of these times when the Laws of God will be ignored and the dark one will descend upon your world causing hate, persecution, war and death beyond all of your tolerances. You seek protection, but with your humanism you validate rewriting the Laws of God according to man as if they are the Truth. If you do not respect His laws then why do expect protection? You will bring this upon yourselves as with the rejection of God you align with the dark one and he has control of your soul for any purpose to do anything on earth against another. This is what you fail to see. Look at your leaders as they do not have the courage to tell you what you will face. When you see the signs they will still lie as the cowards they are. Many of you will fall under the spell of the dark one as he presents what is bad as good and what is good bad. This was foretold.

   You protect the right to terminate a life when it is within your body. You promote same sex marriage mocking the sanctity of the Sacrament of Marriage between a man and a woman. Soon you will discount Jesus died for your sins and His Holy presence is in the Eucharist.  None of you have listened so in order to save your sorry souls, billions will be taken in the disasters as when only faced with death will you call His name and ask for forgiveness. For now this is the only way. You have the power to change this, but who will start?


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