Father Why do I Suffer?

The Book of Truth



Written Jan 24


   Mankind has always wondered why he has and suffers at the hands of men, yet the faithful seek the protection of God. You ask; why does evil almost always seem to win on earth? They control your finances covertly beyond your comprehension, soon your food and freedom. Capitalism allows the common man to share in the bounty of this earth and only in these End Times has this concept changed as the gap between the wealthy, the poor and now the middle class in the richest country widens. You ask why?

   Is it the politics in Washington? How, when this model favors those in power over decades, instead of eight years as a man passing through history trying to modify a precedence in place since the forties. Changes are allowed by the Shadow Government that is superficial only to appease the changing views of the public that is sculpted by the media. The game remains in place until the next leader.

   All made to simulate a free market, but in essence through allowing certain controls interest rates, government spending, war, taxes, media, investment gurus, political agendas, market bubbles and busts. The free market with these parameters in place allow the economy on a global scale to develop, but it still arrives at predetermine point with only time as a variable and the depth of any decline a factor of public greed. This is the Truth.

    God, You are all Almighty. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You create life and destroy it according to your Divine Will. Father why do I suffer? The Almighty speaks, “My faithful children, you are the means to where I can save those souls who are lost to Me. It is through your suffering, prayers and sometimes your physical death which balances the evil in the world. Your suffering is a gift to Me, so that I can use your sacrifice to snatch a soul away from the dark one. You suffer for a reason to allow Me, your God save souls. Your rewards are not here on earth but with Me and you will not miss this world as your existence here is just a glimpse of time in your eternal existence. You are My tools. You are My faithful and it is through your suffering that will help save this world. Be joyous in your suffering as it does have a purpose far greater than your daily lot of challenges. I your Father love you for this effort for others. Burn bright My little lights”

   Mankind was given freewill as a gift from the Almighty and He does not interfere with decisions of love or hate, compassion or indifference, peace or anger. Men could choose to educate, feed, and live in harmony or control, hoard and destroy lives in war. These are the choices you face today. The Almighty can not stop you from murder as if you can control your own children. Although as the balance of good and evil has tipped the scale only now in the End Times, it will divine intervention take place to stop the suffering of His children.


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