Events in Wisconsin


Written Feb 21 2011

   What is the purpose behind the standoff in Wisconsin between the governor and the unions? The governor was presented with a task within the backrooms of Republican party. Use the agenda already created, first, control of the budget as a focus mandated by the voters that brought the party back into power. He was told, "your job is try and remove rights of the worker as fiscal responsibility." Because, he is an unknown, this is an acceptable political risk. If he wins, the rewards within the party would jump start his career to a national star as the one who crushed the unions to control spending. If it is seen, that this is a no win situation, he bargains as if this is good faith. But this is a planned last resort and if enacted, he will be perceived as a leader in control of the finances of the state. This is the plan.  He and the unions all know this not about concessions in wages and benefits, but if cuts are needed to made in the future for any reason, collective bargaining will not be an obstacle. This test is to see how far the public affected will go to save their unions and jobs. What is the sentiment of the American voter and most of all, how was this event perceived in the media. The goal, to tweak the mistakes made in Wisconsin when it is needed to go national.

   With any downturn, there is a need to change as anything is better than the present situation. Few remember how they got there. All know if events don't quickly turn, then try another path. What the Republicans counted on, was that the average American associates themselves as one with the same values of the elite. Really are you very rich, ruthless, connected and care only about yourself? If you answered yes 4 times then you can join them, otherwise you are out. What has been overlooked, there has been little effort to cut expenditures with companies doing business with the state, in fact there is wide abuse and double billing, if investigated this effort would make a significant reduction in the debt.

   When the state cuts services, they cut your services, not the rich. Your children have access to less educational staff. Public transportation is reduced. Lines are longer at state offices. Roads, infrastructure and snow plowing are cut. Less state income taxes, increased unemployment creates drain due to unemployment benefits and this is suppose to be an improvement. This problem was created by the Republicans and now they are offering a solution. Cut your services, cut your jobs and to balance a budget now in a short fall due abuses that were not regulated in the mortgage industry and Wall Street, but promoted by the Bush Administration.

   You are being told that the market place needs less regulation, this would be true, but those making the deals are thieves. Given another chance there would be a national debt even inflation would not solve. In your last lesson most of you lost an average of half of your 401 and brokerage accounts by design. It is one thing for those who have not been educated to believe in what is presented, but you upper middle class are watching your services cut, not the poor, which you had hoped. Your health care is out of control, the poor never go to the emergency room they go to the morgue. The poor never got mortgages, but you did and you are defaulting. With more state and government workers now becoming a burden of society not by choice, the value of your homes decrease, revenues down at your corporation and then you get layoff. America you need to look at the greater picture and why certain events occur instead of the surface confrontation that is meant to lead all away from the true intent it is suppose to change. When it comes time to vote, this time support those who are truly in the best interest of America.

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