The Wisconsin Vote


Written: April 11 2011

   So what happen in Wisconsin that 14,000 votes were not counted? This was well planed and indirectly financed by the Koch Brothers. In any election all precincts have to report at state election headquarters with a number. What was done here was a download that presented a total on the file presenting the numbers to the administrator, but a program sub routine did not allow the numbers to be included in the state wide totals. The county is known as a Republican stronghold and was held as a just in case in a close election. Did the clerk know of the plan, no. But she followed orders to release the numbers at a certain time. No totals from that county would have raised flags in an election watched by all. Why the delay, when victory was known by insiders? It was to get all those behind the labor union and certain media groups to commit and celebrate a victory only to take it away in utter defeat. The goal, the crush the spirit of the opposition. The key here is if the administrators received a total, how did the clerk know she created a error that did not have the numbers included in the final totals? This is the level of deceit in politics you are dealing with, get use to it, but most of all learn from it. Should Holder get involved? That is a decision they have to make, but if yes, watch them scatter.

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