The World will Witness Miracles

The Book of Truth


Written Oct 01


   As the conversion of the world’s population accelerates, the faithful will be granted divine signs of all kinds to inspire their faith. Statues of Mary will weep; springs will burst forth at sacred sites in what is the desert. The weak and sick will be healed outside of medicine of the day as they were counted as lost. In the disasters God’s chosen will be saved from sure death as they now have a new purpose in life, the conversion of others. More important at some Catholic Masses a divine light will emanate from the Eucharist and wine, all will know, this is the spirit of Jesus that shines about you. The Holy Spirit within those of the Lord will shine about them. Signs will increase in the skies, some not recorded in human history, be prepared as these are just a few of the miracles coming.

   All of this is to spur and reignite the flame of faith. All to bring you closer to your Savior and for you, there is a need to contemplate your origin. More important what are you going to do now that you are aware you are a child of God? Many more will occur and you just need to know this is coming from God and all of you including the dark souls will feel it. You will notice this is not normal and the scientist will try to explain events and fall short. Read the scientific explanations contained within these papers and very few will fool you and for the astute, none. You are being told this so the many will solidify their faith as so many doubts fill their minds.

   Jesus wants you to know this, His love is endless and He has suffered to bring all of you home. All He asks if you fall is to call His name and say this prayer. A hand you need to lift you will be extended. It is your choice to grab when offered and do not let pride influence you to where you do not grab the hand of salvation.

   As the Holidays come upon great tragedies will occur on earth. The legends will catch most by surprise as many see this as just another date. It will not and many will go into denial. Is this going to help your family? The selfish will leave their spouses take the money and go out to seek every pleasure as they think they are going to die anyway. Others will become ruthless killing and raping. Opportunist will tell what you need to do, how, have they been there and what is the source of information? In almost all it will be greed. There is only one source, God Almighty who created all life.

   It is about coming home, if your physical body dies early, it will be an unexpected plus if prepared spiritually. The suffering is over and you will know about the transformation as real, while those you left on earth, many will be still searching for the truth you now know.


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