When the Word is Changed it is Time to Break



Written Dec. 3


   Sacred Servants it is time to stand up and fight for your Lord, Jesus. The hierarchy of Rome has been infiltrated and answers to another. Yes the inner circle of Cardinals and the Pope leads all of them. You have seen those from America, conservative knowing the Word of God does not change was kicked to the curb and you were warned. Now that words written here are now the Truth, what are sacred servants of America are going to do?

   Rome has fallen to the dark side yet this is not evident to the world, like a sickness hidden as it incubates then explodes. Thus, destroying the body and a new doctrine will be introduced as the secular world embraces the new changes that include all as humanism and the unification of all religions into 1 world religion soon to be headed by the antichrist. You are being asked by Jesus to stand by Him! Know this; the Word of God never changes know matter what the pope states. Jesus speaks, “For if you change the Word of God, then you are not of Me.”

   As the world gets fooled someone needs to step up. The Remnant Army shall be formed worldwide but spearheaded in America and a spiritual leader who cannot be compromised needs to step up. Who is going to ensure the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and Baptism? Who is going to stand up to the Vatican when Jesus and Mary are stripped from the Church? Who?

   Christians will be persecuted who remain true to God and the truth. There needs to be  a strong home for them at shall be here in this country still the land of the free and that will be threaten, but shall prevail against them. No persecutors shall stamp out hope. No one will crush the embers of light as the new world order shall think they have won but victory will slip through their fingers. No antichrist shall rule and win humanity for he will be stuck down with his followers (those still alive) by Jesus as descends upon this earth. Change starts here. If the Word of God is altered by men it is up to you to lead the faithful and break from Rome. Do not follow those who know, but choose silence. These are cowards just like those who turned on Jesus when He was persecuted. This is our faith. This is our future. This is the Truth.  


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