The World will now Change

Manipulation of the Financial Markets

The Book of Truth




Written July 20

Update  July 29


   As your spiritual lessons on earth increase, the invisible, which almost all of you out of your growth towards universal maturity still discount, will be subject to a force of evil that even you, the non believer will know something has changed shortly. As a faint voice that whispers in the wilderness, few of you are listening. That which all of you face, the good and the evil, as you are being used, shall feel the pain. All of this is designed to change your path and awaken you from your deep slumber as children of God.

   The prayers of the chosen and faithful have delayed and soften the Almighty’s hand of chastisement, the Earth Changes, but the point, souls that could be lost in order to be save has tipped an imbalance where intervention is needed. Count your blessings as these events could unfolded like the times of Noah.

   War will explode in multiple areas of Middle East where hundreds of thousands shall die and the world will be drawn in to solve it. The United States has and will continue to arm and so will the Kremlin. They, the Russians will flood the Middle East with western weapons already bought through shady arms deals of the past decade, thus destabilizing the area, but point the finger of blame to the West. THIS IS BY DESIGN.

   Many nations will rise against Israel in the near future, but the Christians now will be slayed in what seem isolated events in the Middle Eastern Moslem world, the vulnerable, to the disgust of the world. But you say Israel has solid allies, really as if those nations that know the Truth will sacrifice their own for the Jewish nation. Did the world save millions during the Second World War or look the other way. This is the Truth. Western spies knew the truth of the holocaust before it was public and reported this to Supreme Allied Headquarters lead by the US and Britain. They did nothing until troops discovered what was already known. When disposing the unwanted by others, they pointed the finger to the Germans as they were guilty, but let most of the scientists, elite and including Hitler (sorry to tell you this, but it is the Truth) escaped because of their value. History now repeats; let’s not relive the same lesson. It is here where you will fear for the lives of your family as in self defense there is the nuclear option, which the world refuses to acknowledge and now the world shall pay as all nations are brought to their knees. The wrath of the NWO will be directed towards God’s chosen who refuse to embrace all.

   The Almighty has reached a point where intervention must be used to wake His children. It is only when your homes are destroyed, death takes loved ones will you call out the name of God in reverence and hope, instead of your normal curse. The dark one will destroy everything in time, but it will be subtle at first, beware. Remember the spirit does not die, unless it is truly evil. There is always hope and love, you just need to ask.

   The destroyer, aka 12th planet, Planet X, Nibiru or what ever they call it will be thrust above the ecliptic, thus drawing its south pole away from earth and increasing the magnetic flow of sub atomic particles towards earth repulsing our north pole. Wobble will intensify especially this fall where the seasons will never be as you knew and they will blend. Storms, powerful earthquakes starting with one in Russia followed in China to send a message to the NWO and the world. You will see the great quakes with the Richter scale dumb down, but the destruction will still be there, with a narrow scoped photos released not reveal to the world, the total devastation. Sculpting of the gullible, this is business as usual.

   Your agencies has withheld or doctored the truth. CIA, NASA, USGS, NOAA all have lied to keep you in the dark, but the travesty is your tax dollars support them. Debunkers have discredited the Truth and now they are voice of wisdom? Know this, when all hell breaks loose, any spokesman to lead you in mainstream media or a website that you are not familiar with over the last decade is planted. You ask, there is another website that tells the truth that has been around since the mid nineties? Yes, there a large amount of truth in there as primarily through that website the common man knows of what is coming. The site still has extremely valuable information, but has been compromised in that most of the references that started with the 12th planet; quietly over the last years relevant info has been push down by a band that is known by few and Sitchin in most search engines. This website moved a targeted inquiry from the 12th planet to only referring to Nibiru and planet X only to control search engines results. This is the Truth. Research it. They have revealed if the hand of God will crush the elite, but refuses to recognize Jesus as the Savior of mankind. What about the rapture, this is a series of white lies again not yet revealed. Focus on the message, this is a spiritual choice, just how many ways do they have to spin the truth with interfering with the decisions of mankind’s free will for you to understand?

   Now you ask, it has been revealed that humming boxes placed along the surface of plates has suppressed movement? Use common sense, any technological race that can manipulate matter would removed the earth underground and positioned the boxes in the void closer to the tectonic breaks within the crust. As quakes happen underground and not on the surface and more important this placement is outside of human eyes, wakeup.

   The world is infested and has to be purified or almost all will be lost. Know this, all taken in innocence will greet you, when you past over the veil. Tears of joy for all that you once thought was lost, will be there in perfect form that you can touch, feel and love in the flesh. This is a promise from Jesus. Now many of you feel these words are redundant, as nothing has changed and life goes on. All that is asked, when it occurs, wipe the past and consider a new path, the straight and narrow.

   Jews, those at the top hid the Truth from you to maintain position of authority in the past, just like today. You were told the Son of Man was a prophet, even though the eyes of your ancestors saw otherwise and bribes controlled the others. Walks on water, fed thousands, raised the dead many times, outwitted the Pharisees. This was the Messiah in a pure and simple form, which in the arrogance and pride of men was not recognized. A billion people followed Jesus today why? So call out to the Almighty, “chosen race” and ask for the Truth unless you are afraid of the Truth.

   The crucifixion was foretold in your Torah and through the prophets; you the chosen people should be honored to have sacrificed the Christ to save this world. Embrace it, as your ancestor’s mistakes will save billions. You are truly God’s chosen. It is about the few that will change and ultimately save the Jews in Israel, as all that the Almighty asks, is to call out and request His Son, “The Messiah” which you know is in Heaven to respond to you with the Truth in prayer. Is this too much to ask, sons of Abraham? This is not about fear. This is not about holding you responsible for what happen in the past. This is about the hand of mercy. Accept it now to save your race.

   Turmoil in the Middle East is designed to engulf your nation in war. It will start with the dark side destabilizing key nations simultaneously to force brother against brother, father against son and so on. With weapons flowing in from many sources, the region will become unstable. Israel will try to preemptive strikes to the horror of the world as self defense. This is the trap. Now you Israel, the chosen race need to stand up. You will not be fooled by the world again. Some of those who lead your nation have sold you out and it is up to the Mossad to discern the Truth. Remember the scriptures of how Abraham pleaded for Sodom, now I ask is there 10 Jews in Israel that believes in Jesus and except the seal to save your nation, ten?

   The antichrist will be given control as a token for bringing peace to your disbelief and the elite of your nation already have safe havens. Feel betrayed? Worse than Hitler who was influenced, but the spirit of satan will be in human form and his hatred towards God’s children, millions will be lost in the physical realm. As the elite flee annihilation most will be diverted to their deaths with false promises of safety. The world will not care as all will hate you, just like the Christians. Change or perish. Moses who led all you to freedom in the past as your nation fled persecution from the Egyptians asks you to accept the seal of protection as it was with your ancestors with the blood of the lamb above the doors of your ancestors, which is why you live today. Where the power of the Almighty will protect all who believe in Him and now his Son, which you include in your prayers and the angel of death, shall pass over. Trust begins with a helping hand to lift; accept it and we can be one family again. It is not about talking about your decision only to create internal family hate. It is about making the right choice early, stay quiet and pray for those who do not understand. They will thank you later.


The Financials


   Here in the United States most of you in the elite media have heard the rumors of an “announcement”. Against impossible odds, fall guys caught, excuses, timing needs to be perfect. Climate change talks, leaks of spying on all, Obamacare pushed back, but more important a stock market making new highs as Wall Street is back for the common man. All are connected and again few of you can see through the smoke and mirrors or just plain deceit.

   The “announcement” to be or if made is just that, hope for those in the know to maintain their positions as if everything will change after and you still do not know the Truth. Your first clue is the talk on climate change, if an announcement is made, then the Administration lied, just like in the past and cannot be trusted. The NSA leaks by who you call a hero; is a double agent so that you lose faith in this government. This is the goal, but again you don’t see this. Obama knows the Truth, but still plays the game in order to maintain some stability, but this will work against him in the end. A good guy, but has few pillars to support him.

   Currently as all have to be on the same page for the announcement and locations for migration secured, but date is known by the New World Order. As if you could trust those who are aligned with NWO. The markets make the Administration look good presently July 2013, but this is short lived and will suck public money and pension funds in, while the elite wealthy divest of stocks and bonds. Again this is by design. Are there jobs or housing prices to support today’s NYSE levels? For all you market techies look at the moving average of volume as the market makes these new highs, does this market indicator, a factor to support a strong sustainable market there? No, but all of you are caught up in the euphoria of the false signs, fools. Gold rose to levels where the public sells and the common man looking for an investment buys as your investment gurus and media influences the weak only to see the price plummet and this was by design. When or if the announcement is made, only hard assets will hold value.

   Now with your investment laws still on the side the banks and Wall Street, when the announcement is made, you will already know with a visual confirmation for most as cowards don’t take risks. With public in place, the markets will dive on short selling through electronic trading outside of the jurisdiction of the SEC. Your nation will freeze trading, but this is anticipated move shall be too late. The banks already on board in order to lower risk will raise interest rates and cut credit limits to prevent credit card fraud of never paying back. This will crush economies and housing prices in safe zones will sky rocket. When property taxes rise due to increased perceived home values, taxes will take away from the poor and middle class. What you worked a lifetime, for many will default on your loans linked to interest rates when it should have been fixed. A fixed APR is security in times of turmoil. Commodity futures will sky rocket and the black markets will flourish as our nation’s bread basket will go to the highest bidder over seas as drought scorches the earth, now what, as you starve, home gardens promoted by Michelle?

   Will you go to work or children go to College or universities? Will you run from your family for a life of lust? For most, they will fall into despair of no hope. This is not what you want, so listen. Who will care for the elderly or how will they get medicine. Third world countries with no supplies and medicine, millions will die.

   For all of you who think you are rich with your millions or few billion, you are not part of the elite who hides Bill Gates type of money, thus you are expendable. All that you own will be frozen, your stocks worthless, beach property you cannot give it away. Insurance, favors, bribes with politicians, try. You will just like every body else. Your downfall is your arrogance and pride as if your money can control this world. Oh by the way, all know your assets are converted to gold, will be located at your bunkers, good luck protecting it. The Almighty controls all life, now choose and accept that you are His child or?

   There will spokesmen pushed forward to the pubic to spin the Truth that all is well. Are you going to trust those that lied since the 40’s? The media will rhyme in, presenting soft words of hope, all lies to give the advantage to the elite, thus keeping you at your jobs that still are available. Jobs in the insurance, media, fashion, music, the arts, some areas of education, financial, real estate, geriatrics industries will evaporate. Movement of populations away from the coast, how if you cannot borrow due to interest rates and your property values near zero to sell. 401s locked at pennies on the dollar. More important the youth will live for today and those who lived the lie will take off.

   As areas are devastated and tent cities raised the family unit will dissolve in despair without the guidance of Jesus. All of you will break down and the goal you will seek Him before you lose it all.

   Do not fall to the one world order as they offer peace in the arranged wars that will break out in the Middle East. Do not fall for the one world religion as they offer an alternative to include all as the Commandments are broken. Do not fall for your government taking away your rights away out of fear. The plan is in place and the earth changes will force a decision. Choose right as we try to save all of your sorry asses.


The Fleecing of America


   This nation has wasted billions of tax dollars due to the lies on climate change that allowed corporations to profit and trillions in rigged wars to control oil resources to position themselves in response to the pole shift. In the end you pay the price at the pump, loss of homes in disasters and jobs. Paper money will lose its value so as a people you will need to barter without the middleman. The rich will employ elite ex military to protect gated communities. Charlatans will sell you guns and survival supplies, but you only need 2 weeks of supplies. Bunkers will not save you. Trust me, the Almighty will take those who choose to kill, steal and rape when there is an imbalance. They will just disappear in a particular order. Prepare for those who you love that are unprepared with food and blankets during the warning. Again, if you are alive, to witness the 3 days of darkness only you should have no guns if you are believers and protected. Many will go insane at some point and all family members know where the guns are, in the heat of the moment what is there for protection may lead to a tragedy.

   You will not leave your family to sow new oats. This is how society breaks down and that which is love the family unit is destroyed. Take that chance and know you then have aligned with the dark one and in the end you become the enemy. Thus you will fail when a choice has been made. Many that leave have no allegiance, trust, and these are who you are going to trust your life with in an emergency, women beware.

   The Almighty speaks, “I have sent you prophets to guide you in times of change and stress and now with My Son’s Second Coming now within mere years, know that I have come to claim you. What you see in the world, do not fear for it is my hand that is changing your world to save what is so valuable to Me, your soul. I gave you life. You are My children and I will send My Son to gather all of you. The changes that will now befall your earth shall separate and purify. I promise you, not a tear will flow when this is over. I control all that is in the universe and when you believe in Me and accept that I sent My Son to die for you all of you will be saved from sin and death. I have prepared a great feast to welcome My children and you will have a new world where every detail was prepared by your Father. You will want for nothing. Know this, there are few on earth that reveal My words. As all changes around you know that My voice comes from only 2 sources that are alive today.”


To the Faithful


   The time has now come for you to stand up for the Word of God, the Truth. All you have seen the warnings given to you by the apparitions of Mary, Mother of Salvation over this last 2 centuries in form or another and ask why so many false alarms? Do you really expect the world is going to take this advice as different when the church doubted, more important as the definitive alert? None you of believed Bernadette and her vision of Mary until people were cured and then you have faith? Few believed the children from Fatima or the children from La Salette some as prophets when they delivered messages of a warning to the Popes, but not one listened, instead suppressed the Truth. The 3rd secret which the Vatican hid and even had popes removed if they tried to reveal what was terrible to the Church of Rome, the spirit satan would infiltrate the seat of Peter. Messages sent to you from “Our Lady of the Roses” and again a prophet few listened, but you believed another source.

   These end times are etched in the Book of Revelations, but so blind are you; few of you consider the Truth. You believe Mary is the Mother of God free of original sin and when she appears in front of the innocent, children as they will not lie to guide you, you the Church dismiss it. Children do not lie with vivid descriptions and messages. How shallow is your faith? She, the Mother of Salvation warned you of these times look back at the consistent message and listen.

   You were told few would survive the End Times in Revelations and that was true. But through your effort, prayers and common sense efforts from some in power, this has changed. Over 7 billion and counting will be saved through the power of our Savior and Lord, Jesus the Christ. The earth changes and pole shift, the cover story, “global warming” has been held back saving billions, but that time is up as those who are listening to those discarding the Truth has tip the balance of Good vs. evil.

   In order to save the body of mankind, the diseased parts must be eradicated or cleansed. The level of deceit has so infected mankind few can discern the Truth from lies today. Few of you accept that there is a God. Almost all you celebrate events and lives that promote the elite in form or another, wealth, privilege, celebrity or just rich a.. hole whether or not the individuals are on board.

   OK, Jesus your judge, and knows the human spirit is only weak due to an outside influence that is against God. Yes, He forgives all sins with true remorse and penance, except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Your first step is to recognize the threat for what it is. Your second step is to realize this threat is real and you need help. No one is exempt, including me. Your third step is when all seems lost due to your stubbornness call out in quiet prayer, to Jesus to save your sorry ass. It is better to be the poor soul that humbles him self in front of all and survives, than play the game of musical chairs where arrogance and pride eliminates all but the winner, satan. You do not want to be a “loser” in that game.

   Those that have passed from this life, beg you to listen as they are safe with the “knowledge” and hoping, you are “part” of the solution leading to salvation of all of God’s children. When was the last time you said a quiet prayer for a family member that has passed? You were told those who move on, need your prayers as many fall short of the Pearly Gates. They are begging, just like many of you will, so make a difference. A Hail Mary, an Our Father is this too much to ask for someone you loved on a weekly, but for the devoted, a daily basis?

   The Church has fallen from the inside, crafted over the decades. The Mother of Salvation, mother of Jesus warned you, did you listen? No, you were to busy trying to prove the events were false. They were children. Explain to me if you believe in the spirit why did you dismiss it? Now the spirit of satan is embedded within the Vatican, but in all of its humbleness, care for another and this façade, most shall be fooled, for this is written that the false prophet or anti pope shall rise, Francis and the time is now, short of telling you the total Truth, but this does not need to be continued.

   Look as the pope states the doctrine that has stood for over 2 thousand years, now stale. Look as the faith of the youth needs to change will bring Catholicism into modern society. All of you witnessed the subtle changes in personality during the papal visit to Brazil. Confused, this is just the beginning. You have been told humanism would bring all together as a common cause for mankind. Moslems, Hindus, Jews and Christians will be one in the name of God. You will be told we are to love another and this is foremost. This is true. All religions will be joined as one, although the Laws of God will be changed to accept the world. Look deeper at the twist. When you accept God and our Savior it is man that changes and conforms, not the Laws of God.  The Almighty gave you a set of rules the Commandments to guide you and told you love another as your self. You do not change the rules as humans because your society is changing. There are two influences on earth, that which is the Truth and that which deceives under the guise of caring for others, the dark one. When you see the changes, Christ needs warriors not cowards, make that choice. Make that decision for your Lord.


Intelligence Agencies


   Why are you so afraid to tell the Truth? You have let the White House know the Truth on 911 and Benghazi, but not the US public. You have investigated the carnage of the elites in selected classified events as accidents. You were told the hand of God would come down and take those who hurt the children of God, so you hide it. The churches of the dark worship with normal facades, the site of horrific sacrifices of innocent children to the beast were ignored, despite the rumors. Some were destroyed and leveled to the ground. High ranking priests of the dark Masonic sect are now dead, but you are afraid the cowards at heart will scatter if the Truth is revealed. How true. I am sure some of in the CIA loved how that member of satan’s cult on security video in a secured realm seemed like he was kicked down the staircase, he was responsible for many lost souls and the Almighty scattered his soul about the universe as waste. Your hired security among the best money could buy, useless.

   You know the Truth, assassination attempts you know has terminated the leaders at highest levels and crippled the assailants. This will now change; all who are part of any plan to hurt the chosen shall be wiped from the face of the earth, no matter what your title or agreement in part.

   Know this, if your best fail then you need to join a new team, ours and you will truly save the world. Balk and this is not a game that you can win. Consider it.




   You need to realize that there two forces battling on earth. One that plans to trick and lie to you and steal your soul, which few of you believe exists. Jesus you gave His life to free you from sin and bring you out of exile with eternal life. The dark side will use humility, caring, and the rights of the masses to achieve the deception. All of you will know the Truth at the warning, although this event will be frightful and many will expire. At this point young, old, black, white, Christian, Jew or Moslem all of you will know the Truth. Let no one take this experience from you. Let no tell you, that you did not feel the love of your Jesus. Let no one take your inheritance away. A new life beyond anything your minds can imagine and I am sure you can imagine a lot. But there will be no sin, which means an absence of anger, hate, greed, lust, envy and all of you will be so happy with all of your loved ones.

   When you do know, a choice must be made, quickly. Question instead of following the words and actions of others, meditate to the Almighty instead of self enlightenment praising false gods. Look around at the world, if you are being offered everything the universe, then why are you fighting over scraps on this earth. The richest of your world today or in the future if this planet was to continue for millions of years and that includes the puppet master will have nothing over the lowest in Father’s Kingdom, nothing.

   Jesus speaks, “I call out to the youth, fear not. Yes the adults have destroyed this world and fed you lies. Yes, there are no jobs. Yes, many do not care. It seems the future is bleak. But in despair when everything you have tried has failed call out to Me. When I extend My hand to lift you, I will not let go. This is My promise to you.”


Update July 29 


   For many of you in the faith, it will be hard to discern the Truth. Almost all of believe Francis is a messenger of God to lead His Church. You were told by Jesus there can be only one pope that can be assigned the seat of Peter until his death. There are no exceptions, period as you do not resign from the Almighty, you die. Any variance to this Truth is an impostor, the false prophet or now being referred to as the anti pope.

   YOU HAVE HEARD WORDS THAT YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE, THE ACCEPTANCE OF GAY PRIESTS. You hear that we shall not judge and this is true. It was stated Peter denied Jesus three times, but became pope. This is true. But he was the only apostle that had the courage to follow Jesus to His trial. He did commit a sin of lying, but had true remorse and was forgiven. He was a coward and feared for his life there is a difference when you allow the acceptance of sin.

   You in the media are so quick to accept the inclusion of others, which is good. What you will not do is promote acceptance when it is against the Laws of the Almighty. Every soul you twist and turn away from salvation will fall on your shoulders for blame. Be careful, as many of you say you don’t embrace the truth, but secretly some of you know. This is why you are responsible, man up.

   Jesus speaks, “Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of the Almighty as it is written I the Bible. False pope, you do not have the authority to change the Laws that which is God. False pope you are not the legitimate leader of My Church with your façade of humility and rigged election. False pope, know that I will let all know who and what you are at the warning and even you have a chance to change, for I still love you. Your leader will fail as it is written, just what do you fail to understand about the power of God? You may fool, the world, the media, but not My true followers. As for the chosen, they have wrote you off to where only their prayers will bring you home.”


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