The Worship of Idols

The First Law

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 14



   On this world, the dark side has controlled it for many millenniums, but this will soon change in the short future as was prophesized in Revelations. Well hidden for a reason, many dismiss their existence thus adding to their power. For following his suggestions of the mind, which many of you have thought as your own, there is a catch.

   Some have been given power and wealth for allegiance, where the goal is to ensnare others. The dark one delivers lust, control over nations and its people, the ability to gathers resources beyond the comprehension of the middle class of the this nation.

   All is in place for the dark one to be given control of this world by choice. As all listen to a paid media under the thumb of the wealthy, our election process compromised by a loophole in the law and exploited by the Supreme Court and now influences the political process with what seems unlimited wealth. They as a court represent the elite, while decisions handed down seem to provide a right for the people.

   What is so sad is that most in America donít even know they were sold out. This will change shortly as they will look for government support, and they will told, they are on their own. This time the decision will affect millions of lives and many will die as a result. You brought this upon yourselves.

   So much has been taken for granted in false idols, horoscopes as it really guides your life. Spells pasted down through the women in the family given by tainting the food of another to gain favor with another.  On earth there is worship of false Gods, when they were just men given insight to the heavens to spread about the earth. There is only one God, the Almighty which is the source of all, who created all.

    You look to a fortune teller to change your life, little do you realize for the most part they are knowingly stealing your money with lies and words you want to here. As if they have true insight to the after world. But few of you consult God or seek His guidance.

   We have been taught to achieve in this world is about gathering wealth.  You must provide for your dependents and offer them the best education to where your family has the edge. Would you use that killer edge against a member of your family? Most of you would not, but some would.

    The bottom line may be you should take a different approach. Shortly you will find out that all mankind is connected, created different as each has a challenge to overcome from birth. You were told the last will be first, why is this so? In this world most have it backwards, achievement on the backs of others through deceit, lies and theft and you call this success? As the Lord looks down upon this world, the soul that gains His favor is one that rises from little and excels all obstacles through deeds in His name and succeeds in the eyes of others.

   Who represents humanity, the children of God, the poor soul who had nothing that lifted his nation from oppression or the leader who conquered the world temporarily over a few centuries by slaughtering millions and stealing the indigenous wealth and land to build an empire? If you worship the latter, it is an idol.

   We are all one on this earth and shortly after the earth changes strip all that you find of value, you realize that it is life itself that counts. The ultimate goal is to bring everyone together. Once you learn this, it is your job to bring in the strays, just like you have been brought in.

   All of you idolized the stars to where your appearance, demeanor and actions copy those in the movies and on TV. It is now fashionable for women to sleep around, fight and tease by sculpting their bodies by artificial means, thanks to reality TV.  A disagreement is not lady talk, it is now in your face anger to where respect for another goes out the window. You idolize the behavior of rock star and rap artists and imitate their drug habits, worship of money and the reduction of woman as just a night ride.

   It is to the point that you worship the stars above all else. This is where the ways of life has moved to point that it now distorts the young minds and corrupts their spirit through the various technological media advancements. Just look around see just how far, we as a people have sunk, because the media has made it acceptable in your minds. All of this leads to, you are to put no idols whether it is money, achievements, other humans or material goods above God. This is the Word of God.

   It is not about preaching; you will be damned as this scenario is not the goal. This has not worked in the past and will not now. Your job; is to move what is negative and pull what ever good surfaces naturally, then, what ever you find, expand on it. There are no restrictions as the Lord Jesus states, for He forgives all. Faithful and sacred servants, do you know the meaning there is no sin too great, except that which is against the Holy Spirit? Stop judging and bring those that stray home, this is your duty.

   You were given instructions, it not your task to interpret the scriptures, follow them. You want to fight evil, then, challenge the antichrist and his false prophet, otherwise, stay silent. Leave those alone who are truly trying to change this world with actions, not pride, envy or lies. Not one of you would have volunteered for this mission as you cannot even stand up and protest simple injustices in the Church for fear of rocking the boat, cowards.


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