You will Deny Me Once Again

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 13


   Jesus Speaks, “You have been warned of these times, but all you who believe the words delivered by Me to My instrument either come from another source or will read these words only to see if they come true. Here Me now. I, the Son of God can choose anyone to deliver My Word. You have no authority to say they are unfit. You judge with the eyes and mind of a human, as if you know more than what I taught you. How arrogant. Some of you will go to the Bible looking for contradictions. Look and know this, you will fool many but on judgment day when you face Me there will be no excuse for your actions as My souls will be lost. You promote division and hate when you were told of these times. Now what in your hidden anger?

   There is a proven track record over a decade that is reliable with this instrument as the Truth. As what was written now is the Truth. The Word is eternal and does not change, only man's interpretation. Did I authorize you to judge who will be My prophets? Do you know I pick what society distains? They answer only to Me, not the world.  Again you were told of these times and that the many would fall and so they shall. You will be told he is not fit to lead you, but it My words you will hear not his. You will be told, why he was working, where he was, just like a commoner, which he is. You be told, is this whom you will trust your lives. I appointed him as a prophet, not for his knowledge in spiritual maters, but because he follows without question all of My orders to save mankind without question. There is no doubt in his mind and this is what I look for, blind obedience. Again, know this. You are not to follow a man, but only My words as he is only an instrument. You serve only God and make no mistake as to who speaks.

   All of you will deny Me as this world removes all that is of Me. This comes from one source, but you will not see this with all the subtle changes. You don’t even believe the pope will betray Me. The needs of mankind and peace will be forefront, as this is a facade. I will be considered as the past, not relevant to these times. The words I spoke in My times are old and do not change with times. This will be your mistake.

   Like Peter, he was told the cock would crow 3 times as he denies Me. Many of you on the other hand will deny Me as the church and leaders of this world sanitize My name and you will only realize your mistake at the Warning when at least a third of mankind will perish. It is when all you know is about to be destroyed will you remember Me. The point, it is never too late to reach out. When all you know is lost, just know I will be to grasp your hand. I will be there to provide your only hope. I will give you peace of heart and welcome you back, no matter your sins, just call out in My name and I will respond when all others have abandon you.”  

   All of you will face great challenges in the near future. The point, peer and family pressure will change many, although in your heart you will know it is wrong. Listen to you heart and even if you fall, stand up after the warning and know who you honor, God Almighty and His Son. It is not about failing for not one soul on this earth can say, they have not failed. It is about when the Truth is revealed, you are firm and never look back. This is when in your excitement and new peace, you will join the Remnant Army and against all odds, you shall fight for God. There will be only one winner, God the creator of this universe and even satan. The dark one and his followers will know their place, no matter what they tell you, which is a lie.


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