Adultery and Lust

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 18


Adultery and Lust


   It is with these sins, adultery and lust nations have fallen; millions have died in the pursuit of beauty. Few understand the ramifications when it comes to adultery and lust. As human, most have insight into the other sex. Movies, the athletes, glamour, the allure of fame and rich all present the idea of perfection in a man and woman’s eyes. This is what mankind focuses on. This now becomes a need and with each new opportunity presented the lust grows.

   On this world most men see women as an opportunity, a brief connection, which ends in a release of passion. For the woman most see the connection where there is chance of expanding to a loving relationship, a few visualize the potential father of their children in a martial relationship. Very few of you go home with that man with just the intention of getting rocked for the moment, but many fantasize this. It is here that lust does the most damage as the women’s body is her temple and she gave it to you in the hope of cementing a love.

   For many, they are crushed leading to other sins such as hate, revenge and anger. If a baby is conceived and abandoned or even more grave aborted, the act of two of you has repercussions which will affect many if not generations. This is just the problem of fornication as they, the couple for the act, are of single flesh joined at the hip, now what happens when the line of the sacrament of marriage cemented I the eyes of God is violated?

   This usually starts with a flirt, followed by a wink as many want what they cannot have as all presented in the facade, to others looks great. How many times have many of you been told you have the perfect marriage? In you’re your head many of you think you are trapped, because of the children. The other does not notice my needs, but the attention I see in that one would make me happy forever. You get the email, the text or picture on the cell of passion and your heart with that longing feeling so long forgotten comes alive.

   This is how it starts as the suggestions are put in your mind by the dark one. For the man, the bond with children is quickly broken as the connection of giving birth is not there as it is with the woman. Although in the present times many woman abandon or kill their children.

   All marriages have problems at some point, we are human and all have faults. Many take there spouse for granted, because the territory is familiar. Each of you knows there are many that will put out that flash of attention to lure you in. Wild passion, dinners, trips, but how will they hold up over time? The step children are they a pain or a much needed blessing? When responsibilities come into a relationship something has to give. What seems as a way out excluding abuse is made out of lust or anything is better then what I have at home. It is this want that leads to the act of adultery in a marriage. Yes it feels good, but it is new or the birth canal has not passed children that counts. This is the truth. This action has repercussions, the family unit is destroyed. What happens to the state of minds for the children, the grand parents and the connections with all the relatives? More important every one of was told that no man or woman can break the sacred seal of marriage that was made in front of God and the heavens. You are responsible for all the anger, pain, and discourse resulting from your decision of all affected. This is why adultery is a sin, because your temporary happiness is not worth the loss of a soul especially your child you chose to bring into this world. Your actions are self serving.

   Think back, to when you first saw her or him. The sparkle in their eye brought you to a level of love where, your universe revolved around their needs. Passion built up to a point to where you pledged to love this partner for the rest of your life. Did you get it wrong? For many if their lives were fast forwarded backwards most would make the same decision. New partner sets the clock to zero, but the same problems will still emerge that you are trying to escape. Sometimes step back and realize everyone gets old and the same habits that turned you off. Yes, someone fresh provides excitement, do you know why? You are still discovering each other, they may not have bore children, responsibilities of maintaining a household is not theirs and all of this makes a difference.

   At death many realize their first was their true love, but you allowed outside influences to change it, like friends and family. When presented with an easy out, maybe you should reflect on, is it all worth it. Work at your marriage and it takes two, compromise is the key. When all is over, your partner will shine in your eyes through the power of God.





   What many are unaware of, is the sin related to pornography. It is your need to see this, which in your mind you say is harmless. As you are just watching a video or film, it is the industry that is exploiting women, children and some men. Know this; it is your money that is fueling the industry. Little girls raped by grown men, is this your sick version of fun? What if you was that little girl, robbed of a childhood? Split open by perverts while you confused are in extreme pain and worse get pregnant at 12? Life in America, where the actions of many, is based around acquiring the mighty dollar, this is what you provide by buying these films or watching pay per view.

   How many are no longer satisfied with watch and now kidnap, sneak into bedrooms or attack their own daughter in their sleep? How many porn stars contract aids, one is too many? Every one of you needs to know what you are watching is someone’s loved one and your response is a crude self orgasm in your lonely bed, how pathetic.

   Pornography is a sin, because it is your actions that make you watch, purchase, and to bring it to the next level that hurts humanity and you need to own up on this one. Change or what and who are during the warning will be known to all of your loved ones, all. Just know that part of your that what you thinks brings you so much pleasure at the expense of others will burn in proportion to those that were hurt and includes those in the videos and films you supported with your purchase.


Dressing the Body


   Many of you validate this as your freedom to express yourselves. It is the latest fashion trend and you follow. Remember about worshipping idols, where your actions support a material object or trend with no regard to its consequences. But when lines are crossed to where augmentation to the body desecrates it, this creates a problem.

   Many women alter their appearance to get attention and sometimes more than they bargain for. In this case of women for this example although men are just as guilty, it is one thing to look pretty be attractive and another to initiate lust in the opposite sex. It is here that crimes and sins of passion are created. You become the temptation to lead others astray and in the end you are responsible for those actions as you had a choice, but you call it freedom. If it is your breasts that hook a man how will you keep him if they sag? Love is from the heart, not an addiction to lumps of flesh, which is meant to feed the baby.


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