As the World Gets Fooled

Plans and Tactics of the antichrist


Written Jan. 3  

   In the spiritual battle for souls on this world, it will be the belief that the dark one and his goal to subjugate and destroy the children of God which is beyond the comprehension of mankind. For this, could never happen in this sophisticated world, yet the Bible and various apparitions of Mary to the meek over the last several centuries have warned us. The Third Letter of Fatima from Mary told us what would infiltrate Rome, but Popes were eliminated when they choose to tell the truth. She pleaded for change, but the voices of innocent children were ignored and suppressed, so much for the meek shall rule the earth.

   The military uses stealth, covert tactics and all means necessary to win a war and in the greatest battle for mankind you don’t even believe the enemy exists. This is the antichrist greatest strength coupled with wealth, power, ability to influence, wisdom, and network in place to negotiate peace in volatile areas in the world as a start. Those leaders who initiate wars are agents of satan, nothing new here.

   He has laid the ground work over the last couple of centuries, presently the network is composed religious and political leaders on the world stage ready to promote his acceptance to the world as he hides in the shadows. Many already worship the dark one in black masses and ceremonies, although some were surprised and cowered in fear in certain locations as you looked up on the grand staircase on the eve Dec. 21 had raiders and your guests in their hands in a particular position with a warning shouted! You the elite have heard the rumors, no matter how much the news of these events was crushed. Heed your lesson and change, for that which you were worshiping did not protect you. The excuse, they were weak and you are strong until it is you that becomes expendable. You know the game of musical chairs; many start until there is one, the dark one. It is you that is the fool.

   You have been told over and over again that Jesus your Savior will not walk this earth before He comes as He left descending upon the clouds in all of His Majesty, The Second Coming. I don’t care what you see or how many try and change the prophecy, this is not up for debate or worse doubt in your faith.

   So now the deep recesses of your mind have been read and your wants exposed. The dark one will take full advantage of this knowledge. With his New World Order in place and the present activity ensuring war in the Middle East escalates to a point where the world to some degree is drawn in, the world platform is set for leader to reign in the peace as war pushes the super powers to the brink of World War III. Do you really want this? You have told been again and again, what’s worse your history supports this, but you still do not listen as just a small twist in events and your minds have amnesia. Create the problem and then offer the solution. This will be your future. So let’s detail some specifics that will help mankind come through these dark days with less loss of life.

   Mankind has always been fascinated by the elite, intelligence that seems other worldly all of which elevates one above the many in this material world. Add the powers of an advanced soul where the illusions of healing or signs are shown to the world. Like a new rock star he will be adored, as the weak flock to what they think is the savior. Your clue will be the Catholic Church will not investigate thoroughly, but embrace. As the false prophet, hidden among the cardinals is already in place to replace Benedict, when internal turmoil forces the last true Pope to flee Rome. Remember Lourdes, real miracles and our Mother of Salvation appeared before an innocent child few believed including many in the Church at first. Why the sudden acceptance?

   His powers are temporary as those healed and who believes in him will die outside of your prying eye or the media. It is about the cure of many and attention on those whose health fails will be remove with their relatives or any one else that talks unless protected by the power of God.

   As the wars in the Middle East are stabilized after true carnage, with the help of established political leaders in the world, he will rise to the head to lead the EU and influence most of the world, which has been prophesized as the ten horned beast. Fiscal responsibility returns to the EU within the same markets destabilized with the US mortgage fraud, his work.

   The disasters will wreak havoc especially in Europe, resources scarce, abortion promoted to curb babies where it seems they will be lost. More will be due to promiscuity and the opportunity of rape. Sharing of all resources among the people as humanitarian will be promoted, but it will introduce a new form communism to Europe before your disbelieving eyes and all of you again will think it was for the good the people. The goal centralized subjugation where the cover of the disasters and lack of logistics will build despair among the people as supplies promised to be shared will be diverted to the black markets, business as usual.  With this that which is about God shall be removed as the police force will be Russian, backed by the Chinese to the surprise of the Western world. Why should be, it is printed in the verses of the book of the Apocalypse.

    A new religion will be introduced with Rome as its seat. A magnificent palace built to bring all together, one religion, one New World Order, and one new god, the dark one who will be seen as the messiah; self enlightenment building on the current popular concepts that we are responsible for our spiritual advancement, this is your clue. Anger of mankind will be directed against the Christians and Jews to a point, where some in the world will think another holocaust has occurred with few survivors.

   Jesus’ chosen messengers again will be shunned as John the Baptist. He has told you that He will come like a thief in the night and return only among the clouds as He left, but many of you will adore a man who walks this earth as the messiah due to his miracles, praised in front of billions, but his soul is that of satan. Oh shall easily fooled you are mankind. Many of the clergy will fiercely fight those delivering the true Word of God mistaking them for or on purpose as false prophets. Think, why are these unknown people now being challenged and hated, have not their words been heard before through other sources years ago? Why are some promoted in the media, as you know the media is control by the relatives of the dark one?

   The Jews made the same mistake during the first coming and again now you, the Christians in many cases will follow the same path as man’s pride leads him down a blind path during the Second Coming. You do not think the time has arrived? When you face Jesus what will you say, I was preventing souls from being lead astray? You are lying in front of Jesus in shame, now you know your fate.

   Pride and Hate are traits of the dark one, as this is what you are showing the messengers of Jesus, which the Almighty chose. The Almighty speaks, “You my sacred servants pledged a vow to My Son, yet you do not recognized His words through the messengers and prophets I have sent to save mankind. You are no different than the Pharisees. If you have doubts, ask for help instead of acting on your own for you are aiding the enemy. I ask you to choose, as this is your last time I offer you a choice.”

   Jesus speaks, “In these trouble times there will be much upheaval, satan through the false prophet will remove the celebration of the Eucharist and Baptism, the absolution of original Sin, which he caused through temptation. Stand up for Me and My Church Peter built. Save My Holy sacraments for the remnant church that shall rise 3 days after all think it is dead like I when crucified. My word has never changed. Know this; any change that comes from My Church that focus on self and acceptance of religions as one does not come from Me. Faith is to believe in what was established when I walked the earth. Faith is your promise to eternal life and the elimination of sin. Faith is walking that narrow path while adhering to My Father Commandments. I come to save the world from satan, not see you modify that which only I have the power and authority to change. No pope, or group of cardinals shall change what I died for, or face the wrath of My Father, the Almighty”

   The antichrist will be what the world wants at just the right time as this is his realm. Many of you will adore him, as you see what you want on the façade. Wealth, a polished diplomat, smooth, handsome all traits honed over a millions of lifetimes on this world, his world the hell planet. His goal is to destroy you and your eternal soul, but the invisible realm is too much for the human race with intelligence that barely understands the universe and the purpose of life, how naive. It is he that offers wealth that can be taken away during the first recession or worse depression. It is he that offers you glamour and fame, in the end for almost all it fades. For the weak, they commit suicide, debt paid in advance. It is he that offers you power, absolute and then you are assassinated by your own people. Mankind is no match for the king of lies. When you see the signs, walk away and watch it unfold. In the end you need to thank God you were not involved.

   For the media who has been following. You have the mission to alert the world by world of mouth and innuendo to protect your life. The world will suffer and your effort or act of courage if just saves one life, the heavens will sing. God speed and God bless for all of those who accept this mission. If you have agreed to this very difficult task, you will need the Seal of Protection.

   I am now speaking to the general population of the world. Many of you do not believe in God as those assigned to teach you, fell short and there is little to no time left. You look around and see despair and exploitation on this world, if God was here, why is there so much evil and death? This felling of emptiness haunts most as all of us have doubts of faith. We all know what is considered a tale of Jesus, but it was the truth. When you face the warning, it will seem like a dream, all of you will be shown your life through Jesus who is your judge. Make no mistake, all will be humbled. Embrace it and then a blinding white light will attract you. Some will agonized and turn away falling again, back to the dark side a mistake. When your life is a wreck, the last thing out of ignorance is to refuse help. In this quasi state that which is of heaven and glimpses of hell will join you on earth in the presence of your Savior, Jesus. At last you will know the truth.

   You truly are God’s children and most in power on this world are agents of satan as a veil of deceit clouds their judgment with the promise of power and wealth. Now before you write off the words I am speaking there will be signs to guide your free will. Let no ordinary man on this earth, cause you to have doubts as they do not have a clue. Have they seen the invisible realm? No. Will they die for their beliefs like Jesus did; no. With fear there is doubt and all are looking for agreement to back there false sense of security.

   Remember this, when your views are opposed it is not out of concern for you, but it is to eliminate doubts that threaten the views of those you meet. Like water off your back, it is time to move on.

  The goal is to let you know that there was a Savior who did die for you, but only this concept transpires through a shrinking faithful and words in the Bible and you are suppose to believe.  In what you think is a modern society, belief in an all knowing and forgiving Deity is beyond the grasp of the common man or shunned today in Western society. What to do?

   The point is not for you to totally understand all that is part of your life as you cannot unravel the secrets of that which is Holy with your limited knowledge no matter how many times you have read the Bible with your human interpretation. Yes many with the gift of the spirit do find a deeper understanding, but still fall short. Embrace the future as a child with no preconceive conditions. This is the best advice as you were told it will be the simple, the humble, and the pure in spirit that will inherit the promise land. This is not to belittle, but to educate you that in the universe, mankind are like newborn children only aware of their immediate environment and wants.  I need you remove all of your doubts; erase all that you have been taught about this plane of existence and embrace something new. All that I ask is to have an open heart and mind when you are enlightened. Do not shut down or shun away in ignorance. Embrace the light with its pain of purification. Know this; Your Savior will become a reality within your mind. Your life reviewed to show all that disgusts through His eyes, only this time it shows you what not to repeat in life for on Judgment Day there will be no free pass like during the warning.

   Instead of satan’s pit far worse than this banishment to this hell world, you were sent here to atone for the first sin of mankind Adam and Eve. It is their original sin that has caused your suffering. It was the crucifixion and murder of Jesus during His first coming by His chosen race that we are still here on this hell world. This will not happen again.

   What the elite wants hidden, is an explanation of crimes against humanity, which shall rise above all tolerances of humanity. Disgust on a new level, not seen in the civilized world will shock all and you will say he must be the devil. How your words used in metaphor will ring true. Events will take place on a level of occurrences that mimics a hyperbolic curve due to prayer that curtailing the hand of God. This is a gift as the date of the Second Coming unknown, is set.

   Disasters will strip homes, wealth and lives and most of you will seek the comfort of the Church and God. Why is this happening, you ask? You need to be awakened by any means necessary out of your world of titillation and material goods as the plans of the antichrist is to destroy the world, literally. Look around you as your life is about the next conquest even though it destroys family, adult toys that are endless, yet at the expense of others you need it to make your life whole. Remember how trinkets were all that the Indians wanted and you stole their land, fools. Now the dark one offers you cheap wealth and pleasures, which you could get at home freely, but you want something new, fresh, to parade around. Yet, down the road they get old too. Beauty on earth is temporary and in the eye of the beholder. This is the truth, no matter how you try and spin it. For all of this, you have sold your souls, the most valuable force in the universe; and for most, many don’t even think it exists. It is your life force and you are no different of a fool than those that took advantage of the Native Americans or any sheltered culture in the world. 

   Those who follow him, the dark one devoutly believe, this is just a paper bag threat, but he lies as you are the gullible children of God. How many times have you seen civilization at its pinnacle destroyed from within or by the primitive? Every civilization on this hell world has fallen and make, no mistake in this the final battle, if he has his way all will fall. His goal is to take all that belongs to God into his realm by any means necessary as you have free will.

   The problem most of believe only in what you can touch and see, but your scientists will tell you an atom with electrons that spin entirely around it and you believe it without a doubt. I need you to when despair hits you and sometimes all seems lost to open your heart and offer an ear to hear the truth. Trust your gut, meditate in quiet and ask Lord if you are for real and there, guide me. The answer will surprise, but you all need to try. All hear of the Promised Land and this is true. It is the greatest spectacle I the universe with room for all. You will want for nothing and this is a promise. Death and destruction will be all about you forcing you to make a choice where you trust the light and your faith that does not waver. Or you can play the game of survival until each and every one of you is picked off. Supplies and more so health will end this game and the dark one upon death will snatch you and your soul. If you could see the shock on the spiritual faces of those that passed all of you would fall to your knees and pray the Rosary.

   The warning make no mistake will prove every word you have read here, but the wise prep early. Do not wait for the comets to be discovered stating a near miss, a lie and then the last second warning impact is imminent. Take care of your spiritual side quietly to avoid ridicule. Say prayers for others who don’t understand rather than hating. Focus on the prize as all of you will be so thankful you prepared when that day comes. Fear will not control you, but hope for others will prevail as many of you will move from the idea of faith to I know. This is the Word of God.

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