Interstellar Travel


Primary Technical Aspects Concerning Off-World Technology

Gravitational Subatomic Particle Flow Amplifier
(Primary Source of Force Affecting Movement)
Creation of the Artificial Gravitational Field
The Mechanism Responsible for the Elimination of the Repulsion Force
The Principles of Hover
The Power Plant: Slicing Reactor
Force Fields
A comment on Relativity

In order to have a better understanding the following, please read: Universal Laws Gravity & Repulsion and Parallel Universes & Density Shifting first.

Original Version of Interstellar Travel

   The Approach for this form of travel is to use the natural particle flows within the Universe and apply these forces in a coordinated fashion to allow movement when applied to the mass of a spacecraft to approach velocities near the speed of light.
   The gravity subatomic particle is one of the most abundant in this universe and applies a force through a mass. The subatomic particle is defined by its direction of flow, towards a mass, gravity and when exiting a mass, the reference is a repulsion particle. Mass is its natural attractor and nature allows these particles to be stored within the atom. The greater the mass the greater reservoir created by the accumulation of matter. But gravity for a large mass is a cumulative process each atom attracts stores ejects it in a diffused manner with only the stream pointed at the central core within sphere or irregular mass affecting the overall gravity flow is a very small percentage of particle flow. This is the source gravitational subatomic particle saturation of the central core and until the core pressure overloads, then the repulsion particles are ejected the process of attraction begin again. So the gravitational field of a mass is a comprise between the saturation of gravity particles within the core and their ejection as repulsion particle streams. One can see that not only the size of the mass increases the change the repulsion streams diffused from individual atoms target the core, but density also increases the chances even greater. This is the principle of a gravitational field that can now be exploited.

Gravitational Subatomic Particle Flow Amplifier
   The central core mass of the spacecraft is the focal point it takes advantage of a natural flow of gravity within a mass by increasing the efficiency of the exchange of gathering , saturation and ejection that occurs in a mass. The balance is the gravitational field. The key is induced the atoms to release the repulsion stream in one direction towards the core. With molecular stacking and spacing as a function of the resonant frequency of repulsion subatomic particle stream there is exponential increase in the flow that overwhelms the core in this emitter platform.
   Now the introduction of the Gravitational subatomic particle flow amplification as a base for tapping the forces of the universe. The process starts as a thin spherical shell used as a focus emitter of repulsion streams which targets a host central mass. This a three step process the first is the project a even intense particle burst initially to overwhelm the shellís uniformly spaced atomic cores into emitting a repulsion stream, but the intense pressure allows only 1 weak point for the repulsion to flow along the spherical surface of the individual atoms a point 180 degrees away from the direction of the pulse. With the pressure pulse in the form of a shrinking sphere all repulsion streams are concentrated towards the central core of the mass.
   This process we will go into more detail. For better understanding, lets reduce the spherical shell to the thickness of an atom of the uniform component material. Next visualize an intense subatomic particle field were the leading edge of pulse is not only uniform in density composition, but by strategic placement of the field emitters the pulse reaches all points of the surface of the sphere simultaneously. As the pulse hits an atom the core overloads setting up a repulsion subatomic particle burst along the weakest portion of the exterior of the atom inundated. As the pulse surrounds the surface of the atom a passes through the weakest point for the repulsion stream to take advantage of is the tangent point that the pulse last touches the spherical shell that also intersects the center of the sphere. The weakest point 180 degrees in line with the center of the sphere on the other side of first point of contact. The shell is tweaked or designed to increase efficiency. The shell when cured is subjected to a particle field in order to determine molecular spacing and stacking among the various levels along the z axis in the formed shape. Along with the focus repulsion streams stacking and spacing as a multiple of the repulsion subatomic particle stream creates a wave reinforcement. The concentrated pulsed flow quickly overwhelms the core instead of the slower steadier process associated with normal gravity particle flow and a powerful repulsion stream vacates the area in an expulsion burst. This process amplifies the normal process that occurs in a mass, which can mimic the flow and field generation present within and about a planet. As the refresh rate increases within the central core there is a greater attraction of gravity particles. This is the same process that occurs within a Black Hole where density in conjunction with a small massive sphere where more of the repulsion streams hit the core increasing gravitational flow as the time cycle of influx, saturation to ejection is greatly reduced.

Creation of the Artificial Gravitational Field
   One of the by-products of the gravitational subatomic particle flow amplifier from exponentially increasing the amount of gravity particles passing through the central core mass is the creation of a gravitational field the negates the influences of the dominate cosmic mass within the area. The resultant is a localized gravitational field that encompasses the ship all gravity subatomic particles that pass through any mass are related to the central core. So no matter what position the ship takes you feel upright does this not occur on the sphere of the Earth? When a directional change happens on Earth lateral movement through gravity subatomic particles flowing towards its center exerts a force counter to your directional movement directly proportional to change of direction and velocity. With an internal field you move with it negating any lateral or g force when taking extreme maneuvers or escaping a cosmic object gravitational force.

The Mechanism Responsible for the Elimination of the Repulsion Force
   The tubes serve 2 primary functions first to control flow of the gravitational subatomic particles and how its force is directed towards the central mass. First is to control this new increased gravitational flow, so how does this occur. One method is to place 3 tubular gravitational subatomic particle flow shunts on the same plane with a 120 degree separation. The maintain a fixed pivot point about the central point of the core mass on the near end the other moves vertical above and below the static established plane in response to a magnetic field. Again the same principles used to amplify gravitational particle can be used to shunt the flow toward the central core mass. First amplification of flow does not cause movement, but the potential amplified flow of gravity particles applying a net force now in a static state of equilibrium is available for manipulation. Tube are subjected by a pulse subatomic particle that compromises the shell of the tube from 360 degrees about 2 axisís instead of three axis in the gravitational amplifier. This creates a set of coherent repulsion subatomic particle bursts directed at the imaginary central lateral line that runs the length of the tube. The streams meet collide canceling each other balanced force and diffuse crowding the tube with an intense static field. The greater the subject pulse hitting the tubular surface the greater the repulsion field propagates away from the central line. This field can be regulated so that repulsion particle saturation within the tube impedes the gravitational sub atomic particle to the central mass augmented by the gravitational flow amplifier. In a balanced flow that passes through the mass the tube now flooded with a dense repulsion subatomic particle field causes a disruption of gravitational subatomic particle flow and chooses the path of least resistance deflecting around to the outside of the tube and the central core mass. The counter balance providing a static position is now absent and the full force of the gravitational particles now are free to apply a force to the central mass in the direction of the displaced particle flow. Thus in theory the elimination of the repulsion force. With an amplified flow passing through the central mass the net force accelerates the total mass of the spacecraft to a velocity approaching that of light. By tilting the tubes above or below the central plane achieves lift or descent and tilt. 90 degree turns are possible by shifting the particle saturation of the tubes and the internal gravitational field created negates all natural g forces.

The Principles of Hover
   In order for a ship to hover it must take advantage of the basic core features of the transport system that allows movement, but tweak its functionality. It comes down to phase shifting the set of tubes where lift or descent is stabilized by the angle of the tubes above or below the central core plane. In conjunction the phased saturation of the tubes shift about each other to create a force, but shift so quickly to provide a balance or overall static position. The key to stability is an increased net force differential applied to the central core, which in the end will balance to a value of null to the overall mass. In essence the hover creates a static field, that regenerates from one fractional second to another.

The Power Plant

   The source of power and how it is derived completely breaks with current views of the atom. A new view of the atom must be taken into consideration to cleanly harness its stored energy. It is the electron stream that flows through the atom and about in a torus shaped cloud countering the charge of the nucleus thus allows a stability within the total atoms. On the molecular level it is the electron stream that flows the nuclei of the compound that maintains the bond and shares the physical and chemical characteristics with all the matter involved. The slicing reactor takes advantage of the process by attacking the electron stream. One method is by injecting and neutral coherent electron subatomic particle stream where a subtle application of a positively charged field surrounding the tubular connection the reactor allowing the neutral particles to move closest to central point of the flow at the separation point input nozzle has a slight negative charge to deflective the stray negative caught in the turbulence around the injection point. The stream once inside of the reaction chamber to is focus on an element, any element the higher number of protons and neutrons supported by the element the greater source of power and longevity. By injecting a stream of neutral subatomic particle related to the electron stream to replace negatively charged subatomic particle as they are attracted towards positive emitters the goal is to destabilize the nuclear structure. The overall charge on the stream decreases and what was a stable atom or isotope takes on a positive charge subatomic particles related to the proton start to repel each other until the nuclear bonds are broken. The energy released provides the push (a similar property when evaluating electricity corresponding to the term amperage) for the electron related subatomic particles. The electron related subatomic particles now provide almost an unlimited amount of power from a small sealed reaction chamber where a form of power similar to functions of electric current is produced. The venting of hydrogen ions back into space or conversion to water vapor on terrestrial planets. The process occurs in steps by pulsing in a regulated stream in the amount to allow the molecules of the host fuel to break down to the next most stable element. No radiation is emitted as with the incomplete processes found in present day fission and fusion technologies. This technology would be considered green, creates little heat, efficiencies approaching 100%, uses any stable element, a power plant without moving parts or heavy shielding.

Force Fields

   This new technology, which offers protection to the spacecraft and its occupants takes advantage of several key aspects of the gravity amplifier. First the uniform composition of the host mass and the coherent phased flooding the central core mass allows manipulation of the repulsion particles as they stack based upon the principles of physics of wave reinforcement. By tweaking the molecular atomic separation and varying the frequency of the ejection pulse flooding the assigned core, the key is to allow the repulsion particles exiting the central mass to allow wave cancellation and minimal reinforcement until a designated point where field reinforcement establishment occurs. So how would this occur? Particle movement where pressure and atomic structure allows patterns to be derived and it is here a point of reinforcement can be calculated or better, be arranged. The uniformity of the central mass accomplishes a second task diffusing the stream exit points as one is just as good as another impeding a negligible grouping of concentrated streams. The point where the reinforced wave is maintained becomes the established outer shell slowing the flood of ejected repulsion particles, which gathers behind it. The shield takes form in a direct relationship to the amplified flow of gravity particles passing through the central mass. The pulsed waves of repulsion sub atomic particles released provides 2 primary functions, the point where the shield is slowed and the frequency rate of expulsion that affects the compression of repulsion subatomic particles stack up behind all subatomic particles slowed by the outer shell, intensity determine by a rapid increase in frequency. This is a simplification of the process.
   Another technical by-product as the force of the shield is increased by increasing the amplification rate within the central mass core the field takes the form of a symmetrical sphere and the force is effective the path of photons. Cloaking is dependent uniformity and minimal field distortion. The field is the incoming photons that is reflecting off of the host mass. Light when is dispersed the goal to achieve an equilibrium between the general field of all photons on the move. When engaging a uniform repulsion field photons tend to bend around the repulsive field temporary photon field compression occurs after passing the field springs back to the original path light bends tends around the repulsion field with little distortion, thus the technology that leads to cloaking takes form.

Metallic Transparency

The basis behind this technology is combining a metallic base where the molecular format of atoms settles in a position naturally to its environment to that similar to that of crystals, but tweaked. The key in the industrial production process is to subject a heated malleable plate of an uniform isotope or pure elemental metal to an intense subatomic particle field where an interaction with the electron stream is null. This will maintain uniform separation between the molecular structure, but more importantly identifies points of impurities due to clumping, which can be removed by a pulsed targeted laser with energy determined the amount of energy needed to move the estimated impurity mass to vapor. The elemental metal or isotopeís primary goal is to maintain a base structure that projects an equal repulsive field particle flow and charge about 6 equidistance points about each atom or molecular compound. Next point is to established the degree of separation between atoms that allows an angle of reflectivity by sampling various plates until the metal transmutes from an opaque state to transparency state. It is here that the base is set at a point just below light penetration. When a non interacting sub atomic field is applied to the plate with an artificially placed atomic structure, a tweaking of positions can be expanded where separation all atoms or molecular structures allow photons achieve an angle of incidence provides and increases passage of photon through the plate. The stronger the field the greater the photon penetration and in conjunction amplification of the photon particle wave due to uniform redundancy or amplification as the waves synchronize. Thus not only transparency is apparent but amplification through a coherent flow of photons from a low light a environment can be transformed to what seems like daylight.
So why canít we see what inside instead a reflective metallic shell at night? We all are familiar that most light sources current to Earthís technology encompasses a wide spectrum that produces white light. As study of the electron stream advances, physics will come to understand that the subatomic particles related to photon are a natural part of this stream. Using a uniform elemental source the white light spectrum can be concentrated within a narrow bandwidth. The tweak on the frequency of light can increase the angle of incidence though the artificially created pathway augments the amplification of general light, but a specific bandwidth related to light produced within the craft is absorbed and this is by design. The design transparent metals and its affects on incoming light and its intensity is due to wave reinforcement and coordinated reflective pathways where the angle of incidence allows passage to the interior of the craft. Once inside the streaming photons scattered about the interior and diffuse, thus absorbed by interior surfaces.

Triangular Craft

   Much has been made that mankind possesses anti-gravity technology, which was back engineered from previous decades of the 20th century. The triangular craft observed and often mistaken for those of an off-world origin were allowed to be seen where a selected group within the public eye could report. These particular craft that are seen time to time are used to convinced viewer they witnessed a craft of an off-world origin. So what is the basis of this technology and does it work as the leaks build up? But importantly, how can we tell that which is made on Earth vs. off-world apart?

   One of routes of study taken by those working within the Black Projects was to create an intense field that would negate the effects of a gravitational field. This approach did work to a limited point, but what it does, is apply in one case an intense magnetic with properties that crowds out or displaces gravitational subatomic particles. In essence the particles related to gravity flowing towards the core of the Earth on the local level are deflected in the majority around the mass or spacecraft affected by the induced field instead of applying a force as normal, which would flow through the mass. Thus the weight of the craft was significantly reduced. The only problem solved was the weight to mass ratio was greatly reduced within a gravitational field of a cosmic mass to what is the norm on Earth. The pilots are still subjected to the planetary influences of G forces during movements when directional changes occur just like conventional aircraft. The intense field has a side effect, it eventually destroys the integrity of the human cellular structure over time, thus a death sentence for the voluntary occupants. Most important the ability to move about uses standard Earth technology for propulsion. After over 50 years and trillions of dollars spent, this project is a failure and it is known. Thus the leaks stating a path of what seems like new research concerning anti-gravity from the black projects is released to the public and with reports that it is a success, but most research and development has now been abandoned, replaced by other more promising avenues of research.

   What about Einsteinís theory of Relativity that states gravity bends space and time. His experiment during an eclipse did prove the path of light is deflected. As light passes near any significant gravitational the path of light particle bends, does this not happen in an extreme case within a black hole. Here on Earth it happens at sunset as the light path from the Sun passes close the surface of Earth. By bending, the length of original light is lengthen thus red shifted which explains why the Sun moves from white to yellow to orange and rarely red after sunset. If one could compare the original stars that were photographed behind the Sun in the original experiment a photo of the same star shot from a probe with a direct line of sight, one would observe the star that appeared in the photo from behind the Sun is slightly red shifted. What was viewed was gravity bending the path of particles, but it does not effect time and space. Do you observe distortions from gravitational giants in space, no? Have you located a point where space falls back upon itself or your observations reveal when you upgrade your equipment the universe is larger than anticipated?

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