Event Horizon


   The Event Horizon, a theoretical point, which scientists propose is the boundary point between the zones where light particles are free to continue to transverse the universe or are captured by the crushing gravitational affects of a Black holesí singularity at the center of a neutron star. Some theorize, as particles of light and matter are captured by a black hole, they move towards the singularity (a theoretical point at the center of a black hole where all matter is infinitely compressed to a single point). As a particle or matter nears the center of a singularity, theoretically the gravitational force intensifies exponentially and the progression of time approaches zero. There is a hint of truth to mystery in that light is captured by gravity emanating from a black hole, but the true picture along with mankindís theories end there. The theory of light pulsing in shorter and shorter intervals until gone when approaching the event horizon is correct. This conclusion provides insight to the many mysteries hidden in the stellar objects, such as Pulsars. Mankind goes astray when the theory includes the manipulation of space and time by gravitational forces emanating from the neutron star located at the center of the Black Hole. Gravity only affects the force applied to a mass and does influence the compression of matter, but space is a 3 dimensional reference area where mass is not a factor, thus it is not affected. Scientist will have to comprehend that space is a constant and cannot be manipulated by a force such as gravity. Time a variable, which is not understood in present-day physics is a progression of events unaffected by gravity.  Mankind assumes the gravitational giants such as Black Holes slow the progression of time as matter nears the center of a Black Hole or its singularity. This is not true. There is a set of particles always present in the universe, which allows time to proceed in a normal fashion. Since, scientist have no grasp of this principal or working examples in the universe, they see time as a rigid constant. There is a group of subatomic particles, which provides the catalyst and is responsible for the steady progression of time. When absent or impeded, this allows the target mass affected to fall back in time in proportion to the flow rate of these subatomic particles. A bombardment of these particles will have the reverse effect, as the object to moves briefly in to the future only by hours at the most.  The future is not written, but is interwoven into time by one present experience after another. The true definition of an Event Horizon is the border between  the particle movement of many facets of light escaping or being bent from a gravitational giant vs. being captured by it, while the principles of space and time remain intact.


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