Interchanging Flood & Drought Events 


   Many have concerns about the recent cycles of drought and floods occurring through out the globe. These cycles of droughts and floods have always occurred during the history of Earth and meteorologist will present data to back this. So why is there an uneasy feeling this time? During one of the worst dry spells, occurring in the central U.S. during the 1930ís, rain was scarce and 65% of the total land area of the states was at a severe or extreme drought status, the dust bowl resulted and it lasted years. This time, regional areas experience extreme drought conditions only to then turn around and get flooded with rainfall measured in feet or worse in fractional meters within days only to turn return to a drought status again. Scientists again will be called to quell concerns within the public forums. Global warming, El Nino, ozone holes, sunspots and other theories will be presented to the media, few of which will address the real cause, the arrival of the 12th planet.

   This solar system and the forces known and unknown to science that affect it, have been in a state of equilibrium for approximately the last 3,500 years. When, the 12th planet entered the outer part of our extended solar system its velocity was increasing at an exponential rate due to gravity (a theory at first challenged by almost all astrophysicists, except those in the know or who have an open mind) emanating from the Sun only to slow rapidly due to the repulsion force. Its positional changes above and below the ecliptic while in the inner system has now upset this balance. Increased swirling of magma within the Earth's core due to the far-reaching magnetic field of the 12th planet is diffusing our magnetic field, resulting in an increased core temperature from frictional cross currents, eddies and more important polar wobble.

   The public concludes global warming and the El Nino effect are the causes that can explain ocean-warming fluctuations in the Pacific. How can a 1 to 2 degree or partial centigrade increase in air temperature during the past few decades account for 4 to 6 degree or 2 to 3 centigrade increase in water temperatures and why are the effects published primarily localized in the Pacific? The warming of the seas is occurring worldwide. The thin crust under the oceans of Earth allows an efficient transfer of heat energy from the resultant internal core activity. Some scientists will come to the deduction that the ocean is being heated from within the earth. They are correct. This is why the Antarctic ice shelves were melting and breaking off during April and May of 2002, which would be the equivalent to our October and November time frame in the Artic. The air temperature, latent heat or the sparse sunlight hitting the South Pole cannot support the melting of an ice shelf that is miles thick. Does not snow remain upon the peaks of 10,000 ft. mountains in the summer in the middle latitudes until July slowly melting with its depth measured in feet? If you doubt, calculate the energy in calories required to melt a Rhode Island state size ice pack with 90% of its volume hidden from the Sun to allow tidal movements to break the structure.

   Other causes such as ozone cannot be the cause, because the holes have been detected over the poles producing only a localized effect. The other alternative sunspots and their 11-year cycles, which are no longer predictable, have always been present and only affect the lit side of the Earth when active. Adverse activity would subside during the night. Stating that this is a new sunspot super cycle will hold no merit with scientists who investigate the occurrences in depth, but the layman can be fooled. The warmer oceans requiring a larger volume for the expanding water molecules are primarily the cause the increased sea levels, recently rising at an alarming rate. This observation supports only a new source of heat, the core of the Earth. So how does the arrival of the 12th planet affect weather patterns on Earth?

   The warmer oceans have a greater rate of evaporation, because less solar energy is required to move water molecules to a gaseous state. In conjunction, temperatures of the air masses on average are higher, due to the higher ambient temperature of the Earth and to a small degree global warming caused from mankind. If this pattern were to continue at its present rate all life would be dead on this planet within the next 150 years. The normal weather pattern in the U.S. is for an air mass to precipitate on the windward side of a western mountain range and pass over dry of most moisture. This air mass then absorbs moisture slowly and provides rain sporadically just east of the range in the deserts. The more abundant rainfall amounts fall from the mid-west to the east coast. The increase in air and water temperatures has changed the standard patterns. This shift in weather dynamics has the light and medium low-pressure centers passing over the mountains without rainfall, due to the increased carrying capacity of the air mass.  A drought status results in the valley area before and after the range. Then comes the occasional heavily laden storm cell taking place once every month or two with its new increased carrying capacity, which dumps a deluge measured in feet rather than inches in a short period before crossing the mountains, causing mudslides and horrific flash flooding in the valleys below. This same scenario occurs in the plains, severe drought then floods with the affected areas shifting east or west according to air and ocean temperatures. Cold and warm fronts that normally produce rain will be dry and a larger differential is now required between air masses to spawn storms, although the energy released is compounded and will increase exponentially is the passage approaches. Government scientists will explain these series of catastrophic events as the 100 or 500-year floods, but where will the answers come from when worldwide catastrophic events shortly become a common place.

   As Earth wobble increases, the jet stream is altered so that zones where rain use to fall is now dry and arid to where the land experiences severe drought. As time passes the jet stream shifts again and moisture returns in great amounts washing away the baked or dry soil. It is time for the common man to look else where for the cause, for the true answer may not come from the public official.


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