An Explanation for the Recent Increase in Brilliance Affecting our Sun Turning it from Yellow to White


Update Nov. 2005: When this paper was first written it received a large backlash from certain forums on the web. First outright denial that the Sun is yellow and not white as the change was first being reported in the early summer 2003. So lets take a look at what was written about the Sun back then. 

   In this link and this NASA picture, it is stated the sun is "yellow". Back in the year of 1996 an alumni of Cal State Northridge asked, "Why is the Sun yellow at high noon but red at sunset"? Even Phil Plait of BABB acknowledged the yellow Sun on his website with this web page only to have some astronomers from his forum flip flop on the issue a year later in 2004. What most have to realize is that the Sun internal reactions have intensified and its  color has changed from yellow to white, which has occurred over a year. The establishment first denied the change, but as time went on and the intensity just increased it was agreed among all in charge to present a front that the Sun normal color was always white. Does this pattern seem familiar? It should, with the current trend in storms being presented as the high end of a normal hurricane season. Where denial of Global Warming thru the dismissal of the Kyoto treaty was accepted, it is now seen as a foolish response in light of the 3 super storms that occurred in the Gulf during 2005. When will the changes slow? They won't until mankind gets the message that he must change from the inside out, expect more as new event categories join the mix.

Comments from the debunkers in 2004 from a certain website is listed below.  

Written July 2003

   Many have observed the Sun during the recent months and have noticed it has increased in its brightness to the point of being blinding at sunrises and sunsets from the usual gentle orange. Photographers have lost their muted evening sunlight. Sun bathers have burn quickly in a fraction of exposure their tanning time. Crops have mature weeks early according to farmers worldwide. Occurrences, which presently (July 2003) are not reported by scientists or representatives of the media. Why? First there is an established wall of silence, but foremost, most can’t explain it. Some theories will have to be rewritten to touch upon events, so lets start now. The fusion process as explained by human science has hydrogen atoms fusing into helium under the extreme core compression due to a constant gravitational force. Now, fluctuations are expected to occur as observed during solar cycles (increase or decrease in sunspots), but during the recorded history, man has always been able to observe a soft sunset as described in many books and paraphrased in sonnets and poetry. The fusion process in a stellar object is controlled by many factors in equilibrium. The primary factor is the mass to core ratio determining gravitational compression to initiate a fusion reaction. This will be a surprise to most astrophysicists, as even cosmic objects the size of our smaller gas planets are capable of a fusion reaction in their present form under the right conditions. Second, there are outside universal gravitational, magnetic and other forces unknown to science affecting the rotation of the center of the Sun as they pull and repulse areas of the moving core creating circular motion. Third, the concentration of heavy elements within the core in proximity to free hydrogen ions and molecules, their damping rate, which mutes the fusion reaction and the percentage of iron within the total mass of the heavy elements becomes a factor with the effects of outside magnetic fields after a status of equilibrium. What is happening to our Sun is simply, an outside  magnetic force is stirring the iron elements in the core of the Sun (On Earth the Establishment’s cover name is Global Warming). This stirring is allowing the damping factor of the heavy elements to be reduced increasing the fusion rate fractionally. Thus, a hotter, brighter, whiter, more energetic Sun is observed by the public as the highly magnetic 12th planet slowly moves and hovers near the Sun upsetting normal equilibrium patterns in the solar system while caught in a tug of war between gravitational and repulsion forces.


Comments from the Forum Year 2004

captain obvious
11:53 am EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

The observations are correct; the causes are not.

Anonymous Coward
11:56 am EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

and in the white corner we have grant.
he is a reknowned astrophysicist and once worked in wall street. ( apparently )
his record reads :-

100 looney threads started
100 defeats

1:22 pm EDT

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The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

If the Sun had really warmed up significantly, we wouldnīt be having this discussion.

1:58 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

I distinctly remember 20, 30, and 40 years ago that the sun was white overhead and yellow near the horizon. I didnīt spend a lot of time looking at the sun when it was overhead, because It was too bright. Thatīs the way it is now too. Hasnīt changed at all.

Even in school, we were taught that sunlight was white light. It would appear more yellow or orange if there was more atmosphere for the light to pass through (even red from forest fire smoke). Hasnīt changed since then.

Saddly your science education is sorely lacking, but what can you expect when you are self-taught.

7:55 pm EDT

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The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

Grant cannot explain why light meters
work the same as they have for decades.

Anonymous Coward
7:57 pm EDT The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

"Plus he is making fun of the Gulf Stream, which has shifted south. "

Another LIE from Grant the TROLL!

Got any PROOF of that Grant?

8:04 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

I clearly remember the thread you are talking about. The debunkers were all saying the sun was yellow when you said it had changed to white. The argument went on for some time, how could we forget. It didnīt make sense for anyone that went outside and took a look.
Earlier this week all the debunkers were saying that the sun was white and that it always has been white. Believe me, Iīve been watching and this is puzzling.

Now, the debunkers are saying the sun is only yellow when the sun is lower in the sky. They are even covering their bases and saying the sun is both white and yellow around the edges.
This doesnīt sit well with me as Iīve seen them change their stories.

Iīm not a PXer, but I must reconsider my thoughts on this as this waffling and the lies attached to this are too obvious to ignore. I thought the debunkers were protecting everyone, now I know they are definitely lying about this. What is even more important is what else are they misleading on.
This doesnīt sit well with me at all.

8:11 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

From another thread, where Grant got trashed again which is why he is now trying to abandon it..

Most professional cameras have preset white balances that can be used, set for the normal daylight īlight temperatureī, which is about 5700°. Also, we have light temperature meters, and they have been around since the 1930īs. Guess what the sstandard daylight light temperature was then? Correct- 5700°. UNCHANGED.

I canīt help but notice how Grant and his always ac friend/s have never been able to bring themselves to address this single issue that blows their sun color stupidity out of the water. Daft.

Oh, and for the sake of completion, īdaylightī color temperature is defined as the color temperature of a summer sun, between 9am and 3pm, in an open blue sky. The color temperature during a typical day varies from about 4900° (yellowish afternoon sun), through to 5500-5700° (midday sunlight), 5700-6500° (direct overhead sun+blue sky). Most daylight color films are balanced for 5500°, that being thought of as a good compromise. They have been since the 1930īs, when color film began to enter the market seriously.

Overcast days tend to have much higher (bluer) color temperatures, up to about 8500°.


8:31 pm EDT
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The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

did u actually read this link grant?

It says that it is A type of yellow that we call white.

8:40 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

From Becky Ann on Grantīs thread - The Sunīs High Arc Anomaly 10/08/04 3:21am

Krill, YFH, and all other debunkers,

You seem to be doing pretty well with Grant and the Earth halt question.
Itīs one that is puzzling me too, and Grant does not seem to have the
answers for it. You guys really need to polish your approaches and not be so rude. It
does ruin your credibility. Stop being so condescending. (Krill, youīre
actually pretty good with respect issues)


My eyes are near perfect and have been since birth and I saw the sun as
yellow. I have no doubts about this. I used to look at the sun all the time
as a child (for brief moments) and I still look often with quick glances.
Now the sun is white and much brighter, with much more glare. It strikes
me as odd that every single debunker says the same thing, that the sun
was always white. This is suspicious.
The color of the sun which I clearly remember is something some of us
canīt ignore, so you debunkers had better come up with a story that
better suits our memories. This one is a deal breaker.

Just my 2 cents.

8:47 pm EDT
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The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

That website has shots of solar activity not of comparible sun shots. The type of proof of this would be comparible unfiltered shots from outer space. I donīt have them. Iīm not really trying to say that youīre wrong, just that the evidence to substatiate it as hard fact is missing.

And besides, if the sun is doing this, then we are all dead so why worry yourself with it. Prepare?

Im sure that if astronomers on the forums noticed something they would let us know. theyīre not all debunkers, you know.

The idea is to stay open ended on matters until hard proof either yay or nay.

Anonymous Coward
8:56 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

"Youīve all been saying the sun is white, and always has been. This I
know is a bold-faced lie. I remember it as Yellow, and only a few years
ago and for my whole life. "

Produce some EVIDENCE Researcher. Saying that you THINK it was a different color is NOT EVIDENCE!

Light meters say you are wrong, and they are more accurate than your ageing eyes.

You are apparently the one trying to play fast and loose with the truth here. What is your agenda? Why do you seek to deceive?

Anonymous Coward
9:09 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

The morons on this thread seem to think that the best way of judging the sunīs color is by looking at it!

They forget that instruments have been perfected which can measure it precisely, both below and above the Earthīs atmosphere, and that these instruments show no change in the sunīs color temperature.

But, of course, facts and proper science are of no interest to compulsive woo-woos.

9:16 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

From; YFH changes his story AGAIN! (Grantīs Anomaly thread) 11/08/04 1:27am

YFH, Mr.CIA (oops, sorry)

You canīt wiggle and squirm enough. I TKOīd you with one thread.
The sun was yellow all day long, not just near the horizons as you are
now saying. Youīve backed up into a corner. Too bad!

Nowhere does it say the sun comes up as yellow, then it turns to white,
then it goes back to yellow.

It says that the sun is YELLOW. Not yellow most of the time. Weīre
not talking about sunsets and sunrises here as you are trying to insinuate.

What happened to your prism experiment that proves the sun canīt be
yellow, Brainstem?

The more you squirm, the more you expose your fraud self.

Anonymous Coward
9:19 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

Hey Researcher (Grant), why not post some FACTS to support your DUMB assertion that the sunīs color has changed?

Why not?

Because you canīt, thatīs why, because you are a troll.

H Researcher
9:28 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

From: Debunkerīs story Changes 11/08/04 2:05am

Every single debunker here has lied to you all.

Every single one of them has been saying the sun is white and NOT
yellow, as I have proved it is, with links from the US Government
answering why the sun is indeed YELLOW.

Now the story from our lowly spooks changes.

They now say it is yellow/white. Watch the lies. The sun however was
yellow and questions are asked why itīs yellow, not anywhere does it
ask why the sun is white. Heck, the sun is even classified as a yellow

They asked for proof with links and when I provided it for them they
completely changed their story. What a bunch of liars!

Now why in the hell would anyone trust you freaks about anything else,
especially your observations with your GoTo scopes. If you are lying
about the color of the sun, you are probably lying about your GoTo
scopes too.

You guys should have seen this coming.

Anonymous Coward
9:34 pm EDT
The White Sun which has turned from Yellow

Researcher, you are a lying moron.

You have not proved that the sunīs color has changed, and that is the point being discussed here.

You should learn to read.

Provide PROOF that the sunīs color temp has changed, or continue to look like a complete jackass.

What a difference a year makes!


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