Avert One World Control


O Dear Heavenly Father

in memory of the Crucifixion of your Beloved Son Jesus

Christ I beg you to protect us, your children, from the

Crucifixion being planned to destroy your children by the

Antichrist and his followers.

Give us the graces we need to refuse the mark of the beast and

Bestow upon us the help we need to fight the evil in the world

spread by those who follow the way of Satan.

We beseech you, Dear Father, to protect all of your children

In these terrible times and make us strong enough to stand up

And proclaim your Holy Word at all times.



Source: http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/their-wicked-plans-also-include-a-new-global-vaccination-which-will-create-disease-all-over-the-world/