The Harvest



Written Jun 17


   Most of mankind are failing to grasp the purpose of the end times which signifies a purification of the Earth. It is to harvest all that belongs to God while that which belongs to the dark one will be swept away from the face of this planet as foretold in the book of Revelations. The first steps are happening now before your disbelieving eyes. The massacres have been engineered to embroil the Middle East in war as violence has reached a new low as children are killed in front their parents. You have been warned that east is backing Syria and this is the flash point, now Russian helicopter gun boats are being introduced into the theater as repaired. The goal here is to escalate to war and the free world just cannot grasp the importance of this. Do have eyes that can see?

   A man of peace will rise for all to adore, the beast and many of you will refuse to believe that he is the one as your values are so shallow and of this world.  Conquering the EU by providing financial stability backed by the bank of Rothschild is the plan now in operation. All destabilized by the mortgage crisis arranged for the United States when the European banks had to write off losses on bad CMOs. I am reminding the world again, they caused the problem and now will offer the world a solution, a new currency to control all. The battle for the souls is real and it is your refusal to believe due to the short comings of human perception that will cost millions to be lost, but this can change if action is taken by you.

   In Greece, many are abandoning their children as the family structure disintegrates with Spain and Italy soon to follow. Their currencies, no longer under the control of the governments, now belong to the banking cartel of the EU where they cannot inflate the money owed to reduce debt. You are seeing the introduction of financial slavery to the people of Europe for which there will be no escape before your very eyes. Austerity is now in place which demands the people suffer for the mistakes of the rich as all services are cut back and you still want to give the rich a free ride, fools as you vote with prejudice.

   In the United States many elder politicians are aligned with the dark one and will use deceit to get you to freely choose your own demise. You still believe the 40% loss in wealth was free market conditions. Obama was placed at this time to bring about a change from the heart, set back by those want to control you this was easy as he is black and with all advances in race relation still hated as shown in the Wisconsin vote. They say one thing on the exit polls but vote another way behind the curtain. Will this happen in November, Yes and Romney along with the Super PACS are counting on it. Ask yourself, as you have doubts, these ideas will be implanted by the dark one and you will deliver your own demise.

   Outright lying is now mainstream politics and few of you question it as seen in the ratings of Fox News. Their leader corrupt and you still believe, so sad. Your media hides the truth and you need to look at intent. Disorganization is the key as doubt buys time, you need to polarize an opinion.

   Much has been hidden from the world by men in power as knowledge rules nations. The prophecies were meant to warn mankind as those in power have no concern for you, the people. Disinformation agents planted to cause doubt as we have seen in the past, accepted spokesmen to present ideas as they work for the establishment. Laws introduced to cut waste and fraud are there to take away rights and control access to money and soon food. Look behind the facade and the words as to its intent to arrive at the truth.

   The prophecies will be fulfilled as most will sign away their rights and freedom. Millions will starve, many more killed in wars as Europe and the Middle East if invaded in the latter stages of the end times. Border wars will erupt due to migrating populations fleeing the earth changes all of this to come.

   I am speaking to each and every one of you in the media and the few leaders of the world and industry whose actions back the truth, who sees change coming or has that gut feeling. Is there not one of you who will stand up for what is right within your tight circles? If those aligned with the dark one in this nation rise to power sooner, God help this nation. I am asking for the brave, those you want to save the world to stand up, no cowards in this army as you walk with Jesus. Sacred servants you need to step up here. If you join, you will fear nothing. You will not waver from the narrow path. You will not turn, no matter what you see until this mission is completed. Now who will stand up for the Almighty? If so, request in a prayer to Almighty, Mary the Mother of Salvation will guide you, if get a sign of acceptance. (Agenda Below)

   Recently a dark cloud of devious souls was unleashed upon earth, crimes of unspeakable nature from the beginning of time. Watch as the world seems to have gone mad and you will know its source. Promoting fear, division and confusion where you shall not question all that is presented as good and fall in line behind what was spawned in deceit. Ideas planted in your minds as if they were your ideas, but they are not as they have an edge to where you are uneasy. This is the key. If you know an outside source can implant thoughts, you are a step ahead. The goal to destroy all of Godís children, the surprise is that those assisting to execute this plan will suffer the worst. As nothing is more satisfying then taking a dark soul who has help destroy the world delivering millions of souls and turn on the promise of glory. The pinnacle of deceit in the universe the strongest of dark souls, Godís lost children are made an example of. Oh, you think satan will spare you? He has millions of dark angels that have powers. What a fool, you are human, frail manipulated by wealth and power as he has deceived this world for thousand of years and you are different? No just like a grain of sand on the beaches of this world, but you believe in your self inflated ego. This must change.

   For the elite, I have been given a glimpse of what is in store for you. For those of you have solidified a choice for the dark one.  Fear will grip beyond anything you have dished out to the public on earth or have dreamed of. As the raft of the Almighty destroys all around, you will observe flesh turn to dust as it is torn from those around you. You remember pledge you made to control a world beyond this earth waiting, it provides no escape. So you beg for your life and commit your soul to the dark one.

   As these events flash before you in disbelief, remember, if you have a spark of love left choose the Almighty. If you have reached this point, nations have fell, millions perish and not one of has seen the promised world. In this pyramid scheme everyone loses except satan who is on top. Who do you think gave you this financial tool to fleece money from the weak?

   It is the goal of the Lord's army to save all, including you, for you killed the flesh not the spirit. We cannot stand by and see you, the elite destroyed by false promises and will do everything sanction by the Almighty to save your asses. There will come point when you seek help, ask us, before you ask satan please. Consider the eyes of your friends, family and children as fear polarizes them and they depend upon you for the right answer. Can you make this choice? If so, all will be forgiven with true remorse in the wink of an eye. I have asked to raise the level of awareness on earth as the signs in the sky will now move over heavily populated areas and most will know these are acts of God.

   For those who have control this world and Godís children, corrupted millions of souls through wealth and power and refuse the conversion. Fear will control your decisions until you ask for an escape that shall be given. Transported in human form to safety, but the deceit will fool even you as you are presented with what is called hell. Visually as you approach you will see terror that would make hearts of the weak stop, all to intimidate. But you remember the promises of the dark one where allegiance on earth causing pain, misery and the delivery of the souls you now see falling into the abyss is your free pass. The surface glows as a solid but has qualities of a liquid to allow the weak to sink. Burns to the touch and many thought this is the spirit form but flesh seems to recompose itself around the bones derived from earth. There things burning below the surface of the flesh are they alive, searing pain, is there no relief?

   The smell, the terror and fear beyond your imagination. Then you catch a glimpse of those you know appear above the pit. What is that? Oh they are crawling into every open crevice of the humans including their eyes. The screams curl the surface of skin of who are watching. The smell, as fear emerges in all of their eyes, while they are dropped into the abyss.  Like snowflakes falling from a winter storm in human form, shock and disbelief abounds.

   What seems like skin burns erupts in boils causing extreme pain and then burst. Their stomach convulses as a revolting liquid burns throats when swallowed as if they are drowning. What seems like your brain of the past life on earth pulsates with an extreme hangover, no relief. Then they morph, what is that form? Human, animal some forsaken abomination, the eyes, and evil smirk, what is that swimming in their puss? Their alive and starting to eat what seems like flesh! Screams, unbearable beyond the tolerance of humans, in disbelief their limbs grow back deformed and are eaten again. Letís leave this place.

   Satan toys with you trapped like those lured into prostitution with promises that are false used and then discarded when of no use. Where is God? Save us please, too late you have made that eternal commitment for a flash of time on earth. This is not a million earth years in your form, but eternity where there is no end. You review your life, that girl you slept with that ended your marriage, which put your kids into a tail spin. That person you murdered in a rage or for greed as you listened to that implanted thought from the dark one as if it was yours, fool. Hind sight is 20/20 and this is your hindsight. Will you act on it?

  Why when I pledged? And he promised me a better life. Now gleaming down upon the lost, eyes shifting stirring fear, he speaks the truth. You are the children of God who banished me, and I will inflict every terror, fear upon you in revenge.

    Now you know your fate, but there is time to change with this warning. Will you heed these words as the truth? I hope so, in the name of Jesus the Savior of this world who extends his hand to you. When all about you is lost and your actions unspeakable and you fear that which has trapped your life feeling helpless and you need a lifeline, call out with this prayer and He with snatch you away from the dark one.

   Contrary to what some believe, it is not being service to other that guarantees your future for this is only the first step in a spiritual decision and faced with the future, most are promoting a facade. You are Godís children; it is only your belief in Him and true repentance of your actions on earth that allows you to cross to the new earth. This decision must be firm either during the warning or shortly after. There is no dither point between the God and the dark one, just a choice.

 So what about the gardening and prep told to us as necessary? Yes this is true, but this is pre shift prep to survive the famines and controls in place forcing many to take the mark of the beast. If taken willingly, you will be counted as lost.

   Now the question, isnít the future of this world in the hands of the COW? Where you not told this group was a very high level of wise spiritual beings. This is so, as the 24 ancient elders that sit about God the Almighty control this universe and all within. This is His creation. Just what were you hoping for? This is about the people of earth rising to the right choice, nothing else counts.

   Sacred servants, now is the time to prepare. Hide all items related to the sacraments where they will never be found, save your old garments from mass, for there will be time you will not have access to them freely. Blessed candles and Bibles will lift the hearts and spirits of all when few are around. Know how produce the host from unleavened bread and order casts to imprint and cut the host all this to bring familiarity back to the faith when the practice of the mass is forced underground. When the faith changes it is time to leave as you will needed in the field instead of being suppressed in fear. You cannot change the fall of the Catholic Church to a new unified Christian religion controlled by the false prophet, this is prophesized and must occur. You can be there for all those who refused to give up their allegiance to Jesus, the Savior of this world or the lost looking for hope. This is your mission. This is why you pledge your life to Father. This is what you must do.

   To the elderly faithful, it is not expected that you take on the battle with the antichrist, but strong volunteers are welcome. For many, your poor hearts would fail, but we need your support in prayers. Say them daily at 3 pm as this will make a difference in the souls saved, help us. If you are faced with death see it as a blessing when you are taken supporting our Lord. There will be glory as you pass over the veil and every tear and suffering will be wiped away as you are greeted by those who passed before you. It is time to take a new stand on faith to where it is now where belief becomes a fact for you. When your faith is strong, there are no doubts, so act like it.

   Many faithful have not grasp the truth of why Jesus sent His apostles to do in this world. Had the Jews the chosen accepted the Messiah, the promised world would already be here as the earth would have ascended at that time. All of you know He died for you, but what you need to comprehend as a follower is that every abuse, hate towards another, cunning plan and the pain it inflicts on others is felt by Him and shared by His Mother. This was the gift of the crucifixion although it continues today. So if a different person is rejected by your church for what ever reason, you rejected Him and He will confront you on it. You were told when you put down another you put down Him. Was this not in the scriptures or do you just ignore that part? The only reason the Almighty did not destroy this world again, is that Jesus is taking full responsibility for all misdeeds and sins, all. Jesus, patience is there only because of His Mother Mary as she has lived a longer life on earth and pleads for the hand of mercy. In hope during the warning all will run into His arms. You are all children of the Father, family, but few of you act like it. Change starts when you see an injustice that was once accepted by all, can you cross that line and not look back, but move forward and treat all, as someone you can get along with, a first step. You know there is a counter influence that enters your mind as your own thoughts causing doubts, fear and anger. You need to know this does not come from God.

   What is needed from you is a sacrifice for those in your family where your preaching does not get an ear or just to lower mistrust among the faithful. Remember every person on this earth was created by God, each with their own set of challenges as those who suffer the most, retain the most graces or gifts from God. You were told the the least will be first as those who have conquered the world do not see them as a threat. Know this, the Almighty has all power through His sanctions the most powerful will fall to the least.

   To the leaders of this world, you can not change the prophecies, for they must occur. What you must do is expose corruption to the citizen to see the truth at all costs. It is here that you will slow the progress of the antichrist who with full power, the world will first adore, then fear. By under minding the foundation of weak souls who follow, his progress will be impeded.   

   Austerity has place citizen against citizen in the Greek vote as the financial debt acquire by government mismanagement has crushed the people through no fault of their own. Tight fiscal control, government contraction has left this country in a recession spanning a half a decade with little hope of change down the road as unemployment gets worse. The bankers will now dictate control of the flow of money to the citizen. Spain, Italy and France to follow coupled with the disasters, Europe will fall under the power of anyone that will offer relief, this is the plan of the antichrist. Can it be stopped? Maybe, but definitely slowed, the purpose through suffering is to bring Godís children home, this is the only way now, as most are blinded to the lies and deceit presented in the media.

   As the plan to control Europe proceeds in plain sight, the bail outs freely given now to hook many nations with interest rates. Once all are controlled, rates will rise cause a cascading default crisis in Europe. Without financing local farms will not be able to plant as an artificial famine will occur with the few crops planted going to the rich. Disasters will cut short harvests. The people will cry for change Germanyís banks will force into an invasion on weaker countries in order to recoup debt while the U.S. watches. War breaks out and the antichrist offers funds from the Rothschild banks to bailout out countries for one currency, but the debt of the people remains. Slaves to the needs to the international bankers who now control their resources, money and food. Almost all will praise the antichrist along with the leaders; those who stand up, will be assassinated by agents of the dark one. The Christian world will be in disbelief as the prophecies of Revelation unfold. His false prophet will be elected to the seat of Peter and the Catholic Church will abandon the Trinity, the Sacrament of the Eucharist preaching self love and worship of the new world order leader as Christ himself. Do not be fooled.

   Confusion is the key where doubt implanted will sway those who do not know better to affect the lives of billions. Will the politicians stand up; few do today as witnessed by the PACs in America. A hundreds of millions of dollars spent by businessmen and billionaires, all this to achieve a result at the poll. They know each and every American has a fear, as the problems created by greed, bring families to their knees. Deep seated differences will be exploited in the media blitz of the air waves as each vote may be cast with anxiety instead of conviction or principles. Where does this leave Obama? He has achieved his purpose. Harvard grad, well spoken, an American, but is still treated as less at every turn. A mission he had to present to this nation so that polarization would occur in America, exposing what is still hidden in this country.   

   Will America vote in Romney? Events of the future are Godís plan, but in the hands of mankind as the gift of free will shall show the intent of America. Even with truth laid out before them, layoffs, purging at the polls, outside money, scandal, the same people affected by deceit still voted for a Republican governor as democratic union members, little has changed. This is the truth!

   So what is the plan of those pushing Romney, first through no choice of his own, remnants of the Bush era will flood many points of leadership in the Cabinet. Continuity, to solidify an agenda that separates, you from your money again and locks many of the poor in coastal cities, same plan, just new faces. Will you as a people ever learn?

   The level of evil will catch Romney by surprise, as he still thinks the real power is in the presidency. Clueless, just ask Obama how much cooperation he received when he fought for the American people. The agenda of most corporate leaders and government officials is to solidify power behind one entity that is said to come. As the engineered financial collapse will be presented as problem that plagues all countries and one currency, one leader with one new world order to correct the past, which they created, shall be the solution. It will be with your free will and deception and the backing of the media all shall be fooled.

    The agenda here will be the extermination of Godís children, all of you on earth starting with the Jews and those that assist when no longer are of use, they will be destroyed as examples of the weak. Fear shall keep the minions in line. As accumulated wealth just disappears or is lost in the disasters as economies collapse. The antichrist and his dark angels have a plan for earth that will make Hitler and his SS seem like a group of 6 year old cub scouts.

    If America as a haven is threaten, then the hand of God the Father Almighty will fall on all those responsible. But know this America; hate is still present, as many have no clue of media manipulation and how your money, jobs, and housing are rigged. There was no compromise in Congress to help you. So the upcoming presidential election is crucial and influence peddling now legal via the Supreme Court decision affects all. I call it as I see it. This is the truth!

   Now the billionaires want a return on their investment as the Supreme Court who sold you and your vote out for the influence of the unlimited corporate dollar and you will be responsible for your actions due to media spin. Voting roles purged for illegal votes numbering under a hundred in many cases at the state level, disenfranchising tens of thousands, do you not see a law used to correct a few cast as corrupt has another agenda? You canít even get voters out, that the have this right to show at the polls and we are worried about a few that will bring about no change? Look at the intent here, where the actions of others in control of the system is examined, this is a goal which presents one of fraud, but achieves another purpose as the gullible are fooled again. This Is the truth!

   Know this America, if you vote Romney in or if the corrupt inside the democratic party render Obama powerless and those that follow the plans of the antichrist, one to introduce a necessary vaccine that will purge hundreds of millions from earth in a plague. Refuse it at all costs, the vaccines and the embedded chip for you need for commerce will be distribution points. Those responsible will be subject to the great quakes of the New Madrid, the West Coast and New York where innocent victims counted as dead will just disappear in safety. The Atlantic Tsunamis which will devastate Europe will also flatten parts of the east coast (Hamptons, Newport, Cape Cod region), all, to break the grip of the antichrist and the traitors to their knees in this country if they sell out. For those who want a different outcome or soften affects use this prayer and your vote. Or if you win Romney fight for the people in this country, for once in your life as a politician, as a human that believes, represent the true cause of the people without a hidden agenda.

    When the knowledge of the upcoming events was withheld, it was to give a small group an advantage over all and but there is a power that can stop the conquest of Europe and the Middle East, many of you will cry out for the error of ways, but you were warned. You say, there was a command structure, but you made a cowardís choice. You will be exposed, but what side will you take in advance or handed by default as passive?

    It is not about doom and gloom as all would perish if earth continued its present path and only some of those with wealth would survive the initial shift as division and doubt in most camps would hinder helping others. Look around who are you fooling as many members on sites preparing the public have little trust for each other. This needs to change. How many times do you have to be told? This is a spiritual decision and no amount of supplies, location and preparation will insure your safety, because in most cases the threat will come from within where you do not expect it, no matter how you screen people. You will be looking for those who have an edge instead of the spiritually pure, which will seem weak in your minds. This is your downfall.


The Current Plan of Attack


    In this war, you will not beat their wealth, power or deceit for that is not our way. Fear and empty promises is their plan as they know most mankind can be swayed with power, money and sex. It is the power of suggestion that is the source of their influence as most of mankind doesnít even know it is the dark one that is talking to their mind for this is his world just a little longer. That which is spiritual has no physical power on the dark side, but suggestion to free will is a fact. It is the acts of man listening to those same thoughts that carry out atrocities on each other (voices in the head). Although the antichrist once incarnated on the galactic alignment will have all of his supernatural powers, beware. The key here was to use educated spokesmen to prevent all of from knowing your connection to the Father and it has been so effective, as few believe in the power of God.

   There is a weakness so effective and will be exploited, but few know its true power. Saying a prayer disrupts the spirits aligned with the dark one, they become confused in anger. A prayer of simple words sounds like a high pitch screech of static that drives them mad. Focus on their target soul opens a window of opportunity for that which is God to present an option out.

   I expect each and everyone of to join in unison and help open this window. This will result in less suffering where you and your families who do not believe to have a better chance on earth before after more so after the warning. All sacred servants who pledge your life to Jesus, you have been drafted and now it is time to fight for your church. Jesus has called you and this time you will not abandon him like the apostles did at first in the garden. You have learned that lesson, bravery, no cowards. We need a minimum of 3 rosaries said each day for your brethren who do not believe, preferably at 3pm local time, but best in unity Eastern Standard Time USA. Do this to change the course of the world, for every elite that changes as he is presented with an option, affects thousands as you break the grip of satan.

    For the faithful, start with one Rosary and then build as you want to take on more responsibility for others. Some will see the results to inspire others. As the best defense against the dark one is an offense so we will strike now before he becomes powerful at the galactic alignment. For without a strong army the leader is weak. Do your best, as many who would be lost without your prayers are depending on you.

    Now for the leader of the United States, we are all concerned with the deceit presented as fact and there is an influx of money that your contributors may not match, but they also control the media. We are asking you to take the time to say the Rosary once a night; it will be your most powerful weapon. You have tried many other options and you have never been steered you wrong by me. You will be able to see into the intent of the souls of your party and the republicans. Your enemies exposed not for you to call out, but to discard their plans. Do this as an urgent first step. As to provide a balance Boehner if you do the same you will see the traitors within your party and deal with them before the alignment. There will be no second chance. Make that choice, Boehner, fear the republicans who are just men or fear God. Choose mankind and the antichrist will throw you to wolves as weak and he has a special place just for you as a Catholic. I expect you as a Catholic to get on your knees and ask forgiveness from the Almighty, which will be granted, but more important for you say 3 rosaries a night, you know why. I expect to see your smiling face in the new world, don't disappoint us.

   This urgent battle is just beginning and has been prophesied, we need not to wait until they destroy countries, financially enslave millions to respond to the need for help. We see the need now, but most are to busy to care. All have seen the lessons of war, and in this spiritual war, we cannot afford to have a reactive stance when the choice to is to be prepared and anticipate the next move. We march now before they get strong and save our loved ones. Now army, stand up for Jesus and let the world know who you love.


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