The Bunkers

Mankind's Best Last Hope?



Written: Sept 6 2010

Updated Mar 8 2011

   The Bunkers for surviving the Pole Shift have always been in place for decades, where the political connected, the elite in America, and those who pull the strings of power hope to find safety paid for by American tax dollars. All of senior members have inside knowledge within the Democratic and Republican parties, knows who ever is in charge when the shift occurs, would basically dictate, who is admitted and thus assured shelter, food and protection from the angry masses and the shift. Now you know why they waffle, stonewall or seem to just reverse policy decisions for no real reason. This was what one group counted on in early 2003, when Bush and company with the many that hope to part of the plan following the drama, were lead to believe the shift was about to occur from an outside source. Will the bunkers provide protection, were all including families of the elite and the political harden can live together only to emerge at some later timeline alive and assume leadership roles, yes for select few, that have seen the worst in the bunkers and when free, use their experience to make sure it does not happen again, but for the most, no.

   As many contemplate their choices, they will explain it away as, we have saved many from killing themselves in panic by maintaining order until what seems the end. Did you, when millions died with no warning, and give them a choice for survival instead of a dictate by your decision. What happened to the words, "Land of the Free" in what is the best country in the world or are some or you in control, trying to put an asterisk next to those words? Your spin, we could not prepare. The truth, you had decades to do so and make preparations, but you saw this as an opportunity to sculpt the population that which was not like you due to a natural event, so you suppressed the information. Full compliance to this edict was maintained under national security and death threats. We will save the best in society. Yes a group at the top that destroyed economies through fraudulent business practices by design, where political success is measured by how much money is raised instead of a  intelligent practices, a policy that is fair to all. A planned a war to seize oil resources, and then lie to maintain a political advantage under the cover patriotism, do not question what you eyes and ears see and hear, but the mind comprehends the message as false, and this is mankind's best salvation.

   As a portion of England gets washed away and London becomes mostly a mud flat filled with rotting bodies, by a one, two punch of moving water. The initial tidal waves approaching from the west will flow across and over lower England unabated into the channel and then hours later a tidal bore rushing up the Thames as the seawater flooding the mainland of Europe reverses flow drains back into the channel. The choices you have made will cut through your heart as one of your own falls. Government rescue, how, as most will be in hiding and those helicopters with fuel will be pulled by the rich for rescue, leaving the common people to die without help from those who govern them, but there is always hope.

   Yes, as events unfold the option of going into hiding as conspiracy theories become fact after the quakes along the southwestern rim of  the Pacific becomes a real choice for some. Many will run and hide in the bunkers taking their families, like the cowards in flight when they are when confronted by their crimes and actions. They assume their actions will provide a clear edge for survival, again what an assumption.

  Many will be forced to the bunkers early as those in power project strength when supported, but cower in fear when put to the test. So they run for safety dragging family members against their better judgment. They are in disbelief that a respected family member or parent just sold out America and its people. The pillars of society, so strong in the public when backed by the media and friends, now a coward in the bunkers, hiding with no shame. Babbling and indecisive with no real answers as to when this will be all over and what is in store for those brought along when they emerge. Once in, there is no leaving, even for those who jumped the timeline out of fear. Once a bunker is discovered, an angry mob of what is left of the population will camp out, knowing this location is their hopeful source of medicine, food and protection. When the doors don't open, hope turns ugly for anyone emerging and there will be many. What you failed to contemplate is the high pitched screeching as Earth movements compress and fracture the crust. What lurks below, many species unknown to mankind, will be driven towards the surface. No ultrasonic technology or new development will override the irritable frequencies emanating from Earth driving this migration. At first, many insect types by the trillions will exploit and infiltrate all cracks and clog air filtration systems in the DUMBs and Bunkers. With the shifting of the Earth doors opened may not close and it only takes one. Food stores devastated, and their natural food source cut off below, in some bunkers the residents now become the tasty target. What do you tell your daughter you brought here to save now, as she sees the occupants eaten alive, this is just collateral damage. What do you say to you tearful wife as she quakes in fear uncontrollably, what, another lie as you were so sure? In some remote areas life forms much larger than insects emerge and this shall evoke fear even in the military that is assigned to protect you, for all will die inside or outside at the hands of mad max gangs camp out at the entrances. The final blow, when the shift happens, most of the all deep caverns will flood. Leaving many of the what is left of the elite, to drown like wet rats in a raging torrents. Only a few bases built on solid bedrock in a geo-stable areas will survive, let the in fighting begin for the prime spots. Remember those in power need an under class to do what they will not, guess why you were invited.

   All of you have a lapse in memory, as those who planned for a future life in the bunkers cared nothing for you and others, as all are just another number in the way. You sold your soul and now your in deep as the food rations dwindle, how will low you sink morally to eat and have temporary safety? The more the supplies shrink, the greater the demands will be forced upon the lesser until even you will choose to die. But, what have you become in the interim to survive is just a shell of a human. You have been told that ruthless will segregate or polarize and some have chose to live with them. In a closed situation as laws are made by those in control, absolute power will be the rule of thumb. Non compliance will be dealt with by elimination, as family members watch, so they will not repeat your mistake. What was hidden in their daily lives, will come out for all to see in the bunkers. Everyone will be suspected, as all are plotting to be on top. Can you trust the guards, because they want what you have. Welcome to the transition of a self serving world as all will be lied to, all will have no honor and most will die at the hands of each other. Now you will say things will not be this bad, really. Without the gullible, as most are harden, look in the mirror and say, "everything will be fine". You can't lie to yourself, but you can be in denial.

   Those above ground face dangers, not of discovery from humans as their well planned and hidden locations are remote, but from animals and insects with a heighten sense of smell, which will evolved quickly, as survival of the fittest accelerates over a short span of time. With land shifting, there will be breaches in the harden survival structures, no matter how much prep as temperature differential exploits the smallest crack. It is here that most humans will move from the top of the food chain to just food, as fatigue will allow that momentary lapse or pause in response from entrusted to protect. There is no second chance. The worst part is, that the initial victims will be eaten in plain view of the those who slipped away. The problem is that all will have the same fate as the same scene is played over and over again until all have succumb.


   As the date for the elite to retreat to the private bunkers draws closer, a new concern has arisen for those in control. Defection of those given refuge, that now want to leave as the tension, abuse, egos and just the passage of time with no direction is seen as worst than taking a chance with death on the outside. To those that were happily accepted as guests, you will be considered a security risk once outside the walls of the compound. The fear is that once you are released, you will reveal their location to the general population or worse after the pole shift you will stand out as healthy among the destitute, thus raising a flag. Your fate is sealed as any words of reassurance will be looked at as weak pledge for mercy. Learn quickly, among the elite there is no mercy.  Either you will be killed within the compound as an example to others contemplating the same thought or released and shot in the back of your head while leaving. Choose wisely, your life will depend on it and there will be no Calvary to save the day.

   Now as cocky and so sure of yourselves and your technology, you think this can not happen, except this time you will be betting your life, more important, family and friends, which are dependant upon you and your words may and for the most part, suffer the same fate. You will be given the same chance you gave the American people and the rest of the world magnified by 10.

   What is so sad, you were given an offer of advance technology for enhanced protection and energy for all, by setting up basic survival locations at military bases with a designed set of rules that would protect the vulnerable, cooperation and east coast tsunami warning systems for population centers over 100,000 and you chose to do nothing for your people. That window of opportunity is closed. I see your motto still is, "let the useless die", only you know, your definition of productive is within the top 2% of wealth and mankind's definition of intellect. Yes, in their minds, 98% of the population of Earth, is a problem, and the pole shift will do what they won't, because it is a crime and may get caught as others for war crimes. The game does not change, just the players.

   Those of you that have been promised a spot in the bunkers in exchange for your cooperation and silence, need to evaluate this life decision, because you and your loved ones will put your lives in jeopardy. Scenario will be that most who enter the bunkers, will not leave the bunkers at least alive and is this worth the betrayal of mankind as many face death. All will know very soon anyway and where to point the finger. How long do you plan to hide, what happens when you emerge? Fear on the surface is still in your hands, in the bunkers it is controlled by someone or something else. This decision does not get a do over or hoping someone comes to the rescue. If you choose to hide there, then be prepared to die there. Anyway how long do you really think you can live with criminals with credentials in suits?

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