The Conclave of 2013

The Election & Plans of the New Pope





Written Mar 15

Updated Mar 18


   With the election of the pope now history many of the sacred servants, the eligible College of Cardinals who could vote were pressured secretly to vote for another, but many were aware of that he was first choice by media leaks and press to accept & promote him to the seat of Peter. That he was the false prophet with the credentials to join the religions of the world, well versed in the Moslem faith. This was a ruse. Another, poised to take the seat after the death of John Paul, but it was too early. A sudden change after years of confirmation of the faith would not be accepted and questioned. Why change the laws of the Church now?

   Even I failed to investigate more deeply even though, was aware of replacements. The Dark one although rigid put in place another more powerful, but will gather power quickly in these end times. This worked one who could have ascended during the last conclave remove himself from the ballot, but should have been included as a potential, well planned. Those voting knew the connection with one of the candidates to the antichrist and refused to vote him over the threshold. So a substitute was introduced and seen as a relief, with all the right qualities, but dig deeper and the truth emerges. This substitute was in place, but still part of the plan as he was the true choice. Those of the dark greatest traits acquired over time is to allow a free choice of those always wanted, but placing a set of conditions that funnel a choice to a particular area of person.

   Now the faithful see a pope that took a bus, blessed with humility, and one of the pious all carefully crafted as the antichrist planned this over thousands of centuries. It is only human ignorance that allows this to proceed. This has been predicted in Revelations. Lightning has struck the Vatican twice on the resignation of Benedict and this is a fact. The black smoke has filled the Sistine Chapel and escaped through the chimney as if a dark cloud has descended. This is a fact. It rained on you in St Peterís square, yet you do not heed the signs.

   Most of you have doubts, but my words have stood the test of time in all subjects. For you in the media, beware stand for the common man and that which you have discounted and controlled this world for centuries will purge or humble those against. Stand strong. I am a Roman Catholic and stand by Jesus Christ, my Savior, Father the Almighty, Mother Mary and the one who teaches me in the spiritual realm to fight all evil, St. Michael, the Archangel. I do not run or succumb to any intimidation perpetrated by any force or nation for my beliefs. This is who I am standing for without reservation. Fear is for the weak of faith. It is justice and freedom from sin that I champion for inspired by My Lord, where all humans that are Godís children can partake in our inheritance.

   All I bring to you is the Truth inspired by Christ. All I ask of you is to observe the signs, which now shall come. Watch as humility is paraded before you masked as pride. Watch media carefully during Holy Week at his hands when a gesture representative of the dark one slips out. Watch as changes to modernize discard the laws of God. Watch as absolute control of allegiance to the dark one in the Vatican will cause confusion where there should be peace. It will always be subtle, but the signs will still be there if you choose to look and then with caution dig deep. It is about arriving at the Truth without dying in an arranged accident or murder as to send a message to others that may follow your path.

   It is about the fine details that will show you a disbelieving world, as this is the pope being talked about. A future pope was chosen through the inspiration God by the vote within the Conclave. This is where the educated are so wrong is just this particular case. You were told, all would be fooled as the false prophet would deceive the faithful and many cardinals, and he has. Those that know the Truth will be crushed in an organized fashion. This is how you will know that person suffered in the name of Jesus Christ, the ultimate target.

   The plan is to promote or not impede those the further the mission of the new world order. Those that are backed by the dark one, the primary goal was to infiltrate the seat of Peter as the final insult. This is the evil; this world is up against in the end times. Its strength is that the faithful thinks this is not possible. The children of God have free will and a responsibility to others. You have seen the sins of the Crusades. You have the murder of races for their gold under the guise of conversion. You have seen a small fraction of the sacred servants take advantage of others, but these actions were meant to hurt the Church on a whole when it was the independent actions of a few. When face with a choice, you must discern the Truth in the name of your Savior. During the period that now represents Lent, remember how the Apostles abandoned Jesus. The faithful that believed once upon a time on the mount will now say crucify Him when confronted in front of pompous men of power cowering in fear. Where was the courage? Would you have folded? Remember He was God and suffered for you, Father could have destroyed this world like before. Yet you discount Him in your busy lives. This will now change.

   I have asked for the signs in the sky and on earth to send a message for all to know the power of the Almighty. There will be doubts that where you live where many more should have died. This will be a gesture of mercy given to His children, and thank God. Watch, reflect and most important change. Prayers of the faithful has held His hand, but it is about moving from skeptic to I will consider. A hard rejection will only bring earth changes that will kill those aligned with the dark one, but the innocent also, this is not the way. You have a choice.

   Do not speak to share your thoughts, for you are not prepared to offer a solid rebuttal until a time is given to you to come forward. Without prayer, removal of pride and the gift of humility, you will not be successful. With time short coming forward before your time will turn off all and you will get back only a few. Wait and with a conviction to the Lord all will be saved.

   Nothing angers the Almighty more than a servant of the dark one occupying the seat of Peter as Heaven weeps. It is the tears of Jesus that will now flood the earth. All have heard that the black pope will be the last and many of you again have failed to dig deeper as to the relevance of this prophecy. The cardinal from Africa was tarnished with leaks he allegedly said against Moslems, but with little time to clear him. All of you focused there and signed off on the dismissal, little to no resistance. Focus people, the black pope is a title, not the race of the pope elected, one that under a ancient plan the guise of piety and humility would provide a foundation of acceptance to the faithful.  As few know this one backs the new world order is a part of the Jesuits and its Masonic order, the leader. All are in celebration as the beast has promise the delivery of this world and few of you are wise enough to see this. The final quest is control of the Vatican and it has fallen. They have financially enslaved the E.U. and America is next. Research it.

   There is the deceitful and those that do much good in all organizations, that which professes faith in God, but fear allows through indifference. It is this stance that allows the wolves to run free among an unsuspecting faithful. You say God will not allow this to occur, in your ignorance and more important pride. You have free will, a gift from God. Explain to me what part of free will do you not understand? You choose to either help or hurt, and your actions are excised against another child of God. There is has been little intervention up to now and your choice results in consequences, hurt, love, pain, support, death or life. You choose according to the rules God left you as guidance or you can live your life for your self under the influence of the dark one. Jesus speaks, "Know this, the Laws of God were given to guide you My children and protect the rights of others, which you see as tolerance. Do not confuse tolerance and free will as citizens of a nation as a right to change God's Laws. You as children have no right to make judgment, it is I your Lord and Savior that states abortion and same sex marriage is against the laws of Father, period."


  This is no secret for it is written in the Bible. The children of Fatima sent by Mary delivered this same warning in the 3rd letter to Rome. It was buried. Some popes who had the courage to try and reveal the Truth to the faithful paid the ultimate price, which explains the short reign. Look around at this world, which will undergo great change and know it is because the faithful, adore that which was sent by the beast. The chastisements will escalate in response to evil. This is the Truth

   Watch the skies, notice if the earth shakes, groans or pops with a low level boom, tidal floods where water has never been, sinkholes that will panic the brave, all will be beyond what mankind has experienced. Before you take a position and speak give it a year. Not with a change doctrines from the new pope for this will be slow and subtle as to fool all. Look at your world as changes occur in lands that offend God. What will catch your eye will be that it is different. Watch, refrain from comments, and just take it all in. The wise wait and let the fools take the first step.

   I am speaking to you the leaders, the media, those who move this world. The public for now until the signs in the sky come will believe what they are told. This is not your concern; they will be taken care of slowly. Stand up for your nations, your family and friends. Do not allow the new world order to separate the family structure, diminish the national pride of your nation in favor of globalization. All of you will suffer as many you consider as important in your life will not be seen as important in the rise of the new world order. As they are taken away and you life is on the line fake tears will not give them peace as they have been betrayed by you who has made a choice. You were told everyone associated with you is welcome, the hook. When it comes to delivering tears will flow as they lied.

 The Catholic Church will morph to include all and with this diminish sin and it here the Almighty will cast them away into the abyss. Slowly in time, actions to dismiss some of the commandments will be seen as adapting and modernization for all, global unity and in place introduce laws that seem to accept the tolerance of others. Man cannot replace the laws of God no matter how they spin it, but more important these ideas are a manifestation of satan, himself as he tries to conquer this world in the end times. Pride, apathy and indifference is his greatest weapons against mankind, the children of God. Many within his control, the greedy poor, the elite, the powerful and the famous are just some of his pawns.

   All of you have families and friends; explain to me, just how are you going to prep them? Oh we are all going to the woods well stocked and protected bunkers, we will be the future. Not even you believe that lie. You dread an announcement and few think the president will deliver it for even he is concerned with the raft of the public. This is in the hand of a man with courage. You knew and now you are telling us, will be the cries coming from the streets. Let this be known, the pole shift is an act of God, do not confuse this with an event to survive. Your hint, given under the strict rule of non interference is that, this is a spiritual event where all need to rise to the next level. It is about the Creator and His Son, not one about of His creations you think are similar to you. In the universe there is only one race, the human race that has the honor to reside with the Creator as you are His children. No other creation in this universe past or present can make this claim.

  When the quakes allow access to your reinforced infrastructure by insects, rodents coupled with wild lethal animals attracted by your garbage waiting for a meal around the perimeter, then what? Shoot them; dead animals attract more from the wafting smell carried miles away where there is none. Even with a million bullets they run out and then you are the food.

   Reality will hit you when those you thought cared for family are for themselves. Why should I go hungry? I need the bed. Donít waste medicine on the dying until it is them. Differences ignored as talk until someone is sexually assaulted, hopefully not a child, and then what? It may be your wife or your growing son, anger in a compound where no one can leave; tension builds with terrible consequences for all. Is this what you want for the short future when you depend upon man instead of God?

   The changes coming to mankind is to bring them home to the Almighty, His children and with conversion and prayer there is always hope. What you will not do is follow changes when presented in the near future a new Catholic doctrine that goes against the teachings set in place by Jesus for over 2000 years, when prayers are dismissed, sacraments discarded for another do not follow no matter what is dictated from Rome. You serve Jesus, not the pope or a priest. This is your faith. This is why you need to pray. This is why you will not waver in these end times for you know what your true goal is, to see the Second Coming while in a state of grace or die trying. All of you that have been prepped to what is coming through the Bible, it is only the coward who abandons your Lord again in this Second Coming, if so you need to reflect on your actions. Always be prepared and fear nothing. Death is a release, but a betrayer of Jesus is for eternity, make the right choice.

   There was intense pressure to elect someone outside of the favorites as all could be the false prophet for the anti-christ for it is written. The time is now as this is what you need to understand. When the smoke filled the Sistine Chapel all got the message and abandoned the front runner, but this move was anticipated by satan and the true one was elected, the Jesuit. The cardinals that are bound by the oath, against the power of satan, many quivered in fear and succumbed. May God have mercy on their souls. Those forced will be forgiven with penance and prayer, but those who willing voted, only your prayers, the faithful can save them, pray hard for they are responsible for the abomination of a church that was the body of Jesus Christ.

   Much is hidden for now and Revelations will play out like a parable, look for the deeper meaning as oppose to the literal. Prayer has changed the chastisement for the better as the destructive forces are still held at bay. Know this, all that has been delayed is through your prayers and millions are alive today who otherwise would have died in a disaster.

   Each of you needs to step up for Jesus as this mission needs dedicated souls to recite Crusade Prayers to save humanity. It is not about asking questions in doubt, but doing what our Lord wants you to do without question. Can you do this for the Lord, sacred servants and the faithful? Remember what culminates at the end of this Lenten season, Jesus died for your sins. He is only asking for a regiment of prayers recited daily without fail. If you miss a day, that is fine, but you must make them up. This is simple compared to His Death as few of you would have walked in His shoes.

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