As the False Prophets Rise

Know This; there is only one Jesus Christ

The Book of Truth



Written Feb 12


   As turmoil embroils the foundations of the Roman Catholic faith, that which was built by Peter, the key currently for the antichrist yet to be revealed is to remove the concept that Jesus Christ walked the earth, but instead, be perceived as a gifted prophet. A being of extraordinary power, that is alien to this earth, but suspect as the Son of God. It is this perception which will be presented to the public from many sources that will open the door to the rise of the false prophets to where many will now have the courage to claim to be Him. This is what is behind the announcement, but Obama believed it was a only covert way to prepare the public for what is coming, in which key parts will be downplayed as omission of the truth.

   This is why he pushed for you, the common man to give you a chance against the constant threats of assassination, but more important the created stagnation in government to make him look weak by both parties. Every one in Congress has an escape plan, do you? Oh I forgot you don’t even know there is a threat. All of this was preplanned and the American public, who thinks Obama is behind redistributing their money, does not have a clue of the thief who will pick their pockets. In essence your pockets have already been picked by the Fed, but you don’t know it as you are looking at a scapegoat. The gold in Ft Knox, which could be used as collateral in the world markets, is not there. It is stolen long ago by many levels of proxy representatives of the Rothschild and government executive insiders which lead nowhere. With only plated ingots in its place or in panic they replace several levels with the real gold to dodge further scrutiny, just ask Congress to audit and test by drilling what is there, all of it but you won’t. America, will you ever learn?

   The goal with the disclosure if made of alien life is to create doubt as to who created man. As there is evidence that early man was genetically engineered. Create doubt that the first coming of the Messiah did not occur as written in the Bible, negating the rumors of the Second Coming. It is this foundation that will give rise to the false prophets and ultimately the antichrist who will impersonate Jesus Christ as even the elect will think of him as a holy man. Even the church infiltrated will sign off as a crushing blow, as this was planned and now is in place. You were warned and most will still be none the wiser.

   This is the reason for a series of apparitions of Mary this spring to counter that of the plans of the NWO, which morphs to counter the forces of God. This will inspire the faithful with visions and backed with many miracles sanctioned by our Lord. As your faith rises, certain things will be said counter arguments and different views by so call learned men, but few speak will the Truth.

   That which is promoted in these times is suspect as it herds the opinions of humanity, but manipulation of controlling parameters like media, laws, celebrity opinions, economic conditions, the threat of war or terrorism, all of which influences opinions or a pattern of thoughts so that the population arrives at a predetermined position. It is nothing more than a maze of free choices, but the exit is the same. Did you expect the elite to plan any different? Few of you think for yourselves, you follow the trends on media outlets like face book and twitter as if what is said there, must be the truth. That which is buried or is heavily debunked and ripped apart is the Truth. Only if there is a threat do you present a counter effort.  It is up to you to discern! Yes, there is life in the universe and yes advanced life forms where given permission to advance the genetics of early man. Counter or maybe not as the NWO is shifty, adapting their story as keys are typed on the keyboard from select sources is transmitted to them for analysis and options.

   Early man has no direct connection to present mankind, the children of God. We were exiled here and many mated with the general population creating the many races seen today. This is why they are still looking for the “missing link” as there was a jump not an evolution. The earth is over 4 billion years and life was created here including early man before you were exiled here thousands of years ago. Early man was reengineered to be more efficient workers by other race for the Annunaki on a minor effort, although others looking to end suppression added improved intelligence and dexterity to counter slavery, but they could not create life as only this comes from God including all knowledge. When you are told that we may be a creation of an alien life form, ask these questions. Who created you or do you believe the same lie we evolved from the big bang? You believe in higher incarnate supreme a wise spirit, is this, another name for God? Now that you have revealed other life forms, why should we believe your predetermined spokesmen who know little as they still state our science has a solid foundation? But all along you lied since the forties and now faced with the earth changes and now you admit to some truths?

   What ever government does shortly, look beyond their motives. They will say, we have just confirmed changes this is why we took so long only to be sure. No, they built bunkers to house the elite with your tax dollars. They manipulated the financial systems were the poor and the middle cannot move from areas prone to be destroyed. They control land in safe zones and will refuse to lend capital as you will never pay it back to relocate. Insurance companies will go bankrupt and your homes collateral damage to a natural disaster will be unresolved. Watch as they manipulate the futures markets for grains and commodities at your expense and all of this has been planned for. Watch as they require an inoculation only to introduce a chip, the mark of the beast or worse or death. That which is evil has taken hold of this world as prophesized. Now what are you going to do to save your lives, more important your soul the prize in this global conflict? Call upon Him in your fear. Call upon Him when hope falters. Call upon Him to protect you. And know this; The Son Man Jesus was foretold to only return to earth in the spirit descending from the clouds. He will be seen to rise from the earth to the heavens, backwards as all who follow will be caste aside. If there is one passage to adhere to that is in the Bible, know that Jesus when he comes to this earth will never walk upon it as man, only the antichrist has been granted this incarnated in the flesh to allow you to make a choice. This shall not change for it is written to protect you as so many will be fooled. No man of flesh that walks this earth, no matter what you see rising from the dead, curing people, charismatic, or hypnotic, charming, a façade of being holy or who backs him is the true Messiah. The dark one will do anything, lie, present a form where all adore as he is the master of deceit; most of you will fall for the con as the elite of the Vatican already has.


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