Good Friday

The Day Jesus Saved the World



Written Easter Mar 31


   The event I thought would come from the Almighty because of Holy Thursday, brought a surprise from the dark side as those aligned to the antichrist were involved in black Masonic ceremony at noon on Good Friday corresponding to the Crucifixion of our Lord. Did you think your actions were hidden from the Lord? He knows and sees all, but now the world knows. This dark turn of events will bring great change to the Catholic Church as its destruction and fall from grace begins. So just went on in the bowels underneath the Vatican?

   The false prophet headed a ceremony planned over millenniums where the Church, the Spiritual representation of Jesus Christ through the transformation of the Eucharist and wine into His Body and Blood would be removed from the Catholic mass under the guise of unification other faiths. Watch as the impostor pope courts other faiths to become one which is fine, but he uses this unification to change the laws of God. The sacrament of marriage changed to appease man instead of God. In essence the Church has been crucified and as the prophecies state will seem to die like Jesus, but will rise in 3 days after the antichrist declares it dead. To all those cardinals and other sacred servants that pledged an oath to the new doctrine, traitor, know you are now on the other side as enemies of Godís Army, .

   All will see your deceit over time. Watch as their will be a push to united all religions escalates as one world religion where what many will think as Jesus walking on earth again. But it will be the antichrist, adored by the masses. The Laws put in place by Jesus will be changed by the false prophet. This all of you witnessed on Holy Thursday as an insult to our Lord as woman were inclusive in the Holy ceremony. You as sacred servants including the pope mission is to serve Jesus first as He is the Master, not the welfare of man. You have no right to change any Sacred Law or ceremony for you are not God, but His representative to His children.

   Because the 3rd letter was never revealed the second Vatican Council changed the Mass under modernization, but did not have the authority of God. This was the work of Masonic forces and now that they are in full control, so you will see great change. Subtle at first, with much discord under the surface, but will still be there for all to see as a warning of what is come. You are the fine line between millions who will suffer or die. As it is your apathy or keen sense of the Truth that will alert many not to follow blindly.

   Sacred servants when faced with a choice; join them or be excommunicated! It is here you must leave for Christ is your Master & Teacher and no man can strip you of that relationship and your duty is to provide the sacrament in secret to the faithful. You took a vow to protect all that is His and you shall as the Church & the Sacred Sacraments moves underground in many areas. Know that you sacred servants will still have a leader on earth, your exiled beloved Benedict who will be guided by the Heavens. You will not be alone. As the doctrines in the Church rapidly and you are forced to say and do that which you know is not from God, it is time to leave and protect your flock of faithful. If not, you will have to renew your vows to a new master and those that stay will be aligned with the beast.

   Governments of the world, all of your intelligence agencies know what I speak, is the Truth as you work for the other side. This is the sad part; you block the world from knowing the Truth. The Lord offers freedom on a world beyond your imagination while you try to hold on this drab world, which has been your prison while in exile for thousands of years. There is death, war, disease, anger, hate, murder, resources divided among the few and when the earth changes escalate, this becomes a hell world. A place where evil shall control all unless, that which is backed by God, saves the just.  The antichrist you still see as just a man, but he is not as almost all will vastly under estimate his strength as he is here to destroy this world. Fear and the acceptance of sin is his goal as he is from the other side. That which is not of the flesh, the invisible realm many of you dismiss as folk lore or fiction. As quickly as the false prophet brings down the Church, the antichrist will bring the world to its knees. This will be a fact, for it is written. Wars will escalate civil unrest in Europe as all will accept anything that will bring change. This is the foundation of the antichrist. None you have faced an opponent on this level as he is the source of all evil and you think you can gain favor? If you betray God and that is good in man you are a traitor to all. You will be the example when your use is over in ways your feeble minds could not imagine. Know what you are up against.

   For the media, it is about the facts when you see it print it. If you are fired or transferred consider it a blessing for that is your sign to get out with dignity. Never go out on the limb state insight to get the scoop, when you know things can change with timing, but the principles remain the same. You are no good if you are early and those against you, discredit you to where your influence is discounted as suspect.  

   The Pharisees broke the laws to crucify Jesus and pride blinded them as who the true Messiah was. Again the laws were broken and changed today to crucify the mystical body of Christ, the Catholic Church. Again men will blinded by the words of the false prophet and the antichrist as the church and world falls into abyss. Such is the folly of men.

   When you see the signs, it is time to act on it faithful. We ask for the simple; say your prayers, do your penance and fast for others who know no better. They will thank you later. In the spiritual wars, the more faithful troops on the ground the less need for chastisement by the hand of the Almighty. Be the one that makes a difference as this is not about a group, because you start as one.


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