Holy Week 2013



Written Mar 25


  With Holy Week now upon us, the Masonic forces that now covertly control the leadership of Vatican for the antichrist, are in place and the faithful are none the wiser. Dark spirits no matter how well hidden show their hand, though few believe they exist except in legend and movies. Look for the subtle, like when in prayer via a photo op are the hands clasped properly or certain gestures made unconsciously? A point to ride the bus as a way of the humble, now in a helicopter, so what has changed or is being revealed? You were told humility is reflected by actions over time, not by pompous words. When a dark spirit controls the entity no matter what facade is presented to humanity, pride shapes humility as all know up front through leaks made to look like praise, was this the way of John Paul? You as leaders in the faith, governments and media need to question all as you know that what is seen always presents the Truth.

   It is beyond the imagination of mankind that Godís highest representative on earth quit under pressure to allow an impostor to control the seat of Peter. This can not happen as God controls all. Where you not told, as man you have free will. The Almighty allowed the Jews due to their behavior to become slaves only to be rescued by Moses who was a vessel for the Godís power as their cries of mercy and repentance was heard in the Heavens. The Almighty allowed John the Baptist to be beheaded as he paved the way for Jesus. Babies were slaughtered to kill Christ and eventually His own sacred servants of the time murdered the Messiah. It was here the Jewish race forfeited the title God's chosen as that now belongs to the House of Peter, just like Saul did in his day. No man puts himself or their race above God. More important His Son who was sent to save them all, eliminated. Pride and arrogance, the source the dark one carried out what he wanted, although this was written, so weak and even now you refuse to admit it. Man makes His own choices right or wrong without interference until the scales are tipped. That time has arrived.

   Each and every one of you that believes in the Bible needs to adhere to the Word of God, the Almighty delivered through John. You do not pick what you want to believe, but must accept all. If not, you do not believe. Break one rule or commandment then you are guilty of breaking them all, this is the Truth.

   Many on earth believe in the interpretation of men past down even when their eyes show something else. This will be the downfall of many. Words from the elite shut down Christ and the crucified Him, the Son of God. Now His words are once again given to the world and few recognize the voice of the Lord and just as important God the Father. You ignored the intercession of Mary, when she sent many in her name, but few listened. Now you will listen as you will question all around you, prepare for change.

   I have told you the antichrist will bring the world to its knees and most of you sacred servants in the Vatican, know the Truth.  Again we will see at least half of you abandon the Lord as cowards. Just why did you recite the vows of a priest to our Lord only to conform to men, or run and hide? Ask yourself when confronted by Jesus when you knew, will you be proud and defiant ultimately to be cast aside or weep in shame?

   You have been told sin will be accepted as the new doctrine of the Church to bring all together. The hint of same sex marriage may be considered due to past leaks. The olive branch has been passed to the Moslem faith, but this has been foretold in their faith. So what insight can be given to the sacred servants and the faith to keep them on the straight, narrow and lonely path?

   First stay strong, Jesus strong; when the new spiritual chapters are written. Do you want to been as weak in faith? A refusal to carry the cross of Jesus when put to the test. A day you though would never be in your lifetime? You read about how almost all abandoned Jesus, when the powers to be chose to execute Him as a threat to their local empire. Now it will be on a global scale, if you are a coward pray to Jesus for courage. If you are afraid of death then ask for the seal of protection. What this spiritual battle does not need is apathy and fence sitters as millions suffer. Take a stand, sacred servants without fear or succumb to the beast and die spiritually as your body turns to dust. You either you stand for God and His Son or the dark one, you will make a choice.

   Faithful, during this Holy Week it is important to remember our Lord and how He gave His life as God. For most of you who disrespect Him through sin or just non belief. He promises you a world beyond the greatest civilization that exist in the universe today, all. The elite, knows the Truth, which is hidden from you. Power and wealth is born through knowledge unknown to the masses. What is so sad is that many of you when you witness the invisible realm and its power, it will be the dark side that will be seducing you. Christ told you He would never walk the earth again until He comes from the clouds, the antichrist will just walk among you, pretending. This is the Word of God.


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