If Warned how will so many fall for the Antichrist?

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 15

Updated Sept 3


   With few truly believing in God as decisions in your daily lives rarely consider the Laws of the Almighty, disasters will shortly dash the spirits of many, but you the faithful will never lose hope. The floods related to the tears of Jesus have started as they now rage and scour the lands in selected areas, but will explode in scope to all nations as the world watches in disbelief. What is outside of the public eye is that the magnetic flow of subatomic particles related to the positive charge related to the outflow at the polar region of the destroyer (aka 12th planet, Nibiru, Planet X) has spiked due as it moves above the ecliptic and the establishment now knows what was coming and has been only delayed by the Mercy of God is now here. All that governs this universe comes from only one source God as the pinnacle of all that is spiritual good. All others are just carrying out His will.

   Many will still see the increased storms as normal, but the sinkholes will ravage cities and go unexplained. Earthquakes will increase, but the Richter will be decreased and damage at first hidden with tight shots. Any announcement of what is to come will be tepid, full of hope and little truth as not to cause fear and the government will be asked to help the population, but the designed with division many will die. Ask, if this nation was too truly help the common man, why were the elites allowed to prepare for decades and you are in the dark as a last second concern. Now you know your place.

   When told many will already suspect. You will hear stories, counter opinions, but few will speak of God and the Truth. False prophets will explode as the signs are here and those that are lost will listen to any voice of hope, but know this; the Word of God is in the hands of a few that have been established over time all with the same theme. They do not contradict the Word of God, the Bible and the Almighty’s Commandments. If a man is promoted by the media as close to God and give you new choices beware, as the few true (a total of 7 within this generation dead and alive) prophets will be crushed and blocked on the internet by cunning tricks to bury their sites behind repetitive nonsense until the world realizes the Truth.

   The internal wars of the Middle East are already underway with no clear direction as division will escalate to where thousands die everyday. The United States cannot control the violence with out sending troops and this will not happen. It is here that the new world order will play the CIA and a western ally. In order to get the support of the world a nation supplied both sides with money and sarin gas to draw a US attack. Presently this nation looks towards the president to take action, but the intelligence is flawed. The UK has seen this before and opts out as they sense the Truth. Those already compromised (infested) are beating the war drums like in the past, the damage and dead bodies are there and the weapon identified. All is in place except who authorized or carried out the strike. Only a fool would take responsibility for a military strike and that option has now been passed to Congress. And remember they could not even get the body count right as it is inflated.  The Heavens, The Holy Spirit will now speak to the Congress of the United States, “You were given the responsibility to lead this nation blessed and protected by The Mother of Salvation, now know that many of your leaders have aligned with the dark side. It is about voting what you feel in your heart as to what is right. This is when you know the spirit of God is talking to you. It is not about a coalition or building support on the words of men. They have been wrong before and you have seen this, again they are lying. Many will die in the Middle East and your soul does not need this blood on it. Vote for what is right. Vote with the spirit of God within you. Vote for the will of our people, no matter what is presented to you for you are being deceived by lies.”

    There will be collateral damage with strikes and when the documents leak this was from and outside source you will be seen as men shallow in assessing a critical situation that could or more likely will lead to the next world war, pathetic. Look at the pressure now as all leaders are on the same page ask why? You must take their word, but the detailed events are classified, except to a few, again why? No event in another country with primitive chemical gassing delivery systems is a threat to the national security, history shows you this. If so you are saying we spend trillions, but a spec of a country you are now afraid of?  Cruise missiles at over a million dollars a pop and support systems, explain how your targets that have already been moved will justify your actions. Civilian populations moved into close proximity, now what. You are lying politicians. As this is written and must come to past. Every one of you knows that I tell truth, but you have reservations on the time line. This is what I am asking you become reserved as you do not know all of the facts.

   2014 is around the corner and those of you who are forced, I mean twisted into voting for this, many of you will not be here in 2015. They will promise you safety in the bunkers, they will collapse. Think of your children, once in the bunker you are a slave, now again think about your children and I hope you don’t have a pretty wife. All order will break down within that which is evil.

   Billions have been invested in Egypt through aid when peace with Israel was secured. Essentially they were bought. The false peace allowed Israel to exist as Egypt maintained the strongest army in the region and the weapons contracts, military training and the Suez Canal secure. This was a win-win agreement with kick backs to US weapons manufacturers with mandatory purchases. Destabilizing the Middle East is the primary goal and the new world order is moving to the top with Syria now under their thumb. Senators on the Arms Services Committee are concerned as this zone could, but will cascade out of control. Like desperate men, they will do what they always do arm the other side secretly.

   Few of you believe that the human mind can be influenced by an entity that is beyond this world, but the US black projects spent billions on developing and using remote viewing successfully. The governments in the Middle East are bought and the people are influenced. What you have to know is all division is coming from one source all to create hate, violence and ultimately murder and rape leading to war.

   When many nations explode together the world will intervene taking sides the West against the East. The world will cower in fear as the nuclear option between the super powers become oh so real, not seen since the dark days of the cold war.

   So let’s look at Israel as God’s chosen as they are the target. All see this nation encroaching on Palestinian land and stealing the water resources from Lebanon. Inserting false flag events to get the western world involved, but you in the media and the American public still reflect on conspiracy, but many are moving now towards the Truth. This is a ruse as the elite are planning to flee Israel at the first sign of the earth changes. It has already been agreed to allow a false peace to occur between the two nations, in return that who is seen as saving the nation will betray this same nation. This is written as you Jews are one of the two witnesses.

   With political division deliberately created in the US as you are told how to vote as a representative or senator, when part of a certain party and you want to advance. The current president offered an “opportunity” for the elite who were thinking ahead. The point, once in office his power will be limited by polarization, but shall undermine him in the eyes of the world through acts of hate, knowing his cool tolerance will be seen as a weakness by many. As the wars intensify all will be concerned expansion of the “war”. Doubt with the world’s present leaders will create a desperate power vacuum at the time of our greatest need.

   It is here the charismatic politician with a fresh handsome face, skilled in diplomacy with just the right words and gestures will prey on a weak world. His first task will to engineer the Israelis and Palestinians together in peace. Then swiftly he will solve the issues of the various other countries in the Middle East divided by war. What you see as a man presenting a façade that he was sent by God to save and lift the world from its darkest moments and this will be the antichrist. So cunning, honed since the beginning of this universe, he will capture the hearts and minds of many men and women. With all the warnings you read, your lying eyes will tell you something else. The weak of soul will twist your opinion until you have none, but theirs. All will adore him for his ability to bring the world together in peace.

   Now the question haunts you, how can that which is not God fool almost all of His children? As the world embraces humanism and the rights of others under the guise of treating others as your self, that which is sin will be dismissed. Would you not consider the mother instead of the unborn not matter what the term? Would you not consider the right to love another, which comes from God no matter what sex to promote marriages? If you, Christian stand up for the Laws of the Almighty and your neighbor agrees in what present day society paints as evolving as the rights of all are considered, they will look at you like the witch hunters of the 1700’s, not advancing with the times or considering the rights of others. Their problem was that man with his narrow scope of right and wrong tries to judge which only belongs to Jesus.

   The current plan is to persecute the Christians as against modernism and humanism. They will be seen as old fashion and a part of the past that does not embrace the future. The faithful are mainly elderly and many do not have courage to fight the powers to be. Embarrassed, ridiculed to point many will doubt their conviction to Jesus. As many cower in fear amid the wars in the Mid East and how they are viewed in the world, among their friends and family. Most will just stop going to church.

   Some will be praying looking for anyone to step up. Where is the pope? Oh, he will be promoting sin as he cannot judge as an excuse, but you are to uphold the Laws of the Almighty. Again this is a tactic as the source of all hate against Christians and Jews is from satan and he is now walking on earth incarnated as a man. The last thing a persecuted Christian will suspect is that in their darkest moments, one man of power who stands up for them would be the antichrist. Who better than the wolf in sheep’s clothing to lead the faithful to the slaughter?

  The key is for the world peace leader to embrace Christianity where no politician or leader would. A man who knows the scriptures, but you were told satan knows the Bible better the faithful on earth. Return money to the poor; heal the sick offer hope to mankind. He will be humble. He will quote that which is God as his own. This is your clue. This is the plan. The sad part, you are being told in advance but most of you will still believe, but this can change with an effort of education now.

   So now that you have picture of the world as Revelations unfolds according to Jesus there are aspects of the spiritual world that you need to be educated to complete this picture. Many of you here are unaware on how the devil tempts. You have no insight on the spiritual world as this is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend unless guided. You will now be guided by the Heavens the Holy Spirit as again I am just the messenger.

   You as children of God were given free will, this means that the dark side, that which is against God due to prior disagreements will influence you and the love of your Father, the Almighty who expects you to choose freely without influence. The human mind has aspects that have not been officially recognized. Voices in the head, has been documented, but it has been discounted to other things except the Truth, defaulting to the supernatural. The dark one has the power to inject ideas to your mind as if they were your own. Many when they receive the influence of a suggestion through anger, hate, lust, pride, arrogance, you battle it with your soul. Your free will decides where the line is drawn. The soul, a grouping of unknown particles that transcends all levels of the universe is your essence, your life force that constantly morphs through trials which is you and when the breath of life is incarnated into a new life form. It is these particles that attach to the brain stem which separates you from the animals. The soul is like a hard drive that stores all of you life experiences good and bad. Those souls that are weak; will fall for the temptations and destroy all that loves them, family, friends, the innocent when done, as they move on leave a wake of trash.

   All hate and anger comes from one source, when the Christians are set up to fall and that which is evil puts on a façade to be a Christian, it will work. As it is written and must come to pass. As all of you don’t realize that hate and anger as an influence can be removed as the source chooses. To those who are not informed it seems overwhelmingly, he is accepted. The truth hate and anger towards Christians and the thought of a higher power is removed for a greater deceit. All will embrace the new world religion lead by the false pope Francis for the good of humanity. At its core is the removal of all that is Jesus Christ. A new false trinity will rise, the antichrist, false prophet Francis and the spirit of evil.

   Laws will be enacted where your choice to worship Jesus and the Laws of the Almighty will supercede your basic rights. These laws will sweep Europe as politics and religion intertwine, but here in America separation of Church and State is a Constitutional Amendment that you will never let your turn coat representatives and senators which need a super majority and ratification of 75% of the states shall not succeed under any circumstances. Your bible, your crucifix, your faith shall be change due to fear as you were told you must stand up. This is what the Heavens expect from you and as God’s messenger I expect this from you.

   With the money of Rothschild, charity to the needy will be carried out. Philanthropy is the game. A man who will change the world to green by caring for the earth and “climate change”, address the crippling austerity measures in Europe, and remove the financial cloud which is stifling the world economies. All of this will be welcome eventually by billions.

  Since Rothschild controls many of the key financial and global industries by proxy, the antichrist will be able to put together a conglomerate of global banks unifying them as one powerful force to lift the world out of this depression like recession. Thus he will create a financial zone; it shall be called Babylon (the former EU). Again some will protest as small business and the monetary system of nations is super ceded by the power of one, to no avail. The world will cheer as finally a politician that has a plan and global agenda or so it seems. This financial empire will provide the capital and zone for trade between nations; all will flock to get a piece. Greed will be used to move the world forward. The goal of the façade is so important as to win the hearts of millions all must rise together. Human decency and the rights of others must be presented to the world. With connections of the media in place, the solution to world events will be seen as solved on the surface. Know this; that which is the antichrist designed the financial collapse initiated by the mortgage loan fraud now gripping this world. Relaxed laws, corrupt government officials, coupled with those that just looked the other way while profits were made for all.

    You were told here, create the problem and then offer the solution. This how the prophecy of Babylon will rise and certain countries of Europe will represent the 10 horns along with the 7 heads enforcing the will of the antichrist, one being the false prophet or antipope. All will seem well at first until control is solidified by the armies of the east. No one will challenge the new world order except the prophets of God and the remnant army.

   As the world is brought from the brink of war all planned to get you to make a choice, and that choice many will make freely will be the antichrist. You have been herded by the master of lies, a set of events and with this; the world will be brought to its knees in fear once control is theirs.

   Just know as climate change becomes known, a sinister plan will be put into place were few will discern the Truth. The new world order will alter the chemistry of the food supply through genetic engineering introduced through seeds and aerial spraying masked as crop dusting to were crops will fail during droughts, but normally would have survived in greater numbers starting in the 3rd world countries and then moving to the West. You will see an exponential increase crop failure thus causing friction and death between those that have and those who starve. Know that this does not come from God, but is the plan of the antichrist.

   Few of you on earth are prepared to handle the deceit of a man who exhibits humility, love for another, sharing and the benefits of the world as the theme in order to hide the evil which lurks within. Do you not know if you lived a thousand lives lying and cheating, would you easily be able to fool the gullible on this world? It will be like taking candy from children. This is what you are up against, except he has been around since the beginning of this universe. This is the first step, as few will be able to swallow the second step, the false prophet as he anoints the antichrist as chosen. It is a lie.


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