Using the Lord’s Name in Vain

The Book of Truth


Written Sept 20



The use of God’s name when spoken and used in vain shall be broken down to where every one of God’s children shall know the truth. This is where mankind is so confused, as to severity of simple spoken words of using the name of the Almighty’s and Jesus’ name in vain.

   Many do not see this as this is a sin, but just an expression, a blurt, that was spoken out of anger. But know this, it has the same repercussions as murder and adultery in what you would consider the eyes and heart of the Almighty. This is a commandment delivered unto you and as children of God to be use as guidance. It is you that takes this so lightly in your daily lives and it is time to reconsider.

    It is about respect for not only God’s name, but for the name of Jesus Christ as He died for you and your sins, the truth states, their names should be spoken with reverence. There is no excuse to curse another in God’s name, for when you do this, you are paying homage to the dark one. Are you a civilization that has fallen that far as to blur the lines between good and evil? Where not one of you knows the truth or responsibility to our Father and His Son? How can explain phrases that should praise and now represents the gutter? You use it in anger. You use it in envy. You use it in pride. Is this how you see the Father and His Son, when the Almighty created you?

   How many times have you screamed Jesus Christ or worse Jesus f…ing Christ in anger, when He represents love? How many times have you shouted God da_n? Was this to promote harmony, no, but you sure exclaim it in lust, anger, and hate or in many cases frustrations.

    These expressions also offends God deeply, those that praise His name to promote self. We see this all the time in human interactions as those willing to take advantage of the weak, only to use faith and belief to snare you. When some say God has came to me and told me to inspire and change the world. When the words of self praise flow before the actions, know they are shallow and acceptance is what they want. They will tell the vulnerable and innocent, lay down, trust me; this is what God wants as unspeakable actions are taken out of lust. It is a lie. It is rape and you are being deceived. This does not promote God, but the sin of man who listens to voices that are aligned with satan. Those responsible will pay the ultimate price. With this knowledge that you now know, there is time to change, but it is a choice that is dependant upon your free will.

   Then there are those who say they will change the world only to enrich themselves and others in the name of God. The examples are numerous as they are true wolves in sheep’s clothing.

   The most violent, kill and hurts another in God’s name when blasphemed. To blaspheme is to go against God Himself and only the Trinity qualifies for the spiritual essence of mankind to stand up for. This is represented by God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son of man and The Holy Spirit. No prophet or man has this honor nor should take that which belongs to God and the other names He goes by on earth. This is not the Father’s way as this comes from satan himself as anger and hates builds. As all no matter what their injustices are to be saved. It is not your right to judge the actions of another, leave that to God, anything else no matter your intentions, aligns yourself with the dark one.

   You have now used these phrases of God’s name so often they might as well be in the Webster’s dictionary. This is how mankind has moved towards the sin of using His name and now, human acceptance makes it acceptable, are you proud? Is this how you show thanks for your existence? Know this, let no man minimize that which you were taught to respect, the Commandments given to you by Moses.

   In most cases look at the profile of those who preaches that God is in their lives. Look for that which is modest, one that includes all, and its actions minimize the negative to promote the positive. You have been told many will come in My name, but most will be false. The Almighty speaks, “Know that all of you who fools My children using in My name in vain, will experience the fires of hell and this is a promise.”


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