As People Change know its Source is Evil



Updated Sept 2


   You have been told the dark one has incarnated as now has less than 42 months to destroy the children of God. So what has changed as the dark one has been around since the birth of mankind?

   True evil could only interact with mankind on a spiritual level as this influence first had to be voluntarily accepted and dependant upon the weakness of the soul, the individual had to act out the evil from the voices or implanted ideas in their head. In rare cases the spirit of the evil one or his demons is allowed total control of the body as what was incarnated flees or takes on a dependant role and the world sees the body as possessed.

   Now his time has come and the Almighty has given satan now incarnated in a man the power to destroy or kill 25% of mankind through war and pestilence as a start. He has the power to now directly interact and influence as man with all of his spirituals powers. He has the power to appear to heal. He has the power to seem to create wonders in the skies and heaven, but know this; he is privy to future events. So what you see as creating an event is just knowledge of when this future event will occur and the world shall be fooled.

   Know this; the spirit of satan is an eternal life force once incarnated in the flesh cannot die as the flesh no matter the wound heals due its power. Mankind with its limited knowledge of a life force assumes all is the same throughout the universe, but it is not. The soul of mankind is weak and when the flesh dies, the soul leaves. This will change at the appointed time as your ancestors have witnessed the Son of God, Jesus conquer death. This is the Truth.

   Now as a human he will have the wealth he has allowed his own to take from the exploited. He will rise to control the political world as his slaves or destroy them. Most of your government leaders will fall under his influence out of pure fear when pressed for answers as to the fate of the world; they will cower in the dark.

   He will be elegant, control every aspect of political protocol. His words shall command 6 languages, spell binding to the easily influence of the world as they are his prey. Now on earth wars will expand, hate will rise. The simple demeanor of the human being will lose all innocence. Most will revolve around self. Pleasure, focus that destroys families as all will see this as the end times and to get theirs.

   The false prophet has yet to manifest itself, although his body is ready. You are told that abortion if you are sorry will be forgiven. The Lord forgives all sin. The true message states the Laws of God which are firm can be altered by the pope. No man has the authority to change the Laws of God, no one. A loop hole is allowed under the guise of a “holy year” in 2016. This will only give the impression abortion is allowed as the pope stated if you seek forgiveness of your priest. This is a double message to expand sin as many will state the words of forgiveness, but almost all their souls will reveal a lie. This is the Truth.

   Mankind morals and will fall to a new low now that the dark one is on earth in the flesh. The spiritual vapors will envelope the earth and seep into the brain stem controlling billions. Murder will be common place, wars the norm, the break down of the family structure and its essence love is the goal. As mankind will be brought to the brink of what seems the end of our way life. Remember what Jesus said, “love the sinner, but despise the sin”. It is here He is telling you that there is a source that initiates sin and mankind is caught up in a web of deceit. This will start to escalate after the last of the 4 Blood Moons late September 2015; a new leader will rise in time. He has less than 3 ˝ years to destroy the Word God or so he thinks, beware.

   A word of wisdom to the media, never confuse the rights of mankind sanction by the courts above the Laws of God. This is why your way of life will be destroyed and this world cleansed as you in your defiance have come to the tipping point. If you represent God as a reverend in the media, you influence millions; know your place as the warnings will soon be over. Be thankful, for your actions could lead to your soul being lost. Heed this.

   Finally again children you do not know what you do. That which is dark has used human rights to undermine the Laws of God and you are blind. You were told of these times yet you push ahead. Instead of going to a clerk who agrees, you rather turn a child of God to make a point. You expect the world to respect your rights, but now given you disrespect the rights of others. This does not come from God. This causes pain in others as all do not share in your joy, because the law now states so. This will end now as you never put your wants and needs before your Lord God Almighty who gave you life. Your precious world and rights will be set straight and know this; this is on you, prepare for the Wrath of God.


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