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   For many, this web site brings mixed emotions, from dismissal to denial to apathy and for the few, an opening, leading towards a quest for the truth. As events unfold and the astronomical object, the 12th planet predicted on this website is discovered, many of the established leaders in the field of astronomy and physics will come out against this website. Why? To protect their grants, prestige and years of work, the stakes are high. In the future, we want our field to be seen as considering all options, not all looking at universe in a similar fashion as those in the past whose closed ideas thought the Earth as flat or the center of the universe. When trying to navigate through the maze of ideas, look for theories that are explained in simplistic English, so the layman can understand, not cloaked under a cloud of complicated statements or meaningless ideas. Look for concepts and theories that are valid across all formats, not only under special cases, which seems to be the current trend. Even though the idea may seem push the edge of the envelope, does it carry an element of truth? Remember Newton was considered a radical and just because a theory or idea is rich in history, does not make it totally correct. Many of science’s theories were meant to be a stepping-stone to the total solution, not the final answer. History and discoveries in science backs the innovative. When the 12th planet appears, explanations will be given, most incorrect. Many names, a fading red nova, a free floater or a new nearby proto star, all untrue, will identify the object. It is a brown dwarf with a diffused red appearance that orbits both stellar objects in this binary star system. There will be many experts denying the facts, only to validate the truth and this website later because of astronomical observations and public pressure from the students of Physics. All of this will unfold over the next two years 2002 and 2003. So my advice to the scientist, amateur astronomer, and the general public, consider the impossible, for the field of astrophysics will be rewritten over the next century.

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